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    Springsteen, Jukes and many other great rock people over the years. Love old country, blues, fred astaire, paul whiteman, gospel, opera, bluegrass, etc. Built my own computer, edit audio pretty good, video not so good, information junkie too. Will add to this later.
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  1. Noooooo! We use that for sewage water, he would get it dirty But we can throw his hair in the Nile! "where is my weave?"
  2. In my Egyptian tradition, when we are rid of the heretic Pharoh Trumpses, we will scratch out his name on all our statues and temples, bury him in the Valley of ConArtists, throw his stuff in the Nile!
  3. ok but no McDonalds, it's yankee poison, causes heart disease
  4. sorry you brilliant Brit limey! Is it too late for brekky?
  5. Too bad about Donald & Boris bromance Not looking so good oh well
  6. Excuse me I have to get back to recounting ballots for Donny So far I found 4 fake ballots out of 75,000,000! He will be very happy, right?
  7. I did not sit on it Ask my good buddy Donald J Trump, he will back me up!
  8. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Fourth Night at Monmouth Arts Center – Kivak Master Series August 5, 1976 Monmouth Arts Center, Red Bank, NJ Audience Recording Cassette>CD>Wav>CDWAV Editor/magic/Roxio>flac *Please Note this is a revised version of what I initially thought was coming from Joe Kivak's Master. This revised version (JOE KIVAK'S MASTER) overall is a better quality recording. THIS IS THE VERSION THAT YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD. The recording I previously posted didn't come directly from the master copy, but from Mr Anonymous'copy and had a few
  9. fyi mjk's first Bruce show was 1978-07-12 Dallas TX (2nd Generation Tape Transfer) (mjk5510) and I think he taped it My first was 1978-07-05 Inglewood, CA, and I didn't sorry
  10. 1978-08-31 Southside Johnny and Bruce Springsteen - BluRay Agora Ballroom 3 encores https://mega.nz/folder/uv5E1bCR#OicLUWEEul9Z9ZzUPnVkGQ
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