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  1. But aren’t there non-radio broadcast shows included in that box already?
  2. Glory Days. Pretty repetitive song musically but very effective. Also Born in the USA. Only two chords. I’m Goin’ Down. Same 4 chords over and over. I’m sensing a theme with the ones I just named
  3. Great post. I’ll add that it takes skill to get good at playing individual notes (because those are some small holes) and bending the pitch, both of which he can do.
  4. Isn’t this Friday a first Friday? Anybody heard anything?
  5. I got vaccine #1 today. I came up with a pun that I think you’ll appreciate. Wish I’d thought of it this morning before I got the shot, so I could have posted it on my Facebook and Instagram. But I’ll use it when I go for my second one on April 15. I’m going to say: Just parked in the lot, waiting for vaccine #2. You can’t start a Pfizer, you can’t start a Pfizer without a park.
  6. Making my way through it finally. I noticed that much of the call and response part (the “meet me out in the street” solos with the band members) in Out in the Street from Live in NYC was taken from this show. Pretty cool discovery.
  7. Pretty sure Erik F made a mistake in his review. He said there are 8 songs on 6/27/00 that are not on 7/1/00. I counted 9. Ties, Adam, Trapped, Factory, Loose Ends, BIYA, Mary, HH, Blinded.
  8. I’m not seeing that there was a 5/8/97 show, on either May 8 or August 5. Edit: looks like you meant 5/18/97. Flynn wasn’t directly responding to that post, even though his comment was right below it. He was quoting an earlier post where somebody made a joke, and he was complimenting the joke. Of course, he also could have been subtly confirming that it is Joad this month. I have entertained that possibility.
  9. The thread title confused me at first. I was like “Didn’t this already come out in 2010?”
  10. I’ve performed here, so this hits close to home.
  11. Thank you for sharing your heart, and I’m sorry about what you’re going through. I lost my dad to COVID-19 3 days ago. This post came at a perfect time for me. I’ll be thinking about you.
  12. Definitely not from Inc (for reasons stated above) just one of the many very well done fan made videos. Either way, it is incredibly well done and looks to be an enjoyable watch from the bits that I’ve sampled.
  13. I guess that answers that. Excellent work, Inspector Holmes. I have some of that so-called “unhealthy” memory myself.
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