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    Springsteen, Jukes and many other great rock people over the years. Love old country, blues, fred astaire, paul whiteman, gospel, opera, bluegrass, etc. Built my own computer, edit audio pretty good, video not so good, information junkie too. Will add to this later.
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  1. Hey if you guys have stuff I don't let me know easy to import to your mega and vice versa
  2. Here is May 1978 https://mega.nz/folder/jyQTSSaB#OLDkCMAZLsw80_PqIeAFFA
  3. https://mega.nz/folder/2qI1SCoI#K4oD2oyxpupdzfh2GEYe2Q
  4. 1995 Bruce Springsteen - Blood Brothers Jan 1995 (International Noise-Silver) https://mega.nz/folder/37oUWZDb#A8R02-O5j-XcEXzMExrmTw
  5. i made this Blood Brothers https://mega.nz/folder/vmJQ2QYR#G2NVgk7dBSMSmuQ-Nlj4dg
  6. This good bootleg even though it fails most Title: Lost In The Flood Label: Triangle Records Catalog #: PYCD 056-2
  7. I use Fakin the Funk, it also checks the bitrate as well as freq If freq good ignore the bitrate If both bad, looks like mp3 sourced
  8. and they will say this was our finest hour
  9. what gene autry was #1 hillbilly record 1933 hint color flower state
  10. yes yes trust me haha you making ,me laugh
  11. the fear of that is what trust is all about
  12. Or august 11 rehearsals were sept zzzzzzzzzz
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