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  1. Thank you NYC74. I use Audacity for basic things like amplify without clipping when the volume sound is low so hopefully I can work out how to remove gaps too.
  2. It seems that all 8 circulating bootlegs (of which EV2’s is my favourite remaster) were made using the same audience raw recording source. So had that taper not been operating on the night, the rest of us who weren’t there would still be none the wiser about the show 40 years on, apart from reading about it.
  3. Is there a programme that does this? I’ve got a 24/48 blu ray audio rip with gaps in that I want to remove if possible…
  4. I’d say both album covers are two of the most recognisable in the history of music, from anyone.
  5. Iconic, album and cover. I’ll be forever grateful that Bruce signed my brand new vinyl.
  6. Glad you enjoyed listening to the show. But don’t thank me, it was JimCT who uploaded the link in the bootleg collectors thread and I just shared it on this thread as well. The sound quality is good enough to appreciate the show and the sublime performance of this legendary concert. The official archive releases are great but we have to be thankful that someone in the audience recorded this show.
  7. All very good and relevant points. But it could be a good commercial decision to drive up sales considering how many fans attended shows from the Magic tour through to the Wrecking Ball tour. A lot of people want shows they were at as well as the classic shows from the vaults. For example 150,000 attended the Magic Tour European finale weekender at Camp Nou, Barcelona. Nugs probably only sell around 2,000 per archive and it might attract a few thousand more to buy if it was publicised more through voting. I was just using 2007-2013 as an example as we expect all shows during that period to all exist in multi track. It won’t happen of course, but just an idea.
  8. I’d love to see a fan vote system once they exhaust all older shows. Assuming they have every show from 2007-2013 available in multi-track there are literally hundreds to choose from, so let the fans decide via a vote.
  9. Thank you. If you would be kind enough to upload it I will make my own show version using the Godfather tracks from “Spanish Eyes”. It will sound a bit odd with different sources but it’s just for my own collection as a show souvenir (it’s in my top 10 shows). Thanks! PS the Javichun version that is, not the AlvaroVrac one!
  10. And just hours after the brilliant Cardiff show. The combined setlists across the two nights are the best I’ve ever experienced and both shows were incredible. So glad Leeds got an archive release and Cardiff deserves one as well. In terms of a fan made concert blu ray though, Leeds is No.1 from any tour.
  11. Anyone know if the Boston Music Hall stand 22-25 March 1977 was professionally recorded? Really enjoying the boots of the four night stand at the moment.
  12. Thanks for checking it out. I’ll pass then! I think I’ve heard the Javichun version before. Would be interested to know the tracks which don’t have tech issues just for my own partial show collection, as I was there.
  13. And one more please! I’m looking for the best possible version of 2003-06-28 Milan. Is it the CC or the Godfather version?
  14. Please can I request these two versions of nights 3 and 4 of the Boston Music Hall stand of ‘77. I have only got the 24/96 versions of the first two nights. Thanks so much. 1977-03-24 Boston,MA (Steve Hopkins Master via JEMS) 24bit-96kHz 1977-03-25 Boston,MA (Steve Hopkins Master via JEMS) 24bit-96kHz
  15. Didn’t know Streets of Philadelphia made no.2 in the UK singles charts. I thought Dancing in the Dark was Bruce’s highest ranked UK single at No. 4.
  16. I need to watch my blu ray of this show again. Just a shame it only has the Crystal Cat IEM audio and not the 24bit HD from the archive. This and Newark 2016 are my favourite fan made blu rays for HD picture and HD sound.
  17. Please can anyone help with any different versions of Madrid 2012-06-17. I have the Godfather version which isn’t particularly good and was hoping a better source tape may be in circulation. Many thanks
  18. What London location did Paul McCartney sing with Bruce when (bleep, bleep, bleep)…I’ve started so I’ll finish……they pulled the plug so started but didn’t finish.
  19. Kept the long away record going but dropped points. So great to be back in a raucous United away end again though after so long.
  20. If anyone can help me with these two back to back BITUSA shows that would be great. I read that they are great sound quality but there may have been more recent remasters that are even better? Thanks for any help. 1984-07-12 East Troy (Alpine Valley Night, CC) 1984-07-13 East Troy (Alpine Valley 2nd Night, Ev2)
  21. Was listening to EV2’s stunning version of Roses in the Kansas Rain from 1984-11-19 today by taper Rick B. It’s hard to believe it’s an audience recording its that good. It sounds like a soundboard and verges on multi track quality. Has Rick B recorded any others as good as that does anyone know?
  22. There are no fewer than EIGHT different versions of the show on the latest page of the bootleg collectors corner, if anyone wants to compare them to decide which one is the best sound quality.
  23. Never knew there was at least 8 versions of the Vietnam Vets show! I’m assuming all from a couple of different sources? Has anyone played all of them or is it more just a collection thing?
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