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  1. I don't see what's wrong with that.
  2. Wasn't Pep a fraud and Klopp a finals-loser? Mou was definately the better choice. :-)
  3. Happy for Klopp! He deserved that!
  4. Sadly this didn't come as a surprise.
  5. No, we just play by the rules. Or we're smart enough not to get caught. ;-)
  6. Saw him twice (2014 and last year). Both were fantastic concerts, to half empty arenas, though. He'd deserve packed arenas everywhere. Next time he comes to Vienna I'll definately be there.
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/LordMoloch/status/1127614961646227456 Quite funny! Don't wanna post it in the Liverpool thread. But I'm sure busstop will enjoy it. ;-)
  8. The EL final stadium in Baku holds 68.000... Arsenal and Chelsea each get 6.000 tickets
  9. I do hope english teams and its fans will never us the fatigue excuse anymore. As we can see now, you can still challenge in all competitions despite having no winter break.
  10. Trump on Ernesto Valverde... @Squawka @muhammadbutt.mp4
  11. I'd still say 2005. Today's Liverpool team is much better. They're really, really good. Without having any "superstars" in the team. Klopp did one hell of a job!! I didn't think this would happen, but now that it happened, it shouldn't surprise anybody. Just look at Barças away performances in the CL in the last few years. The pattern's pretty obvious.
  12. Not to take anything away from Liverpool, you were fantastic, over both legs, but people should stop overestimating Barça. 0-4 in Paris, 0-3 in Turin, 0-3 in Rome, now 0-4 at Anfield, in between several poor away performances like at Stamford Bridge or against United. I've been saying it, this Barça can't handle pace and intensity. Liverpool has both. Deserved winners!
  13. Yeah, probably. But I also know that no other club is as susceptible to complacency as Barça. See the Roma debacle last season. But you'd have to think that they've learned their lesson. Plus, Messi is on a mission. Still, I'm always pessimistic. ;-)
  14. I feel sorry for him. Last year in the final and now this. I like the guy. Tremendous player! But I have to admit, I'm kinda relieved he's not playing.