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  1. Definitely not from Inc (for reasons stated above) just one of the many very well done fan made videos. Either way, it is incredibly well done and looks to be an enjoyable watch from the bits that I’ve sampled.
  2. I guess that answers that. Excellent work, Inspector Holmes. I have some of that so-called “unhealthy” memory myself.
  3. There’s someone on BTX who reminds me of him. Screen name is LeapDay2016, I believe. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same person.
  4. Thanks for this. I didn’t realize they were consistent for two years, then there have been 6 delays in the past year. So, like, since August 2019, they’ve been on time 50% of the time.
  5. I'm still really digging on and hoping for 8/6/84. Would have worked out almost perfectly anniversary-wise if it had come out tomorrow.
  6. I think they considered Atlanta to be the opening night of the WB tour. I was there. It was ok.
  7. Out in the Street is either a hybrid of the last two nights, or 100% from 6/29. I’m thinking it’s the former.
  8. Pretty sure it’s never been played live. Would have been a great one in concert with Clarence.
  9. As the first Friday in August will be the 7th, next month would be better for August 6, 1984 anyway, anniversary-wise (though most of the time, that hasn’t had anything to do with why/when certain shows are chosen).
  10. “Mr. Jon Landau...please don’t stop me...please don’t stop me”
  11. That was my initial gut feeling, but when you think about it, does it ultimately matter whether a show is from the same venue, state, or stand as something previously released? We’re not there - we’re listening to it after the fact. Whether it’s from New Jersey or Timbuktu, if the setlist and performances are good, I’m all for it. I’ve mentioned before that I’m really digging the idea of the second night of the 1984 NJ stand. It’s got Open All Night, Fire, Racing in the Street, I’m a Rocker, and Street Fighting Man - all highlights for me, and ones we haven’t had an archive release on from this tour. We know they have this show - songs from Live 75-85 are on it. I hope we get it sometime.
  12. The Corrector/Editor strikes again (though I do enjoy reading these). I was the one who pointed out the error in your Stockholm 2005 review as a comment in your blog. I’m in the middle of reading your Buffalo 2009 review, and there are 9 tracks on Greetings, not 8 as you said. Makes me wonder which song you weren’t thinking of.
  13. I compared it to the other releases from that tour, and the font looks consistent to me (other than the letters in the band name being smaller in the first 84 release.