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  1. I like them both, but unlike JBJ, Bryan Adams can still perform. JBJ's voice is shot. But it seems like he's doing what Metallica have been doing on their last tours. (Almost) no back to backs and short tour legs with plenty rest in between. Maybe that'll help.
  2. I totally agree. These three, at the peak of their careers, were probably the best footballing trio ever. There are many who think Valverde had to be sacked because Barça don't play anymore like they did under Pep. That's stupid. Because they will NEVER play like this again. I'd even go so far to say that no team will play like this again.
  3. If you just look at the bare numbers (1st in the league, through to the knock-out rounds in the CL), it might seem like a ridiculous decision. But the truth is, that this decision should have been made last summer. But once again this useless board of directors showed that even when they do the right thing they do it the wrong way. When Valverde took over in 2017 Barça were in turmoil. Neymar left and the team got totally outplayed by Real in the Supercopa. But he steadied the ship and did very good work. They won the league almost unbeated and won the Cup. The 0-3 disaster in Rome, which many blamed Valverde for, was just a continuation of the downward trend that this team had been in for a few years already. The 18/19 season, despite winning the league again, showed why Valverde was not the right guy for the job anymore. First of all he fell short too many times when it was up to him to adjust tactically within a match. He also committed the same mistakes over and over again. At Anfield he lined up the team in a way that had been exposed by teams playing in a similar way to Liverpool for many times. And let's be honest: If it weren't for Messi and LIverpool wasting good opportunities in the first leg, the aggregate result of both legs would have been embarrassing. Another thing Valverde has to take blame for: he failed to improve any of his players. Dembele and Coutinho were bought for a combined sum close to 300 million. Dembele, despite being very talented, hasn't lived up to expectations. Coutinho is already out on loan and can be considered the biggest transfer flop in the club's history. Griezmann is a shadow of the player he can be and Frankie de Jong looks just like an average midfielder, not the generational talent that he actually is. Part of that is also the fault of the board, because they've bought players that don't really fit into the system, or thrive in positions that are taken by other players. When you need a left winger, why buy Griezmann, who's best position is already occupied by none other than Messi? And the last point is the one that actually bothers me the most. Youth players have been totally neglected by Valverde. Like already Luis Enrique, Valverde is very conservative, or even cowardly. He will always opt for the aged veteran over the young prospect. A good dozen of very talented players have been sent out on loan or sold in the last years. Underperforming veterans like Pique, Busquets or Alba are still guaranteed a place in the starting XI, despite young talent being more than ready to make the next step. Grimaldo, Adama, Carles Alena, Riqui Puig, Sergi Samper, Todibo (bought from Lyon and now sold to Schalke), etc. didn't even get a chance. Now the team is old and slow. The players that make up the spine of the team are all 30+. No wonder they get overrun by teams like Liverpool. And you will see: it will happen again in this years CL. Again, part of this is also the boards fault. They spent millions upon millions on players like Andre Gomes or Arda Turan, rather than trusting their own academy. But then it needs a coach with balls who doesn't care. Pep put players like Henry and Toure on the bench to start Pedro and Busquets in 2008. Valverde had to go. But not now. And the way they treated him? Already negotiating with other managers before even informing him? It just shows again what type of people are running that club. As long as they are in charge, I don't see any improvement. On the contrary. They have not yet started to prepare for the time after Messi. Messi's retirement will immensly impact that club.
  4. Community shield, but while it is the least important of the 3 club titles in Spain, it's more important than it's equivalents in other countries.
  5. The Spanish Supercup is being played this weekend in Saudi Arabia. These people will sell their souls to the devil for a few bucks.
  6. Because he spent time in "their world" and met a lot of "Hollywood people" in his career. I remember him touching on that in an interview, stating how out of touch with reality they are.
  7. Some of his jokes in previous years have been as or even more controversial. I don't think it's about how much money you have in your bank account. It's about being down to earth and knowing or at least understanding what common people go through in life to make ends meet. The vast majority of the people in the room at the Colden Globes live in their Hollywoood bubble, have no clue what's going on in the real world, yet waste no opportunity to lecture the people living in the real world. I believe Ricky, despite being rich, hasn't lost touch with "us". That's at least the impression I get when I hear him speak. And how cool was he calling out Apple with Tim Cook sitting right in front of him?
