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  1. yet another hatrick for Messi tonight B)

    And another brace for Ronaldo. Just seen the goals of both on sky sports news and both in away games. I know Ronaldo scored 42 goals for united one season but it's hard to imagine Messi and Ronaldo both scoring the 50-60 goals a season in the premier league. Away games to bottom half teams in the PL just seem so much harder than away games to bottom half La Liga teams.

  2. 5-3 what a great game to watch, Hazard and Kane were outstanding.

    Premier league race now wide open, just as the transfer window is about to open.

    So who are Chelsea and Man city going to buy to help win the league ?

    Chelsea top on alphabetical order


    Two crucial factors in city's favour:

    Aguero to return from injury

    Could go out of the CL to barca

    But if united can't win it then I would prefer CFC do.

  3. Hoping for an Arsenal win this weekend over Liverpool. If ex-Barca Alexis Sanchez and ex-Man U Danny Welbeck are fired up then the "gunners" are going to rip shit up at Anfield.


    It's a game Arsenal cannot afford to lose with so much competition for the CL places this season. Draw.

  4. Mourinho out! !!!

    defeat to Toon and their 3rd choice goalie.

    :) Man Shitty isn't looking so bad now.Chelsea suffering the classic Christmas doldrums.

    It's still CFC's title. If Aguero is out for months with this knee ligament injury then City won't get close. In fact I think they will be more worried about keeping above United.

  5. Might stop city fans going on about the quadruple! Barca will beat them comfortably over the two legs.

    Dream on.


    Haha! I knew you'd say that. But what a shameful performance by City. No intensity, no aggression, no pressing. I thought Pellegrini would know how to beat this Barça team.

    Not sure if Pellegrini is losing his marbles. He said city are a bigger club than united yesterday.

  6. Scandalous comments from Mourinho (even by his low standards) this weekend. Really hope this plastic club crashes and burns.

    Which it will. The Russian will get bored and take his ball home sooner or later. They might get to about eight league titles before the club folds.

  7. Chelsea were absolutely immense and really good to watch. Hats of to Mourinho and all the players tonight.

    It would have been a scandal if Citeh had rescued something there.

    Might stop city fans going on about the quadruple! Barca will beat them comfortably over the two legs.

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