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  1. New teaser: Sounds promising
  2. While I agree with most of what you say, I don't think Bon's lyrics made Back in Black such a good album. I love his style of writing, but AC/DC is guitar-driven music. The lyrics are great, but not that important. I got hooked on AC/DC way before I understood what Bon was singing about. One of the first AC/DC songs I liked was Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, but I had no idea what it was about. I also don't have high expectations for the new album. Two or three great tunes and I'd be happy. I guess part of the excitement about the new album is because this has been such a shitty year. Just
  3. “AC/DC without Mal isn’t AC/DC,” adds Williams. “He’s just there somehow. He’s always here.” Ghosts
  4. Must have been in the bathroom when they played this... Maybe it's just me, but errors like this one really bother me.
  5. Might get that one. Would look nice on the shelf.
  6. I listened to an interview with Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams today. Brian said that early this year they started rehearsing for a possible live shows. They got together for a couple of weeks in Holland to see if they still got it. And they did! So they left there with the intention of touring. And then came Covid... :-(
  7. Great stuff! Love these lyric posters. And this is awesome! Painted or printed?
  8. Thanks! And just to clarify: I haven't been to that show. Wasn't even born then.
  9. Finished some more posters. Now I have one for each of my Bruce shows... Now all I need is a house to hang them all up.
  10. I guess Jon didn't take Bruce's advice because it must have been: "Can this s***! Don't let anybody else hear this!" I love 80s and 90s Bon Jovi. And with every new album I hope that Jon finally got sick of his 3 1/2 min pop radio tunes and wrote something that actually rocks. But I guess he doesn't have it in him anymore.
  11. That voice, that guitar, those drums... instantly puts a smile on my face. And not only did I hear the new song already, my neighbours did too.
  12. I'm tempted to say that when it comes to music I like nothing more than 70s AC/DC. Let There Be Rock is one of my all-time favourite albums. One of the very few albums on which I think every single note is perfect. But still, for me, Brian Johnson is THE AC/DC singer. He was there when I discovered them and he's somebody I'd love to have drinks with. He just seems like a great guy.
  13. I think I have seen the german version of the show.
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