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  1. The Wrestler into Kingdom of Days is a highlight of the archive series for me. It’s wonderful on that release.
  2. Magic Tour finale in Europe at Camp Nou, Barcelona. I hope.
  3. The irony of the two penalties in our last two PL games. Had Bruno and Noble both scored, we would now be 2 points off top spot instead of just the 1.
  4. Did Lukaku have any good chances today? Or was it his usual performance against a top 4 team?
  5. Really surprised they dropped 2 points and let in 3 goals to Brentford. And Van Diyk isn’t even out injured anymore. Maybe City won’t settle for a point next weekend after all.
  6. Very impressed with Villa, deserved the result for having a real go all game instead of sitting back. Safe to say that if he’s on the pitch, Ronaldo will be taking the next penalty.
  7. Arguably more conducive to repeat watches from start to finish as well. I love my live concert Bruce blu rays but rarely get time to watch the whole thing through. This is the length of a typical full show from most other artists.
  8. Definitely a pivotal two PL games for Pep. Lose both and they could be 9 points off top spot. Win both and they could end up top or thereabouts.
  9. I genuinely cannot wait to show my kids this blu ray. They already think the last few mins of quarter to three on the grainy YouTube video from No Nukes is a live performance from another planet. I’d buy this just for the HD video of that one song.
  10. Yep, incredible. Looks so intense, anyone who didn’t know better would think that had been speeded up for effect.
  11. Yep it’s affordable and for new music kids looking to find out about the legend of Springsteen, 90 mins is plenty long enough for their attention and repeat plays. A new generation of fans could be just around the corner.
  12. Yes, clear as day. And also the reaction of the crowd as you hear them sense “what’s going on here?”..
  13. Pleased the blu ray seems to be all 13 songs mixed seamlessly as if one show performance. I was dreading interviews or other features in between the songs, as is Zimny’s style.
  14. Agreed, but I like the sound of the two shows from the archive series. And it’s great to have them for completeness. Without digging it out, I remember one of the songs had a chunk missing from the multi tracks and was replaced by a soundboard source. I’m assuming this version is left off this new CD and Blu ray.
  15. It was obviously always going to be edited out. But I’ve got the full unedited audio on the archive release.
  16. Me too, although their “extremely prompt delivery” of sending it out a day or two before release seems to have now stopped unfortunately. I have ordered every new release from Badlands UK since I was a teenager.
  17. The audio rip of the 13 songs from the blu ray in 24 bit FLAC HD would interest me more than the 16 bit CD’s. Especially as it’s a Bob Clearmountain mix. Cannot wait to watch the blu ray.
  18. Phil Jones will have to wait until January now for the FA cup. As will most others who started this eve. I hope they enjoy training cos they won’t be getting many games.
  19. No surprise at all. I’m not expecting Bruce to be in Europe before late May / early June.
  20. It’s something Messi hasn’t taken since joining PSG.
  21. Looking forward to the (hopefully inevitable) archive release of this show to complete the trilogy.
  22. Roy Keane’s personality alone would drive this lot to the title. The away form is excellent but now 6 of our next 7 games in all comps are at Old Trafford. The early signs are good at home so far this season.
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