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  1. the man with the scan your website is #1 public source of good scans thank you
  2. she wants food, and then she wants to walk around the neighborhood by herself she promises to come home when she is finished cannot find this post This is Red, a Staffy X. He is a rescue dog who came to us just a couple of months ago. Red has such a beautiful nature, wonderful with my young kids though a lot of anxiety from his early life which we can guess was a bad situation. It will take a while for him to trust us fully and feel this is his forever home but he loves it here. what are those things on his lower chest?
  3. I am curious what factual basis is your remark based on? It was probably the first time he got a full taste of being a front man and he liked it he practically ran the Jukes so he did everything else up to that point he did write a lot of the Little Steven songs in the following year, and there are probably studio outtakes of the Jukes from 1978 doing some of the songs that were on his first album. Southside is still hoarding them at his mansion.
  4. That's what I would do, I just wanted to see what you would do. Many people do nothing
  5. 13th early and late shows, leader of the band, Sugar Miami Steve Van Zandt featuring his assistant Bruce Springsteen
  6. Did you look it up ? How many days did they rehearse? Did you compare any songs that were on both to confirm?
  7. BUT for this 1988 bootleg Expo Theater Avenue of Memories (Route 537) Fort Monmouth, New Jersey
  8. The approximately 19,000-square-foot theater building was built in 1968. It sits on nearly eight acres of land off the Avenue of Memories on Eatontown's side of the former fort. An adjacent 27 acres of open space is included in the sale. Expo Theater Eatontown, NJ soon to be toast!
  9. he former 995-seat Expo Theater is the latest property to be put up for sale at the decommissioned Fort Monmouth. The plan is for the purchaser to develop the site as part of the arts, cultural and entertainment district envisioned for the fort. David Nuse, deputy director of the Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority or FMERA, said that would be the "best use of the property … regardless of whether the building is adaptively reused or demolished."
  10. Fort Monmouth the fort's three host towns Eatontown, Oceanport and Tinton Falls on Jan.
  11. . looks like we got same thing but I need artwork!