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  1. 13 minutes ago, Early North Jersey said:

    A miraculous show ..... Mountain Of Love ....The Holy Trinity of encores...The countdown to midnight .....An incredible recording of a show from almost 46 years ago .....and for me ....close to unlistenable .....which breaks my freaking heart ....Thank God they got 11-24-75 right

    The bootleg of the multi track however (Last Tango in Philly by Ev2) sounds great, but it’s not the full show.  

    How can fans do a better job than a professional mixer with the multi tracks? Incredible really. If I remember rightly, the archive of this show was a Toby Scott effort before Altschiller took over the mixing reigns. This show absolutely deserves a remix (like Altschiller did with the 1980 New Years Eve show at Nassau Coliseum) because the current version is indeed unlistenable for very long at once. 

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  2. Please could anyone help me with this part-show release as I lost my cd of it. Appreciate the full show is available as a nugs archive, which I’ve already bought and paid for. Thanks. 

    Title: Last Tango In Philly 'Label': Ev2 Format: 1CD Source: Soundboard / Multitrack Date: December 31, 1975. Location: The Tower Theatre, Philadelphia (Upper Darby), PA.


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  3. 4 minutes ago, Eileen said:

    Many will have severe reactions. The more people mix the more likely it is that our hospitals will be full to overflowing again. The staff will be rushed off their feet.

    Mind you, folk can always disregard this and dance their socks off anyway.

    Having experienced it myself I completely agree, but will it still be an issue by next May and if so should any bands be playing concerts or fans attending football matches over the coming months? 

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  4. 22 minutes ago, Jimmy James said:

    There will never be a Covid 0, there are more stains to come. So just get on with it. We are all as protected as possible. As Neil has said "he's double dosed and still got it" so let go. I'm just hoping for a US start.

    Yep, you’re right. There may well be an Omicron wave, hopefully with only mild illness, but it shouldn’t be an obstacle by May 2022. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Thosisd said:

    Ok super random one but was anyone at Claridges on Friday 11th Oct 2019?

    Trying to track down any photos that people may have of the crowd that was there?

    My friend and I were there (and @doesthisbusstop too, based on his photo!) and are hoping to find any pics people might have.

    Currently off work with covid and looking to distract myself with happier times!

    Thanks everyone.

    Only a few which I was in! I would love to see any more photos anyone else has. 






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  6. 6 hours ago, dr winston oboogie said:

    Great performance from a donkey free defence.......this is the template for moving on.

    Wouldn't say a great performance but certainly rarely troubled by an extremely over-rated Chelsea side.    

  7. Thought Chelsea were really poor, looked a dodgy penalty to me although I was behind the other goal. I don’t think they would have scored if they played until midnight apart from that. Great to see Sancho finally clicking into gear. 75 points still left to play for this season. 

  8. As Bruce used to say before Born to Run live, nobody wins unless everybody wins. And as The Guardian report today, that’s true now of vaccine roll outs. 

    “Omicron is a reminder that no one is safe until everyone is safe. By the end of the year, enough vaccines will have been manufactured to have vaccinated the whole world against Covid. Yet too many countries are facing this winter with low vaccination rates as a result of wealthier nations hoarding unused supplies. Only 3% of people in low-income countries are fully vaccinated, compared with more than 60% in high-income countries.”

    And that’s how new variants manifest themselves and spread. 


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  9. We can only hope concerns over this new variant are dispelled in the next few weeks. Had my booster jab today and I had Covid in October so I’m probably now as immune as you can be for the next 6 months or so. But I had 3 days in hospital with it just 5 months after my 2nd jab. It was really nasty.

    If just one band member got it, show cancellations would be inevitable. I’m only 49, a lot younger than the E Street Band and many other concert going Bruce fans. I can’t imagine anyone unvaccinated over a certain age taking the risk of going to concerts. 

  10. “dancing offstage and raising a foot to play a couple of surprisingly correct keys on Roy’s piano” 


    This. My favourite bit of the whole No Nukes performance. Those notes on the piano are perfect, I listen out for them every time. They fit in place so well and are essential to the song in that crazy finale of Quarter to Three. The timing of those notes is absolutely spot on as well. 


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  11. 3 hours ago, BossMan13 said:

    Do we think 12/28/80 will FINALLY be released soon?

    I think it will be next month. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was all mixed a long time ago (at the time Altschiller re-mixed the previously under par version of 12/31) and it has been kept on the shelf for a future Xmas release. 

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  12. Ragnick to manage the first team until the summer, then move upstairs into a consultancy type role.

    An interesting appointment. You’d expect our summer Manager / Head Coach targets like Poch and Ten Hag to have approved through intermediaries a willingness to work under that structure, otherwise it would be a very strange move. 


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