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  1. BTR


    2005-06-04-Bolgna-Stevieray tape
    2005-06-06-Rome-Cornovero tape
    is there a problem with these?
    I need!:)

    These are the first two songs from the Eagles Blu-Ray 1977-03-21 Eagles - Capital Centre, Landover, Maryland,  I ripped and I guess re-mastered them. I took them from the PCM stream and they are 100% lossless audio. They are 100% commercial (I bought the Blu-Rays direct from the Eagles company) but I am just giving a promo copy to a friend, not distributing them to the world. Remember this is a live concert. tell me it doesn't sound incredible.

    What I did is take the first large VOB, demux the audio, and process it in Wavelab. This is all a test just to see how it would come out. What I am going to do is process the entire VOB audio, then try to mux it back to the video. I'm pretty good at psyncing because I can do professional time adjustments in Wavelab. I am just doing this to see if I can and it comes out good

    1977-03-21 Eagles - Capital Centre, Landover, Maryland-2 tracks audio


  3. Does Mary's dress wave or sway?

    wasn't that Angelina's or maybe Christina's?
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