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  1. Another take on Pep's "overthinking"... Today I talked to a friend about the CL final, Pep's line up without a traditional "6" in midfield and the flak he got after the match by fans and pundits for his "experiment". I know that fans like to talk about these things and pundits have to talk about these things. But aren't we "overthinking" everything by doing that? We blame the loss on Pep because he played no holding midfielder, when City just recently lost TWICE against Chelsea with Pep playing a holding midfielder, and in the case of the FA Cup match even TWO! I criticized him for not pl
  2. I don't know if his contract ended that summer . But I remember he announced mid-season that he would step down or not continue at the end of the season.
  3. Not all that much to disagree with, but you can't take credit away from Pep because he had great players at Barça and at the same time not recognize the great teams Mourinho had at Porto and Inter. Also many frequently claim that Pep's Barça was helped by refs while completely forgetting how Mou's Porto and Inter got to the finals. And Mou's Inter was everything but short on money. They paid some of the highest wages in football at the time and mostly because of the blank cheque they handed Mou ended up in deep financial trouble. But Pep definately deserves a lot of critisism for his line
  4. Jürgen never stopped Pep winning the Bundesliga. In fact, while Pep's Bayern ran away at the top of the table (admittedly not much of a feat), Klopp had to resign as Dortmund coach when they were dropping threatingly close to the relegation zone.
  5. He keeps going back to this False 9 crap. That worked with Messi, because it was Messi.
  6. None of these inductees or all others mentioned in this thread deserve it more than Iron Maiden. After 40 years, still packing arenas and stadiums without any mainstream radio exposure.
  7. And that they're still in the race for the league title shows how poor spanish club football has become over the last few years.
  8. PSG players talking about respect... Happy for Pep to finally make a final again. Hope his team wins this thing. But I bet they'd rather play Real than Chelsea.
  9. There is a salary cap in La Liga. It still benefits the rich clubs, because it's determind by annual revenue, but Barça have to reduce their wage bill by more than 30 million for next season to be under the cap. It's still by far not strict enough, but it is a step in the right direction. But as Ninethumbs said: the last thing the big clubs want is even and fair competition. Another thing I wonder about the sanctions that UEFA threatens the 12 breakaway clubs with: can they even do that? I don't think clubs have contract with UEFA to participate. If a club says it doesn't want to p
  10. I don't think I agree with the assuption that the american owners of the EPL clubs initiated all that and the rest only tagged along. I remember when Joan Laporta campaigned to become Barcelona president for the first time in 2003, there was already talk about a Super League or Euro League. I do agree, though, that especially Barcelona need the Super League, while others probably just want it.
  11. Apparently none of the 12 clubs officially left the Super League yet. 10 (or 9) of them said they would, but they haven't done it officially. Rumours of a hefty fine that would have to be paid are going around in Spain. But The Sun and the Daily Mail look like quality journalism compared to most spanish sports papers, so who knows?
  12. Florentino Perez says Real Madrid need more money to survive. Then turns around and signs David Alaba. He also says that without the Super League transfers for Haaland or Mbappe won't be possible. Well, then don't buy them. These people are absolutely despicable.
  13. I wonder, what are the players thinking about this? With basically every former player or manager now working as pundit being appalled by it, one must assume a high number of players from these teams are as well. Will all of them keep their mouths shut and pocket their millions, or will some speak up?
  14. Real Madrid president Florentino Perez: "We will help football at every level and take it to its rightful place in the world. Football is the only global sport in the world with more than four billion fans and our responsibility as big clubs is to respond to the wishes of the fans." As out of touch as your typical politician or lying through his teeth?
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