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  1. There was this girl in Austria who had been kidnapped and held by a guy for 8 years in the basement of his house. After a while he took her shopping and skiing and afterwards people wondered why she didn't run away. Eventually she did, but I guess you have to be in such a situation to understand it.
  2. Just watched it. I liked it, but I kinda expected something more. It felt like just another episode.
  3. Sure you can, but only up to a certain point. A former friend of mine turned into a xenophobic conspiracy theorist. There's just no common ground anymore. My mum on the other hand votes for a party I would never vote for, yet that has no impact on our relationship. With GWB it might be a bit different for some, thinking of all the people who died in the Iraq war and are still dying because of the consequences.
  4. David Hasselhoff's Looking For Freedom is one of my favourite songs.
  5. The most important relationship in your life is the one with yourself. #loveyourself
  6. I think the gap will even get bigger. Liverpool won't take the foot of the gas. And City for a while now looked to me a little bit like Barça in Pep's fourth year. You sense something is coming to an end. If everybody stays more or less healthy, I think Liverpool will clinch the title with several games left to play.
  7. My wife and I went to see it last night. And I know what you're saying about the volume. For me it was okay, but my wife said it could have been louder and some other people said the same. The movie was great, as expected. And it's pretty much a straight forward concert film. I was expecting in-between scenes like The Wall. Definately going to by it on Blu-ray. I also hope for a live album of the complete show, because my only little complaint would be that "Mother" was missing. It brought back memories from that wonderful, wonderful concert last year. It reminded me that this was the most intense concert I had ever seen. And it might just have been the best as well.
  8. No new artist/band will ever be as big as the ones you mention in the thread title, because nowadays music doesn't mean as much to young people as it did 20, 30, 40 years ago.