  8. Just watched his monologue. Very funny! Not as funny as some of his older ones, but still pretty good. And most of what he says, if not all of it, was absolutely true. The look on Tom Hanks' face when he made the Felicity Huffmann joke? Priceless!
  9. Last time I saw him he had also gained a few pounds, but he still looks pretty good for a 58 year old.
  10. I had no idea that the Golden Globes already took place, let alone that Ricky hosted them again. Now I kno what I will watch tonight. I believe he hosted the Globes four times before this year, right? I must have watched his bits at least a dozen times already. Probably some of my most watched videos on youtube. I've seen a couple of his stand up's too. They're also pretty good, but sometimes his humour is a little too obscene. But he seems to be a really nice guy. Definately would go out and have a few drinks with him.
  11. TOOL - Fear Inoculum Just for the song "Pneuma", which is definately one of the best songs I've heard in the last 10 years. A masterpiece!
  12. LeoGetz


    It's a funny thing with these two. Years ago people used to say that CR wasn't a big game player, while Messi scored and shined in practically every final he played. Then it switched. CR banged in goals usually in the final stages of the season, while Messi didn't. I don't have the overall numbers, but I'd bet that Messi scored more goals in semi-finals and finals than Ronaldo. And let's not get into overall performances. Because while CR scored in most of his finals, he was practically a no-show in many of them.
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    Messi IS carrying this Barcelona team. He's been doing that for years already. Xavi left Barça in 2015. Iniesta has been gone for what, two years? Guess who won the spanish league in the last two years? Are Barça as a whole worse than they were some years ago? You bet! But that's not just down to Xavi and Iniesta. Busquets isn't the player he used to be. The rest of the midfield is old and slow and gets overrun by younger teams like we've seen for example against Liverpool last season. For years they had one of the best right-backs in the history of the game, Dani Alves. They never managed to replace him. They also never found another Puyol. The bench is weak. If it weren't for Messi, this team wouldn't have won anything in the last years. And the only reason they still played a role in the CL is Messi. Maradona's a legend, but his achievements are vastly overrated. Yes, a spectacular World Cup in 1986 and two, three great seasons with Napoli. That's basically it. Zidane's 1998 World Cup wasn't much worse than Maradona's in 1986. But Zidane won a European Championship, the Champions League, several league titles... So is it fair to say Zidane was greater than Maradona?
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    In the last 10 years Messi scored 522 goals in 521 games!!! The only one coming close is CR with 477 goals in 489 games. Why do so many still say that CR is the better goalscorer? Who's the player with the most assist in the last 10 years? Messi Who's the player with the most created chances? Messi
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    Just going by skills and individual numbers, Messi's worst season was better than Maradona's best. But Maradona had a passion and fierceness that Messi oftentimes lacks. But I'm happy for him that he won a 6th Ballon d'Or. He deserved it. I have the feeling the closer he comes to the end of his career, the more people start to appreciate him again.
  16. The difference is, that City won the league last season and Liverpool didn't. City are probably a little complacent. Only 10% less focus and intesity makes a big difference. City won it now twice in a row. Liverpool haven't for decades. I think that's the big difference.
  17. I think that's also partly the reason. Never change a winning team doesn't apply in football. The more you win, the more you have to change to keep everybody sharp and on their toes.
  18. Linesman falsely ruled Barças winning goal offside yesterday. My wife said, why aren't you upset like you used to be? I said I don't have to be, because VAR will overturn the decision and the goal will count. And it did. :-)
  19. ...or the fiasco when Metallica played with Lady Gaga a few years ago? Not because of Gaga, I like her, but how they were treated by the Grammys.
  20. I can't comment on the quality of WS because I haven't listened to it in its entirety. Neither have I seen or heard anything from the Broadway shows. But even if one or both of them are superb releases, being snubbed by the Grammys has no importance anymore. Old school music fans still see the Grammys as something they just aren't anymore. Rock music, let alone Hard Rock and Metal, is more or less ignored nowadays. The Grammys are just a way for the industry to promote artists of whom they think can generate money by selling records or downloads. The Grammys, much like the RnRHOF, have completely lost all musical integrity. Let's be glad they don't drag Bruce into this charade.