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  1. Cancel culture before there was cancel culture.
  2. Saw The Moody Marsden Band live a few times in the late 90s early 00s. Probably the best blues rock concerts I've been to. Whitesnake have a pretty good new song that I've been playing a lot lately:
  3. I don't think this is just about bands or artists changing names. It's about that whole wave of political correctness coming over us. The Chicks dropping "Dixie" is just the tip of the iceberg. The iceberg itself is people losing jobs or getting cancelled for stupid remarks they made ages ago, studies about "controversial" subjects receiving no peer reviews because scientist don't dare to criticize them, and people in the UK getting handed jail sentences for posting stupid jokes on Facebook.
  4. "That's a good 'un!" :-) I have to watch this movie this weekend.
  5. Are you quoting Walter Brennen or is just a coincidence? ;-)
  6. To me the theme song to Once Upon A Time In The West is still the most beautiful piece of music ever composed. RIP
  7. It's getting ridiculous! Things and people have to be looked at and judged in the context of their time. What's next? Banning bands with all white or male members? What these people don't realize, is that time will turn us all into bigots. We have to show as much empathy to people of the past, as we hope people of the future will have for us.
  8. As cringeworthy as the newer "I take responsibility" video.
  9. LeoGetz


    It's obvious, isn't it? But I listen to everything: Rock, Metal, Blues, Reggae, Jazz, Funk, Pop, Disco, EDM, Country, Hip Hop... There's good and bad in everything.
  10. What's Jack Black going to do?
  11. Are they required to comment on this?
  12. A part of it definately has. "The L'Oreal Group has decided to remove the words white/whitening, fair/fairness, light/lightening from all its skin evening products," the French cosmetics giant said in statement.
  13. First KISS album is probably my favourite debut album... ...unless we go by international and not Australian releases, then it's...
  14. Don't know if that's what you're looking for but you should check out Rick Beato on YouTube and his "What makes this song great" series.