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  1. After getting Giants Stadium 1985 and Fenway 2012 in the space of 14 days, both of which are superb, if an archive release comes out tomorrow I’d be grateful of anything. Any tour, any show.
  2. Ronaldo confirmed as No.7 with Cavani switching to No.21
  3. A nice quiet international break to keep Ronaldo out of the headlines he’s been dominating lately..
  4. BITUSA cover makes the 25 most iconic album covers of all time in this list. BTR can’t be far behind. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.udiscovermusic.com/stories/25-iconic-album-covers/amp/
  5. I think Sancho will really benefit from bringing in Ronaldo. Suddenly he can play under the radar (despite his big transfer fee) and his assists record will continue to rack up high numbers. At the moment I see a front three of Sancho, Ronaldo, Greenwood with those young legs and pace allowing Ronaldo to linger in and around the penalty box. And Rashford will be like a new signing in a couple of months time when injuries and rotation are inevitable. Unless we get some serious injuries, I’m not sure where this leaves Cavani and Martial and I’d expect one of them to leave in the January transfer window.
  6. I’d take a 2006 show if it includes that version of The River. Always wanted an official version of it. https://youtu.be/rvxYiudnnKk
  7. doesthisbusstop


    Sort of, yes. In PL terms, like Jack Walker who owned Blackburn Rovers. But winning the CL for the first time for your club is the pinnacle. We got that done 53 years ago. Probably would have been 60+ years ago had it not been for the Munich air disaster.
  8. doesthisbusstop


    Prestige. If you would rather take £0 than £189M then it’s nothing financial. Most people in football believe you can only truly be considered a great and elite club if you have won the European Cup / Champions League, no matter how much money your club has or how many domestic titles you have won. It doesn’t last forever of course, as Nottingham Forest well know.
  9. doesthisbusstop


    PSG obviously have far too much money to still reject Madrids final offer of £189M to accept £0 for him next summer.
  10. Thanks Jim! High quality bootlegs of The Rising Tour are a real treat, especially given the technical issues which have restricted us to just one solitary archive release so far.
  11. What A Statement. I cannot wait to be there when he walks out at Old Trafford, hopefully against Newcastle. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.manutd.com/en/amp/news/detail/cristiano-ronaldo-posts-instagram-message-to-man-utd-fans-after-transfer-confirmation
  12. You’re right. My wife spends all my money and she never earned any of it
  13. Not sure the players were bought with the Glazers money. I think more likely money the club earns itself through its long term popularity.
  14. To be fair it’s not been a bad transfer window for united.
  15. Did anyone find out if a 24/96 version exists of this show? If not, would love a copy of the 16 bit one if anyone has that? Thank you.
  16. Brilliant. From the moment we scored, it was incessant noise reverberating around Molineux as viva Ronaldo went on, and on, and on. Got a feeling he might get a decent reception when he walks out at Old Trafford…
  17. Varane oozes quality. And that save from De Gea basically set up the 3 points. No way we were coming back in this game to win it 2-1. International break and then it’s The Second Coming of Crist.
  18. Looked like a fair result but lacking in quality. Of the two I’d say CFC will finish the higher.
  19. Since Thursdays favourable draw for the Champions League group stage, a lot has happened. The 8/1 on offer is tempting…
  20. Our back up attack for domestic cup games might be quite strong…
  21. Ronaldo is now definitely joining United!
  22. It seems like it’s happening. If City don’t win the CL (and even better PSG or United knock them out) then it will be a regrettable move. No guarantee of the title either this season. Could affect City’s chances of landing Haaland as well?
  23. I’d absolutely love this one. The JEMS 24/96 of the ‘77 Bottom Line stand is just gorgeous.
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