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  1. Have seen that many times. Crazy first half, second half not much happens.
  2. I hope for Porto. They're certainly no pushovers, but for Barça they'd be a much easier opponent than Liverpool.
  3. If they'd vote for the actual best player of the year, Messi would already have 7. And it looks like this year he should definately get it regardless of winning the CL or not. Who else is even close to him individually?
  4. I'm expecting a much better Barça tonight. With most key players rested on the weekend, they should be up for it. Interesting will be how Messi's doing tonight. If it's another rather quiet performance the rumours he's carrying an injury are probably true and good news for the rest of the teams.
  5. Until last night's match it has been a season of two Barças, if you will. One focused and determined in the CL and key matches in La Liga, the other doing just enough to get the points in matches against the likes of Real Sociedad, Levante, Villarreal or Real Madrid. ;-) The first Barça has to show up again for the rest of the CL season, otherwise they won't stand a chance. I don't know if it's the case with you, but a lot of people when they hear Barça they still think of that team 8 or 9 years ago. But they are nowhere near as entertaining as they were back then. They are a much more pragmatic side now. Back then they'd score 3 or 4 in the first half alone and keep going for more. Now they take the lead and fall back, let the opponent have the ball, try to counter attack. I do expect them to be at their best in the 2nd leg. Now with the league practically in the bag, Valverde can, and HAS to, rest players. He'd be a fool if he'd play Messi, Busquets, Rakitic or Suarez on the weekend. All of which have already played way too many minutes this season. But one more thing, that kinda goes unnoticed by the football world: Gerard Pique is having one hell of a season. Everybody's talking about Van Dijk. But Pique is in no way worse. He's been outstanding!
  6. Why does this sport attract so many idiots? Is it a cultural thing? I don't see fans of NFL or NBA teams try to bash each others heads in.
  7. Barça weren't good, but I read awful, poor, appalling... They were so awful that United didn't create anything apart from some long distance shots that were no threat at all. They were so poor that they had 70% possession and won away from home staying in 2nd gear for the whole 90 min, after United had a week rest while Barça played Atletico on Saturday. They will have to get better, and they can. But at this point of the season I take a CL KO round win like this any day.
  8. If they'd play like this against Liverpool they'd get overrun.
  9. Thinking about it, this is another useless stat without context. Because how much importance do you give a 2nd leg away loss or draw after a 4-0 home win, compared to a 1st leg draw away to a tough opponent? Having said that, including yesterdays result, Pep's CL history with City is quite poor so far.
  10. Is there something wrong with Pep's teams in CL away matches. Only 6 wins in 26 matches! That's 23%! Not much lower than the overall away win percentage in european football, but with the teams he has, shouldn't he do better?
  11. But he also said that Messi is a one-trick-pony and only has one skill. So... ;-)
  12. LeoGetz


    It's actually just 49 goals, but who's counting? ;-) And he usually scores them when the team needs it the most. 35 of them gave his team the lead or tied the game.
  13. That's what they thought of Barcelona too. Complacency's a b....
  14. Not an expert, but I don't think it came from the person who uploaded the video on youtube. It was probably a drive-by-infection (I think that's what it's called). That can come from anywhere. What I never use are those online services to download from youtube. They don't seem safe to me.