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  1. Anything from Nebraska played on the BitUSA tour that we don’t have yet. Ditto for that album on the Joad and D&D tours. Anything from Tunnel of love played on the D&D tour that we don’t have yet. I think everything from those albums was played on the tours that I mentioned. I like to make live compilations. I am happy to have everything from BITUSA played on the BITUSA tour released in the archive.
  2. As was stated on BTX, they don’t have a gigantic amount of shows from 1975 to 1981, yet apparently they have everything from 2005 on. So I can understand why they’d want to space out the older shows more. That being said, I’m underwhelmed by this month’s choice. I’d have loved the previous show, with the opener of the first and so far only Living on the Edge of the World. I still got this one, don’t get me wrong, and something is better than nothing, but I’m not eager to listen to it many times.
  3. Using a dictaphone. I use my fingers to phone these days.
  4. I enjoyed listening to all these. Great job, everyone. Lots of interesting things happening here.
  5. Somebody reliable on BTX said that we’d be very hard-pressed to find a connection with tomorrow’s release and Pete Seeger’s birthday. So we can rule that out.
  6. I sent Open All Night yesterday, at least I think I did. I emailed a Dropbox file of it.
  7. I remember watching that. Hell of a year, as Billy Joel and Paul McCartney were also inducted. I wasn’t a Bruce fan yet. I really just watched for Paul and Billy. I thought their speeches were disappointing. I’ve since re-watched Paul’s speech on YouTube, and he seems drunk. It was less than a year since Linda had died, and he was in a bad place still, I think.
  8. When I look inside my heart, there’s just bullet mics and banjos.
  9. I’m in. Hope this happens. Looking forward to it.
  10. Yes, he will be. Isn’t that one of the few he’s listed that he wants?
  11. I wouldn’t read too much into that. Looks like something somebody tossed out off-the-cuff, and the Hoffman forum ran with it.