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  1. Messi v Ronaldo in the CL knock out round of 16. An opportunity for Ralf to knock Poch out and probably keep the job as a result.
  2. The youth of today are obsessed with Ronaldo. I was at Chelsea a couple of weeks ago and in the pub a few kids in Chelsea shirts were almost in tears when the team news announced that Ronaldo was on the bench, much to their dads disgust . Surely they have a few star players themselves.
  3. That was tough. Norwich really didn’t deserve to lose that. Great pen from Ronnie though. The Norwich fans certainly enjoyed capturing it on their phones along with the celebration. Great for those kids to see the greatest player of all time up close.
  4. Unless Bruce is planning on gelling his hands every few minutes I can’t see how the front rows experience can be how it used to be. Back of the pit is plenty good enough for me. I’ve done the hand clutching and microphone holding thing.
  5. Am watching Olli’s masterpiece of a blu ray from San Siro Milano night 2 from 2016 right now (still amazes me how these are better than official releases) and it’s making me more excited than ever to even have a chance of seeing this band again next summer. I’d say it’s 70/30 in favour of a tour happening and right now I’ll take those chances.
  6. I do think they are doing the right thing politically by delaying the tour announcement. But I also think plans are in place like the Frankfurt show on 10th June. As soon as there is some good news on the (hopefully) lack of new covid strain severity they will give the green light to go ahead with announcements and ticket on sales.
  7. Interesting….seems they are still hoping to tour.
  8. Hartford 2016 is one of my favourite full river album shows to listen to because the audience is so prominent in the mix, it’s almost bootleg type in its atmosphere. I can’t think of a nugs release that has a crowd mixed higher than it is here.
  9. I’m confident it will happen, unless any major tours already scheduled start getting cancelled over the next month or so.
  10. Haha when I say a “few” beers I mean 3. I never like to miss a song for a bathroom break, not even waiting’ on a sunny day. Centre back of pit is the place to be for sound and view.
  11. A Friday show in Frankfurt sounds good to me. They will sell FoS / Pit tickets too. I like the idea of a few afternoon beers in the city centre. Hotel with free cancellation now booked!
  12. I reckon mid January or not at all. I’m taking the optimistic view of the last 48 hours where stocks and shares have bounced back very strongly on news that the new covid variant is mild. By January that will be proven to be true or false.
  13. Great start for Ralf’s Red Army. A clean sheet has become a rarity in recent months. Controlled the game and should have been a more comfortable score line. Good basis from which to continue.
  14. Been playing my no nukes blu ray again this eve and, of the five million live versions I’ve got of Born to Run, this one has the best sound. Phenomenal.
  15. The difference between Chelsea and City at Watford this week was staggering. And yet only 2 points between them. Can’t see anyone stopping city again this season. Whilst it’s not ideal as a red, the irony of LFC having their greatest ever PL team since it began and only winning one PL title will be quite remarkable to look back on in future.
  16. Yep, it’s rare to see the younger generations walking around without earbuds in. But it’s all pay per month streaming services on their phones so most probably do still pay to listen.
  17. So Bruce made his multi millions in the right era, basically. Good on him.
  18. Tuchel Out. Dreadful against United, poor against Watford and brushed aside by West Ham. Such an over-rated team.
  19. Love the extended crowd singalong during Thunder Road before the usual bit.
  20. The piano sounds a bit less out of tune (but still not right) than nights 2 and 3, which can only serve to perpetuate the myth of the cold weather affecting the two nights which followed.
  21. Looking forward to sitting down and playing the HD files of this one. Plangent processed multi-track analog masters is usually a recipe for a sound far greater than anything of the digital era.
  22. All ears on the piano, was it yet cold enough for that legendary saloon sound!
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