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  1. I had a dream last night that we got 7/4/85.
  2. Will it come out this Friday? Has anyone heard anything?
  3. Billy Joel is 70 and doing a “never ending tour” of sorts. Playing MSG once a month with several dates at other places sprinkled throughout the year.
  4. The I’m a Rocker opener, Loose Ends, Something in the Night, the tour premiere of Stolen Car, an E Street Pay Me My Money Down, and the first (and so far only?) full band Devils and Dust.
  5. That’s the way Incident was played in those days. I’m not sure when the piano outro came back - probably when they started segueing it into Rosalita again. I haven’t gotten to Incident yet, but I’m glad they didn’t “fix” that guitar mess-up. I’ve already caught one vocal pitch correction. The first couple of lines of the second verse of Badlands were sung flat and off-key that night (surprising, considering how frequently he performs it), but magically, on the archive release, that mistake isn’t there. I listened to it on headphones and I heard a weird overtone of the way he originally sang it coming through a tiny bit. Probably bleed-through from other mics on stage. It’s interesting to catch these. I’m against these “corrections,” by the way. It’s revisionist history, and takes away the honesty of the performance. Live should mean live.
  6. No he’s not. I’m also not a huge fan of ‘78 (even though the songs are so good), for the same reason bobfan1976 mentioned.
  7. That was probably in reference to the fake horns that Danny played on the organ.
  8. ““Miracle” doesn’t lead into the tenth and final Rising album song performed on the night, but instead it’s followed by two solo piano efforts from Bruce:” That makes it sound like it was the second-to-last Rising song played. It was the 8th of 10. There were two more after that. The wording was a bit confusing to me. It wouldn’t have led into the 10th and final one anyway, because it wasn’t the 9th. Not an error, per se, but I was wondering what you meant when you said it that way.
  9. It was the chords to Spirit he forgot, not the words. He experimented with a few chords, and they were wrong, so then he went back and sang the third verse again, probably in an attempt to jog his muscle memory, and it worked, because after that, he got it right. @Paolo's Circus Story, thanks for this. I always appreciate and respect your writing. Just a couple “notes” from the proofreader in me: You were living in the future in the first sentence. October 2019 hasn’t happened yet. You mean October 2018, which is Helsinki 2003’s release month. Maybe I read it wrong, but it sounded like you were implying that COAM was the second to last Rising song played. It wasn’t. Into the Fire came a couple songs after, then MCOR later on. Either way, nice writing as usual.
  10. Hurricane Irma (and the Houston 78 release) was two years ago.