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  1. LeoGetz


    Font would have been my first choice. But it's great to see Laporta back. I remember seeing him dancing and singing at Bruce's Barcelona shows in 2008. I hope he has learned from his mistakes during his first term.
  2. Financially it makes no sense for the band to get back together unless they can book an extensive tour. And I don't see large concerts taking place before the summer of 2022. Personally I also believe that we have already seen the last Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band tour.
  3. LeoGetz


    Good point. I just think that Messi has already proven that he was the X-factor in these great Barça teams. Pep, Xavi, Iniesta, Neymar or Suarez surely helped, but without him they would have never become THAT good. As a fan, part of me would love him to go to City and tear up the Premier League and shut up the last of his doubters. But I'm afraid with 34 he's not in the necessary physical shape anymore. And if he ends up being only good and not sensational, people will say: See, I always knew he wouldn't cut it in England.
  4. LeoGetz


    I don't think this will influence his decision. The new president (probably Joan Laporta) will have a good chance of convincing him to stay. There's also a lot of history there. Laporta was president when Messi broke into the first team. And as far as I have heard, they always had a great relationship. I could understand if Messi wants to leave and play his last years with a team that can compete for the CL. But it would be a shame. He belongs in that shirt. And ending his career where he started it would do more for his legacy in the long run than another CL trophy for another team.
  5. LeoGetz


    Maybe "Barçagate" is only the tip of the iceberg. I could also imagine these crooks funneling club money into their own pockets.
  6. LeoGetz


    https://en.as.com/en/2021/03/01/football/1614614468_448785.html This is a quick summary. I wonder: is this even a felony? One that justifies arrests?
  7. LeoGetz


    Results on the pitch haven't been very good lately, but this is something many Barça fans are celebrating like a trophy!
  8. Booking stadiums has become a necessity for promoters. Don't blame Livenation or Ticketmaster for expensive tickets. 99% of the time it's down to the artists charging horrendous fees for performing. Promoters have no other choice than to resort to tiered pricing and gigantic venues.
  9. So far I only knew one song (Take Me Down) by this band, but Spotify helped me fully discover them. The new album "And So It Went" is a fantastic hard rock album. The CD's already ordered. The title track with a killer solo by E-Street Band guitarist Tom Morello
  10. Before I subscribed to Spotify about 2 years ago, I hardly bought any CDs at all for years. Since I'm a member I buy several a month, because now on an almost daily basis I'm introduced to music that I would have never discovered without Spotify. And if I really like something, I buy it on CD. As for the Bruce/Obama podcast. I'll give it a try. I enjoy podcasts, but the moment these two start talking about politics, I'm out. And I say that as someone who considers himself far left of the political center.
  11. I'm a huge fan, as you know, but going for Messi would be a mistake.
  12. I used to be a total KISS fanboy between the ages of 10 and 22, collecting everything that had the band's logo on it. Then Bruce took over. 20 years ago, in need of money, I sold almost my entire KISS collection. Helped us through a rough couple of years. Now I'd love to look at all that stuff again. Was a big part of my youth. I'm not a fanatic anymore. But I still love their music. They were my second love, after our local football club.
  13. Tell me about it. As a Barça fan I have been wondering about that type of reporting for years now. People read, hear or see "Barcelona" and think it's still 2011. But I guess that's journalism nowadays. Everything has to be sensational.
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