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  1. The NBA hopes to finish over the summer, maybe with a shortened play-off schedule.
  2. Four! The Corona line... I don't think Liverpool will mathematically secure the title before league matches are called off. And just for the record: I hoped the club, the players, Klopp, the fans, could celebrate it by winning a home game. They would deserve it. Unfortunately I don't see that happening.
  3. Marca reports that UEFA are about to call off all CL and EL matches.
  4. ALL games will be off next week. I don't even think there will be football this weekend.
  5. I have this feeling that tonight was the last CL match for at least several months.
  6. Valencia - Atalanta to be played behind closed doors. Barça - Napoli probably too. Others will follow. Any sense in still playing at all?
  7. Tricky question. What I wonder is why it hit Italy so bad. Read something about fashion sweatshops full of Chinese people. Many of them in or near Milan.
  8. Yes, it's more serious, but not that much and hardly serious enough to panic. You wouldn't believe the headlines some newspapers print here in Austria. It's like the world's going to end. I understand cancelling Asian shows scheduled in the near future, but summer tours in Europe? But again, I haven't read or heard anything about that yet.
  9. I don't read anything about summer dates in Europe. That would be a bit premature, I'd say. Or has any band ever cancelled dates during flu season?
  10. With the big difference that the Astros players were in it as well. You can't really blame the City players for what's going on there.
  11. No, I won't. Hardly watched the last one.