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  1. fast song yeah he finally gave up writing lyrics for it. and tore up candy's boy and part of frankie
  2. read the piece on Brucebase "The Fast Song- Candy's Room" - I am the writer I stuffed everything I could into it after months of looking for clues New Fast Song (Candy) has a lyric sheet --- it is the missing link Sept 27 1977 Still has pieces of Candy's Boy and old Fast Song left in it......Soon to be Candy's Room
  3. Great job! Sam Houston’s ghost’s in Texas fighting for his soul And the townsfolk rest uneasy beneath the guns of Kid Colt <<or Cole is how I saw it And the kid says “Hey, where’s Santa Ana?” He who could romance the dumb into talking Take a chance with me tonight, my contessa Waltz with me tonight senorita ‘Cos only fools are alone in a night like this the 3 names of this song
  4. The old vinyls always had their own names Forgotten Songs renamed all the WIESS outtakes "The Guns of Old King Cole' = Santa Ana
  5. 10-27-77 New Ballad Iceman The Record Plant on October 27, 1977 New Fast Song October 27, 1977 New Bodo Rocker Preachers Daughter October 27, 1977 The Promised Land October 27, 1977 (20 takes-19 working on ending) I'm Goin' Back October 27, 1977 I take a lot of notes This was Oct 27 itinerary at Record Plant
  6. now remember The Preachers Daughter is not called The Preachers Daughter <<< what is the name? You are right!
  7. I am old fashioned springsteen fan I remember I watched that video over and over on MTV I like when Bob Dylan does it Great song but not close to Zero and Blind Terry
  8. I was here way before there was classic rock I guess I am a classic man aka old man
  9. My Love Will Not Let You Down missed BITUSA and was recorded the week after Electric Nebraska with Murder Incorporated and the final takes of Downbound Train, Glory Days and BITUSA. Never think of anything as a Tracks song, except TV Movie and other songs that I never heard of until Tracks I am oldtime fan who liked Bruce in 1975. I never heard any artist so sincerely interested in Rock, Blues, Country, Dance. everything including many sub-genres. Both of our favorites are the 60s The Zoom Song from way back used the melody of an Irving Berlin song 1911 Alexander's Ragtime Band. I know because I got into songs from the 1900-forward, and I think Springsteen inspired a lot of my interests.
  10. 1977-09-13 & 10-13 Southside Johnny with Bruce Springsteen - The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ 1977 https://mega.nz/#F!3uhC1Coa!aQN0_LKk4OTLLuqrpkDZhA 2 SHOWS IN ONE TORRENT (both completely separate) Sept 13 & Oct 13, 1977 Both circulating in unlistenable quality Now circulating as listenable, tagged with decent artwork thanks to bosstrade, ponyboy Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes with Bruce Springsteen September 13, 1977 Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ Source: Audience Tape Total Time: 34 minutes 35 seconds unbooted tape restored tillywilly 01 I Don't Wanna Go Home 02 Havin' a Party 03 Thunder Road 04 Mona-She's the One 05 Born To Run-cut Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes with Bruce Springsteen October 13, 1977 Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ Source: Audience Tape Total Time: 17 minutes 52 seconds unbooted tape restored tillywilly Transfer/Trade and Generation Info: Cdr Trade -> Eac (Secure) -> Wav -> Flac (Level 8, Align on SB, Verify) 01 Down In the Valley (4:20) 02 Ain't Too Proud To Beg (4:20) 03 Soothe Me-Good Times (7:16) 04 Carol (1:44) -fades in and fades out track 1 - Solomon Burke 1962 track 2 - Temptations 1966 track 3 - writtem by Sam Cooke 1961, performed 1962 Good Times 1964 Shout - Isley Brothers 1959 track 4 - Chuck Berry 1959
  11. Badlands80, congrats on your new nick I saw ONE Darkness show and SIX River tour shows 1980-81 (guess where I live) I remember so much about the Darkness show, and the River shows are a blur. I know I liked them, and Darkness was first If only I could go back and see them all again, then I could make a definitive report...I'll need tickets and a time machine Ok forget the tickets, I'll take my chances with scalpers out front But I will not do that for BITUSA, I remember going at last minute with no ticket 100,000 seat stadium I got in because GOD loves me, there can be no other reason, 9 people did not get in It ranked below Darkness and RIVER but who cares. I was there!!