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  1. https://amsterdammusic.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/album-cover.jpg
  2. Yes, The Brook. This is a great venue - I will check out the live DVD A lot of artists love The Brook, including Nils who has played there several times in the past. He has not included it in his last couple of tours but I suspect this may be due to the business machine that is Mrs L. With ticket prices around the £10-£20 mark I guess she decided that this wouldn't add much to the retirement pot and her husband was worthy of better things
  3. I had a great time last night and was really impressed with both him as a person and his music. The place was filled with long time fans who seemed to know every word and he kept referring to how much he liked being there (maybe he says that at every venue). I have been aware of Tires Rushing By In The Rain but have avoided it as I'm not a great fan of Bruce cover versions in general. However after hearing a great rendition of One Step Up last night I am changing my opinion and will certainly give it a listen.
  4. Going to see him tonight for the first time. I've always had him in the background of people to see one day and thanks to this thread I checked out his tour dates and found one quite close. Love the venue so hoping for a good show
  5. NO!! Just got back from seeing this - the most boring couple of hours of my year so far
  6. To be honest, I don't really think that complaining to Leeds council, Live Nation, Leeds arena etc will do any good at all. An event is happening, the tickets have been sold, job done. We are passionate about it on here, but in a strict business sense, it is only another event. 6 tickets per person makes a lot of sense - fewer transactions to process, money in the bank for the promoters and then let the fans fight it out on secondary ticket sites.
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