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  1. “The 24-track, Plangent-Processed analog recording, newly mixed by Jon Altschiller, is 4K vivid, rich in both on-stage detail and event atmosphere. It couldn’t sound any fresher or clearer” Looking forward to hearing this in FLAC HD 24 bit 192 khz.
  2. The Live Bruce Springsteen email says “silver pressed cd’s” will be available, so not the usual CD-R’s?
  3. For anyone who has the boot, is it the slow version of Tenth Avenue? I love that. Edit: just heard the snippet, it’s not.
  4. Some show info here from an audience bootleg. Not sure if a high quality soundboard circulates? Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band “It’s My Life” Kivak Master Series C.W. Post College Greenvale, NY December 12, 1975 Audience Recording Cassette>CDR>Magix/CD WavE Editor/Magix>flac What can I say? Joe Kivak was there! This is the first time Bruce performs “It’s My Life” and I love it too! This is much tighter and effective than when he does it in other shows with the long, drawn out story intro. This show also features the now famous "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” which was later officially released. There is a killer version of “Lost In the Flood” and “For You” with Bruce on piano. This is 1975 and one of the best shows from that era! The sound is pretty good too! I did some tweaking. This is a high energy show right down to those wonderful encores. Detroit Medley kicks major ass! Are you loose? Get ready, if you haven’t heard this show, you are in for a treat! Fanatic Records and Mr Anonymous proudly bring you the Kivak Master Series!
  5. With reports indicating that omicron is half as severe as delta, could this be the ray of hope promoters are looking for to go ahead with a tour announcement in the new year. Fingers crossed.
  6. I reckon the expected Xmas eve release will be from the pre-digital era. Hopefully analog tapes from a hidden gem of a classic show which have gone through the baking and plangent process.
  7. I can’t see how Paul Tierney can ever referee an LFC game again now while Klopp is still manager. Firstly he fails to send him to the stands and then the FA take no action either after he blatantly tells him he has a problem with him to his face for the whole world to hear! Impossible to ref them again.
  8. Terrible news. I met him at a show once and had a beer with him. Lovely guy. Shocked to hear this.
  9. Great open game indeed. It’s staggering how Spurs didn’t score at least 5 today.
  10. Yep Kane definitely was a red. With the 3 points there for LFC though as the game wore on with his goal set to close on City it was madness by Robertson (even after letting the lead slip) as they still had time to win it.
  11. What was Robertson doing? His goal should have won the 3 points. Rash decisions just like that over the years have cost them 31 of the last 32 league titles.
  12. Probably would make no difference if Chelsea had 10 subs. I could see when they drew with a United side in our worst moment of the season a few weeks ago that they were nowhere near good enough to win the league.
  13. I’d like Main Point 1975-02-05 with disc 2 in FLAC HD quality as good as the first part.
  14. Ok maybe not the lion of his former self, but like the rest of us he’s been frustrated, locked down, caged. Denied time, and 5 years of performing in front of his audience with the band. And when that cage door opens, boy do I want to be there to see it. Bring it on.
  15. Looking at Bruce on stage the other night, he’s like a caged lion desperate to get out. The money available won’t change the built up passion to perform he seems to have inside him, bursting to unleash with that fender guitar.
  16. I see, well I really hope it goes ahead for her and her fans as that would mean the risk level here is as low as it can be.
  17. Alicia Keys tickets onsale now via Live Nation for an indoor Arena tour of the UK in June. Ambitious.
  18. You’d like to think it would be E Street related if they are still hoping to start touring weeks after any Spring time release instead of promoting it back to Letter To You.
  19. Hopefully so, as that means Sony will have to release tons of stuff to make money on the deal. They aren’t a charity and clearly aren’t planning to blow half a billion dollars without thinking it could be profitable. In 20 years time it’ll be “Bruce who?” for the youth of today so hopefully it’s us fans here and now as the likely buyers, who will benefit most from this deal in the coming years.
  20. My uninformed thoughts are that this bodes well for us fans in terms of future box sets and releases of anything which has been recorded in the past.
  21. Really sorry to hear this, and particularly so as my family plan my dads 80th birthday on Boxing Day. A reminder to treasure parents while we can.
  22. Very good and I must say the perfect length with no temptation to skim read. Bring on the tour!
  23. Absolutely, fantastic. Much better than I was expecting to be honest.
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