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  1. Bob Marley's whole catalogue is going to be cancelled soon. He's a murderer after all. He once shot a sheriff.
  2. Anybody know what happened to him?
  3. Some parts sound like they're directly taken out of Independence Day.
  4. Originally on A&E. But I watched it on YouTube. But it's split up into many parts.
  5. Yes, I have seen it. I have been a KISS fan since I was 10 years old, so there wasn't much new information. But I really liked the footage of Gene and Paul just sitting together and talking. Paul without shoes on the sofa and Gene in the armchair, both comfy and seemingly relaxed... You usually don't seem them like this. Also because of this documentry I have been listening to a lot of KISS lately. There's also a great podcast called Rock Album Analysts out there. They're analysing the entire KISS catalogue album by album. If you like KISS I can certainly recommend it. The only crossover between KISS and Bruce that I can think of is Outlaw Pete.
  6. My first thought: Why the hell isn't Ronaldo taking that penalty?? But then I read that Bruno Fernandes actually has a higher conversion rate over the last couple of seasons. Something like 90% to 80%.
  7. And as far as I remember City lost both despite playing defensive midfielders.
  8. The big difference is the grass. Stadiums that hold concerts over the summer have to completely renew their pitches before the new season starts. Only one concert can ruin the playing surface. So concerts during football season are just not possible.
  9. LeoGetz


    On one hand I like it, because it's also important to show players that they can't have everything they want and have to stand by their contractual obligations. On the other hand it shows what is wrong with modern football, when a club can let go of that kinda money without worrying about it. But, let's not forget, we don't even know if Mbappe really wanted to go to Real this year. Spanish sports papers are some of the worst propaganda rags in the world. And unfortunately many international papers take their word as gospel and reprint every crap they write.
  10. I ride past that field several times a week on my bike. And I always wonder how 70 or 80k would fit there. It seems so small. Funny story about that concert weekend: On Saturday afternoon Austria Wien hammered Rapid Wien in the Vienna football derby. At that time it was still normal for coaches to be interviewed for TV on the bench during matches. So the Rapid coach, Hans Krankl, a Rapid legend who I despised because I was Austria fan, was interviewed towards the end of the second half when his team was already down 5-1. The reporter sat next to Krankl on the bench trying to get a statement, but Krankl didn't say a word. The reporter kept asking, but no answers. At one point the reporter says: "Mr. Krankl, just say anything.". And after a moment Krankl replied without even looking at him: "Tonight, Guns n Roses, live at the Donauinsel." The reporter, slightly taken aback said: "Is that all you have to say?". And Krankl answered: "No, tomorrow, U2, live, also at the Donauinsel.". From that moment on I liked the guy.
  11. LeoGetz


    Thanks @JimCT very interesting numbers. Nothing that surprises me but nice to see them illustrated like this. I have always said that he's the most complete player ever. He excels in every aspect of the offensive game. Many say CR is the better goal-scorer, yet Messi scores more with less attempts. Many say he needed Xavi and Iniesta, yet Messi had more assists and created more chances than both of them combined. For several years in a row he finished La Liga with the most goals, assists and chances created. He can dictate the pace of games, can orchestrate and we don't have to talk about his dribbling skills. I once saw a stat about goals scored after dribbling one, two, three or more players. Messi was head and shoulders above everybody else in football history.
  12. That was Vienna's biggest concert weekend ever. U2 live on Saturday, followed by Guns N Roses on Sunday - at that time the biggest bands in the world. But it wasn't 100.000. The capacity for concerts on the Donauinsel is somewhere between 70.000 and 80.000 A few pics from the Guns N Roses show...
  13. To think all of them are money-grabbers would be as naive as to think all of them are sincere. This has to be thoroughly investigated and if guilty he should have the book thrown at him, no matter how old he is.
  14. Thanks! I haven't seen the LTY doc yet. So this is all new to me.
  15. Covid or no Covid, I don't see Bruce and the ESB ever touring again. Broadway and maybe some selected appearances here and there.
  16. Love it! 70s AC/DC is my all-time favourite music. And this is a great cover!
  17. Consistent trophy winners? With 34? I don't think so. To expect him at that age to shoulder a team and make them champions is asking a lot. But I would have loved to see him go to a club like Athletic Bilbao, Sevilla or Napoli. Or why not a young team like Dortmund? But I also understand that he still wants to play at the highest level. He might not be the player he used to be 5 years ago, not as consitent at least, but he's still the best player the world. By the way, in the 7 years that Maradona played for Napoli, the club won 5 trophies (incl. an Italian Super Cup). The two times they competed in the European Cup they didn't make it out of the 2nd round. Maradona is definately in the GOAT discussion, but his career, apart from a few seasons, wasn't maybe as glorious as people make it out to be.
  18. And I wish I were blind, when I see you with ... your new club
  19. So it looks like it's not a power play after all. The truth is Barcelona are just broke. It is recommended that a football club, to be financially healthy, should spend not more than 65% of its revenue on wages. Barça have spent 110%!!! Even without Messi they're still at an estimated 95%!! Since buying Marc Andre Ter Stegen in 2015 (the last transfer that can be deemed a success), Barça have spent over 1 billion € on transfer fees! Apparently, Antoine Griezmann, without playing a game or scoring a goal for the club, immediatly earned 3 times as much as Sergio Busquets or Gerard Pique! Some suggested that Messi should offer to play for free. But even if he did that, Barça, as of right now, could not even register him to play in La Liga. But even if they could, why should Messi play for free while players like Pjanic or Umtiti sit on the bench or in the stand pocketing millions? I just hope he doesn't try to chase one more CL title by going to PSG or Chelsea. If he can't see out his career at Barcelona, I'd love to see him play another couple of years for club like Athletic Bilbao, Napoli or Sevilla.
  20. That he has to leave Barcelona without a proper farewell breaks my heart. Thinking about it, this could just be a power play. The new deal La Liga tries to make worth billions, that they will only get WITH Messi in Spain, the Super League, that is still on the table...
  21. The only way this could have been of interest to me is if it would have been a private conversation secretly recorded. Like this it's just two guys not trying to offend anybody.
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