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  1. phew and phew Thank you for doing the setlistvision, all your efforts are much appreciated
  2. I hope that's a joke. Waiting all summer for him to dump this cheesy song. Yeah I was being facetious. We're still waiting on a Waiting on a Sunny Day! ohh no, dropped my beer in disbelieve, you owe me one
  3. When You Walk in the Room, Jackie DeShannon cover ?Searchers aha, had to look that up at
  4. Now that is surely the best thing we'll hear all night! Steve. +1 +2
  5. My friends Elise and Mika are there again tonight .... I hope they will HAVE A BLAST! Wishing everyone of the nice Lakers a great show tonight!
  6. As I know the feeling of crying within a crowd of 45000 because of witnessing Incident being played ... I am crossing fingers for you!
  7. So, Belfast had a blast tonight, a memorable show that started with a memorable pre show ... wish I had the chance to be there! It would have meant 5 personal premiers at the 24th show ... I am envying all that have been there. And I am happy that those being there had the chance to experience something THAT nice!
  8. Pre-show 17:45 - 18:05 (according to our friends on BTX) 01. Surprise, Surprise 02. MARIA'S BED 03. Growin' Up 04. IN DREAMS (Roy Orbison cover) 05. This Hard Land Show started at about 19:40 1. This Little Light Of Mine 2. The Ties That Bind 3. Jackson Cage 4. She's The One 5. Reason To Believe 6. Johnny 99 7. Atlantic City 8. Nebraska 9. Prove It '78 10. We Take Care Of Our Own 11. Wrecking Ball 12. Death To My Hometown 13. The River 14. Fade Away 15. Open All Night 16. Cadillac Ranch 17. Darlington County 18. Bobby Jean 19. Shackled And Drawn 20. Waitin' On a Sunny Day 21. The Rising 22. Badlands 23. Rocky Ground 24. BITUSA 25. Born To Run 26. Dancing In The Dark 27. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 28. Shout 29. This Little LIght of MIne 30. Thunder Road Solo Show ended at about 22:40 Show duration about 3:00 hrs
  9. We know. One person, please. Okay last time you verbally abused me on SLV and this is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN. BACK OFF BUDDY...Consider that a warning. Verbal abuse? Absolutely nobody needed your comment about Nancy announcing 10th!