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    Springsteen, Jukes and many other great rock people over the years. Love old country, blues, fred astaire, paul whiteman, gospel, opera, bluegrass, etc. Built my own computer, edit audio pretty good, video not so good, information junkie too. Will add to this later.
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  1. My 442 is gonna overheat Hurry baby gotta get her back out on the street!
  2. I sense a European gentlemen making an inquiry the missing word before "legion" is "American"! You are still brilliant, my friend
  3. Sorry we don't recognize your Godfather here in Sicily, but if anybody has a relative that works for a family here, we can work out an accomodation. I heard all your stuff fell off a truck you bootlegging bastards!
  4. On that note, https://www.spl-messages.net/topic/greasy-lake-is-imploding-now-we-need-new-blood-here?reply=644072442035374143#644072442035374143 haha rotf I mentioned people in there hope nobody is offended haaaaaaaaaa
  5. Tillywilly Comprehensive Darkness Outtakes Collection https://mega.nz/folder/buQQyKyB#5Y15o4xvSiK-7NFMCUdIRA hope you like
  6. I agree I have those plus somebody broke off the soundcheck
  7. [no title] Ghost Radio Station edit I found 2 on springsteenlyrics for other dates his site doesn't allow that type of search, but that info file format was from that site, not JL, but could have been copied!
  8. . This is original request from this website Can't find on springsteenlyrics Found April 4 1988 Ghost Radio Station Edit https://springsteenlyrics.com/bootlegs.php?item=4968
  9. n 5/26/2019 at 1:31 PM, cowboyofthesea said: Thanks, but you have my own songs. I think we need this one: [no title] Ghost Radio Station edit Date: 06 May 1988 Location: Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA Format: FLAC Duration: 268:29.69 original info file available this is eddy's listing I will check
  10. 1988-05-06 - Tacoma Dome (Ghost Station Edit) Sorry I just looked up original request don't have will look
  11. 1988-05-06 https://mega.nz/folder/nmxhwIjI#zMlgV4adAOcsKj-DQIb--A
  12. from May 6, 1988 intro to "All Heaven Will Allow" we´ve got pictures of the little Big Man here (chuckles)….oh man, he´s three years old….he´s got his own shades….he´s got a little silk suit….he´s got his own car, his own apartment….his own bank account already….he´s got a job too (?)(chuckles) the whole thing….there´s a lot of little babies running around now….in about 15 years there´s gonna be a E Street Band Volume 2….carry on the tradition….he looks good….it was hard to believe, buddy….man, remember, uh….Clarence, man, I remember when he met his wife, you know….Clarence wa
  13. Nebraska thepublicimage79@hotmail.com Nebraska is probably the one Springsteen album I've found I can tolerate and really, really like. It's a pretty damn common opinion to have with people who are non-Boss fans that Nebraska is, in actuality, a fantastic album. (And of course, by "common" I mean "like five people or so.") Going song-by-song on this album would be moronic - it's not the kind of album you can really do that with. So, a little background. Bruce was supposedly living through a pretty bad period of depression when he wrote and recorded these songs in his special
  14. Validating mprindle@nyc.rr.com... Validation results confidence rating:3 - SMTP The email address passed this level of validation without an error. However, it is not guaranteed to be a good address. more info canonical address:<mprindle@nyc.rr.com>
  15. I asked Sony today to provide details so we can publish on Brucebase no more rumors let's see what their reply is I can them picking up the phone and calling Landau right now
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