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  1. Dogs will sleep anywhere if they have to, but if you give them free run of the house, they will always curl up in the softest, best-smelling, most expensive piece of furniture you have.
  2. Boss Acres! aka Telegraph Hill 7 The Summit, Holmdel, New Jersey 1976-1981 He got evicted while on The River tour had to rent a place near Colts Neck reservoir that's where he recorded Nebraska bought home Rumson, NJ November 1983
  3. Viruses were here long before us and will be long after us We only figured out recently how to keep them from destroying our bodies, and that is by immunization, using our natural process of fighting disease USA and Europe immunize their children now from many diseases that killed millions as recently as 19th and early 20th centuries Some people think immunization bad, good luck to them Read we are 1 year away from Corona Virus immunization
  4. My building doesn't allow pets but I got a note from my doctor Fostering I cannot do, but I expect to be adopting a dog I am good with training dogs and DO NOT subscribe to 'old dogs cannot learn new tricks'. If the dog is ancient and cannot pay attention, of course, but I will get a middle-age dog who needs a home, and we can be pals for 5 years.
  5. So when you look at me you better look hard and look twice Is that me baby or just a brilliant disguise
  6. 07/09/2003 Fenway Park, Boston, MA Bakerstuff version NEVER MIND
  7. 9 hours ago, bosstrade01 said: Any old time ABMS downloaders here? If so, anybody have this one? 07/09/2003 Fenway Park, Boston, MA Bakerstuff version Thanks Nothing for the month of July found 2003-09-06 Boston close to European version of 2003 July 9 OOps just saw Twink post, us Yanks think alike nevermind
  8. wait I didn't vote yet awww nevermind
  9. I have Flac frontend i also hate windows 10
  10. People on different Springsteen boards are helping me research issues from the Darkness - River period, like the Passaic Soundcheck and the recording and mixing of the River. I am putting together questions for Sony Archives, Toby Scott and Bruce Springsteen. I just don't want to ask something stupid, and waste opportunities. Right now sleep.
  11. fyi Posted notice of some Brucebase updates to the Circuit
  12. Complete revision of Tunnel Of Love - Studio Sessions page, including details on the song 'Tunnel of Love', recorded last for the project. New Info on Candy's Room, including filming date of CANDY'S ROOM (NY '78) from Thrill Hill Blu-Ray. Update to unreleased 'Bells Of San Salvador', detailing FIVE misnamed tracks on Lost Masters Volume 10.
  13. These are all classic versions of FOTF https://mega.nz/#F!m64D3aLB!B7zDZCYO0pL75MU-6tFLhw https://mega.nz/#F!mmwhzABY!Y352uvdKC2D2vannpu1dYw https://mega.nz/#F!qv4FlY4Y!TI5uoXjG6lh8i06GIhroiw https://mega.nz/#F!uqpBEQhJ!FYnt0KXkcOKnP5y7R5i91w
  14. these tracks here with the normal titles werent on the originsl FOTF maybe greatest bootleg ever was first time studio tracks of Springsteen were bootlegged and it was followed by 'E Ticket' making Springsteen the hottest ticket in the bootleg world eh...after Zeppelin and Stones and maybe Dylan Forgotten Songs is the CD version, and it has 'The Fever'. which was left off the vinyl FOTF because it didnt fit https://mega.nz/#F!3zh11SqA!zlXukGnb9hVk9Rvmf9xP3w