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  1. I’m absolutely convinced Bruce will be with the E Street Band in the UK next summer. I was in a crowd of 75,000 in Manchester this weekend and not a face mask in sight. You can only see the picture improving by next spring.
  2. He’s ready to tour (the countries who are ready for him).
  3. April seems a bit early as you’d expect UK stadium dates to be fairly close to Dublin in terms of timing. Premier League stadiums are in use until 22nd May.
  4. The top 4 is already likely to be as it is now after 38 games. Hopefully in exactly the same order.
  5. Good luck to the young lad for a full recovery. I hope Luke Shaw sends him a message of support and is inspiration for how you can come back as an even better player in the future.
  6. Have you listened to this one from the Wembley archive a year later in 2006? No chatting in the middle and it’s a wonderful version.. https://youtu.be/yJYtiKpKCgU
  7. What. A. Day. My 8 year old son said seeing Ronaldo live up close scoring right in front of him was the best day of his life. To be fair, it was right up there as one of mine as well.
  8. I’m taking my son to the match tomorrow and he is beyond excited. Ronaldo 7 printing done and ready on his new home kit.
  9. That roar from the crowd as they realise what is happening through the transition. Priceless.
  10. Definitely my favourite archive from the D&D tour. It’s the best Ramrod as it’s clear and up front, not distant like on other D&D archives. I don’t much like the full band version but I love this. It’s a fabulous Real World too. And strangely for a song I completely take for granted as I’ve got millions of versions, I love The Rising on this show.
  11. Just a snapshot of Laker’s show counts. Not a thread to see who has seen the most shows (there are many people here who have been to well over 100 shows) but more a quick view of what a typical show count level is from regular Lakers on this forum. If you have been to 100+ shows please just register in the last category only (not the 45+ section as well). 47 for me, in 11 different countries.
  12. Really appreciating all these comments. Haven’t played any of the show yet as haven’t had time. Am in no rush to either as the longer I leave it, the less time there is to wait until the next archive release.
  13. Please can anyone tell me which version of the BITUSA tour opening night is best? I know there’s an Uber series and an EV2 version. Thank you.
  14. Can't say I’m a huge fan of the bullet mic, but I absolutely love Fire from the Trenton 2005 archive release.
  15. Is the full press release / preview / trailer due out this month?
  16. Please can anyone help with the JEMS remaster of 1976-04-04? Many thanks
  17. I was sat next to Ricky Gervais at Royal Albert Hall ten days after this show. He loved the bullet mic version of Reason to Believe.
  18. Bruce’s vocal sounds great from the clips. Anyone who doesn’t like the never ending modern full band Ramrod, will love this version. I think this is the first Maria’s Bed we’ve had on an archive?
  19. Got a few options going forward to cover injuries this season…
  20. Would take that. Iceman, Incident, Real World and that great 2005 version of Ramrod.
  21. I think with the state Barcelona are in (they could be heading for an AC Milan style fall from grace) then La Liga could go the way of the French league very soon.
  22. Is that a festival like Bruce played in 2009 and 2012?
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