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  1. 2 hours ago, skipjack said:

    in 2012 , the UK dates got announced on 21st November and went on sale on Saturday 3rd December with shows in Sunderland, Manchester and Hard Rock Calling (aka Hyde Park) and the IoW festival date was confirmed just before.

    AEG are behind the British Summer Time Hyde Park events and Tony Leighton-Pope jumped ship from the Live Nation (who used to propote the Hard Rock Calling) to AEG. LiveNation had the 'license' for Hyde park gigs from 2001 to 2012 but the Royal Parks awared the contract to AEG after there tenancy ran out, they currently have the liscene for 65,000 capacity events at Hyde Park. AEG had Barclaycard 2012 - 2019 and now American express are the partners from 2020 to xx

    there is a vacancy for Satruday 25th waiting to be filled, thats what im hoping as due to the Glasto situation with Tickets being rolled over from 2020 im out of luck again this year so wont be going for my usual week long mud fest down at the farm.

    so my guess is that they announce a European tour announcement on Tuesday 22nd November once they have got No Nukes oput and then capture the thanksgiving holiday season celebrations and end of month paychecks. Tickets usually based on historic tours go on sale first Friday/Saturday of December for UK

    either way im excited as it will be my first tour since 2012

    2011-11-30 Metro - Springsteen Tour Ticket Dates25.jpg

    American Express Community Stadium in Brighton could be a wild card for a show then? 

  2. All 3 goals were the keepers own fault. They’ve had a great start to the season with 6 wins from their 11 PL games and as much as I’d like to see them slip from 4th place now I don’t think they will. 

  3. Looking through some old emails, I see that Spanish shows for July 2016 we’re only announced on 15th February 2016. 

    It they leave it as late as that this time, then surely the venues are already reserved and dates held. Otherwise they will have no chance of finding suitable venues to play with so many 2022 tours already confirmed. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Patched Tube said:

    I think it was on the ramble someone described him as a "flat-track bully" padding his career stats which isn't too far from the truth. 

    His CL stats speak for themselves. Most goals scored in CL finals is not exactly flat track, the biggest club games. And there’s not been too many poor teams in those 139 goals either. If there’s ever a better player on this planet in the future I’d love to see them play. 

  5. Could anyone please help with converting Jim’s 24/96 boots below to WeTransfer links? I’ve got a problem with privacy settings on my laptop which won’t let me access mega and I’ve tried every tip to rectify it so I need to take it into a laptop tech shop to look at for me. 

    These are the shows on mega: 

    1984-11-02 Los Angeles, CA (Maxell XLII-S Incomplete Master Tape - JimCT) 24bit 96kHz

    1984-11-04 Los Angeles, CA (Maxell XLII-S Master Tape - JimCT) 24bit 96kHz


    Many thanks for any help 

  6. Such a shame The Rising tour can’t be converted easily. The technology may be obsolete now and too much work and cost involved to convert them but my word, Helskini 2003 does sound incredible.

    I’d go as far as saying Helsinki 2003 is the second best sounding archive after Bob Clearmountain’s Passaic 1978/09/20 release. And it makes Helsinki all the more special for it being the only one we have in the archive series from The Rising Tour. 

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  7. Was listening to Badlands and Sherry Darling this morning on Amazon HD and I noticed that the track lengths were much longer than the songs. The reason? Yes you’ve guessed it, they have included the intros to the next song on both tracks.

    In the case of Badlands we have a minute and a half of intro to The Promised Land before the track ends, and after Sherry Darling we have a minute of intro to Thunder Road before the track ends. This despite it being clearly obvious from the applause where the natural end to Sherry Darling actually was. 

    Strange editing decisions. 

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  8. Ronaldo’s 138th and 139th Champions League goals keep United top of the group. 
    Both goals absolutely sublime tonight from the GOAT. 
    Apart from Ronnie though, another shoddy performance. Still big problems to resolve. 

  9. 6 hours ago, Fabrice said:

    Basically, the GA floor is divided in 2. If it works, you'll see a seating chart for Red Hot Chilli that is using a "Front of Stage" area (called "Pelouse Or"/Golden Pitch). You can find such system mostly in France, Germany or Swizterland. 

    PS : it can get as sophisticated, as "Early Front of the Stage" that are charged with a Premium vs "Front of The Stage". I am sure someday we'll get to "Early Front of the Stage with dedicated lines to the rest rooms". 


    Sweden did it as well in 2016. I’m hoping a lot more countries (perhaps all will now) follow suit for 2022? 

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  10. 2 hours ago, Patched Tube said:

    Whatever else you can say about Ole, you have to admit he's a master at delaying the inevitable. 

    He is 2 games from the sack. Hopefully that’s the case still after the last game of fhe season. 

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  11. My first visit to the Tottenham Hotspur stadium yesterday and a fine ground it is too. The home fans though had literally nothing to cheer and it was so quiet. The only time I realised they had any fans there was the deafening boos when Lucas Moura was taken off early into the second half. 

    Harry Kane looked completely disinterested and I wonder if he’s still hoping to move to city in January. He looks like he’s wasting his time at the moment. 

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