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  1. thanks I took care of him he'll be downloading for a week
  2. I have to run out right now but I have everything you want
  3. Image size: 750 × 611 No other sizes of this image found. Bosstrade smokes competition again even when half asleep https://www.discogs.com/release/2062374
  4. Infos "Fat Box" Die CDs wurden auch als Einzel CDs unter den Titeln "Live USA" und "Live & Alive" vertrieben Abweichende Katalognummern: Cover: imt 2 CD 902.002 Label CD 1: imt 900.004 Label CD 2: imt 900.057 CD 1: Recorded live at "The Winterland", San Francisco, CA. - U.S.A. on December 15, 1978 CD 2: Recorded live in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. in 1975 nein swine disc 2 CD2 recorded live in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. in 1975 <<< NO Sept 29, 1976 Santa Monica, CA
  5. yes sir I need it as evidence thank you
  6. March 8, 1978 band worked on "Darkness of the Edge of Town", completed March 10, and album was named after song This was at Record Plant NY For Aug 3 1978 1978-08-01GAILLARD MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM, CHARLESTON, SC 1978-08-02CHARLOTTE COLISEUM, CHARLOTTE, NC 1978-08-04CHARLESTON CIVIC CENTER, CHARLESTON, WV 1978-08-05LOUISVILLE GARDENS, LOUISVILLE, KY 3rd was a day off
  7. No emergency except for Polish bootleg industry pussy boys and girls!!
  8. Phone call for Bosstrade! Please come to main desk wake up
  9. Anybody have this Live USA 2 CDs disc 1 Winterland 78 disc 2 says it is LA 1975, but it is Santa Monica 1976-09-29-30 thanks Live and Alive vol 1-3 no match abels Imtrat 902.002 Live & Alive 902.002 Imtrat imt 2 CD 902.002 Live & Alive imt 2 CD 902. 002 Imtrat imt 900.004 Live & Alive imt 900.004 Imtrat imt 900.057 Live & Alive imt 900.057 Release events Poland 1991 Release group rating
  10. You promise? Well look forward no longer and listen carefully Ladies, gentleman. and any pirate scum thinking of torrenting to keep their ratio up, Here is the world premiere of a 1979 rebroadcast on KSAN-FM San Francisco, of an October 14, 1978 radio broadcasted performance by Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, with special guest producer-composer-arranger, E Street Band and Asbury Jukes guitarist Sugar Miami Steve Van Zandt! While the E Street Band and Bruce are back n the studio ON THIS DAY cutting the demos, that he later instructed Jimmy Iovine to hand over to SMS, for the recording sessions of the Jukes' next album. "Hearts of Stone" and "Talk to Me" were recorded, both for the final time, at the Record Plant without Steve, during the sessions for'Darkness on the Edge of Town". This concert was broadcast on tour to promote their second album, "This Time It's for Real", released on EPIc records. Due to technical conditions (the 1978 capacity of radio broadcasting electronics and the cassette tape deck for recording), some high-end frequencies were lost, and so for honesty, the tracks are encoded in mp3, instead of fake FLAC, because Twink would find out anyway. Also, no info or artwork. This is the raw audio, just transfered from analog cassette, by the engineers at Uncle SSJ studios, who asked that since they were not under employment contract, their identities be revealed at a time of their choosing. Fyi-I only made up that the last sentence for privacy reasons. Everything else verified Info will follow soon Download here people
  11. Here's the latest from legendary quasi-producer John Oats Now on ABMS and Jungleland: Studio Comp Mix Down Demo - Live 1973-78 'Those That Didn't Make The Cut' This is a mix-down tape that came from the CBS vault into the possession of JEMS and onward to the Band of Brothers. Basically it's an audition tape that Bruce, Jon Landau, Toby Scott and Chuck Plotkin listened to, deciding if they wanted to include any of these tracks on the upcoming 'Live 1975-1985' album. The tape was put together the same day they listened to it, 1986-06-21. The mastered tape sounds great however this presentation isn't about the sound of the music. We present this to you as a historical rendering of one working day within a six month span when Bruce and Co. spent 6 months in the studio working 6 hours per day/5 to 6 days a week putting together 'Live 1975-1985'. We suggest you read the accompanying booklet for a much more complete picture. I hope you enjoy this as much as we did putting it together. Look for more releases from the Band of Brothers in the near future. Oats featuring liner notes by celebrities like tillywilly Get a copy before they are all ...used up Live 1973-78 'Those That Didn't Make The Cut Get it before Amazon and China clone it and flood the market!
  12. yes amazing everybody go here i didnt know Ed took all these familiar pics I wrote him and told him I write for Brucebase and to send me dates and background He will probably ignore but whatever I got all his pics very high quality website block never stops me haha I just keep for myself unless i find one i haven't seen here pics of Diane from her Bradley Beach house late 1972-early 1973 http://www.edgallucciphotography.com/bruce-springsteen/
  13. how weird I looked some of our images up on Google the last 2 posted got nothing the lower right image here returned a link https://www.pinterest.com/pin/559853797401161195/ September 22, 1974, it is the 2nd live show with the 2 newest members of the E Street Band, Max and Roy. Born to Run was still being recorded and the band ... which is another outdoor show six months later Kean College, Union, NJ these pictures not from that show i went to link and found none of the text above either! how does google work? I am very good at searching, but would like to know more about how it works https://www.pinterest.com/pin/576038608588196258/ this 09-22-74 to my knowledge
  14. Bruce ignoring Henley who can't stop giggliing after smoking weed in dressing room Hollywood for Rainforest Benefit caption by tillywilly