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  1. Waking up at 4h45, brewing a coffee, newspaper on the tabe and not much attention to it, headphones on (DW is still sleeping, ssst), listening to Bruce. Smiling on my face. Now standing at the railway station, early sun getting some beams on me, smiling on my face...!
  2. TOL at the tour with the same name, 1988 in Basel. I knew what to expect, the radio broadcast from Stockhol was about 2 weeks before. Man, I listened to my homemade tape almost every day until, finally, the evening came. An early start at 6.10 pm, lots of peeps still stuck in the rush hour, me and many others were lucky having used a special train that would stop right outside the "Joggeli" (St.Jakobs Stadion). Sun was setting behind the stage when the River started.. Memories...Cover me..with a good help from the "first fabric pressed DVD" - boot from Copenhagen and this very show I owned some years later. I need to stop now, I get carried away by these memories .
  3. Bruce was only halfway on my radar a long time, the USA one on display everywhere, the talks about the records made by the life album, finally I checked this one out on januaty 3rd, 1988 in a now long defunct record store in my homewown. Just listening to Thunder Road, the first song for me to hook me and not letting me go. Took the 5 LPs home, listended to the whole thing in one swing - entered a whole new world for me.
  4. Some nice decorated shells from the St. James way in France, near Cahors We're around 1600 km, 4th year, on foot into it, acually on the way to the spanish border. Veeery touching easter weekend. Hope to everybody.
  5. A clear difference to a stadium was all that smoke, that could not escape easily... fantastic show, I was in tears at the end, hearing finally Santa Claus live (with BAP Wolfgang Niedecken).
  6. Club: too young Theatre: Kongresshaus Zürich, 1996 Arena: Hallenstadion Zürich, 1993 Stadium: Joggeli (St. Jakobstadion) Basel, 1988 Special mention to Wembley Arena, later in my life, 2002 (talking to you, J !)
  7. TOL was the first "proper" album I bought in 1987 after becomong the fan I am until now with live75/85. I was working and living first time away from my parents home. ...being very unsure about me...I dreamed to be the Cautious man, having experienced very little the things the songs are about. But even so, the mood, the silence, the music reasonated deep into me, until now with much more experiences in my life. Now, more than 30 years we still talk about this record, still there is so much to reflect the songs with our lifes! Ye, I' m so happy to life 26 years together with my wife, I m thankfull about all my parents did for me. But Im convinced, you have to give all of yourself to fullfill and commit. And still there is luck or your destiny coming into your way. I think back about my parents luck of being together so long, too, until my mam passed with 57, leaving my dad behind for 22 years until last week, when he died, too. They stood up all the times after all the struggles of their life gave to them. So we all have our story of life, some wonderfully expressed on this page. So thank you for all your shared insights.
  8. Absolutely touching story! Bryan seems to be a person with his feets on ground, searching for his roots. Thanks for the text, BD.
  9. Again for the xx time in what, 20 years, I watched today the Copenhagen/Basel video. I JUST CAN'T get enough of that! The look of the band, Bruce, Patti (yeah), the goofing around, the music. 1988 I was born the second time - you know what I mean...
  10. Great read, Paolo, thank you! I'd strongly support J campaign for the 2002 London show, so it's nice to find that show in your wish-list. And yes, disclaimer, I was there at that show, too.
  11. Off to my fathers house, he being in his 80ies and still cooking for us! As for all my life the 24th of december we spend our time there. A beloved tradition, now 21 after my moms passing. Merry chrismas to everyone on here on GL!
  12. At least we have a quite good boot and the leaked footage of this show (starting exactly with Follow..) combined with Cooenhagen, I thought always hoootttt as hell. And this also visually (Bruce and the girls on stage...) :-) :-).
  13. I'd add Roulette, Adam...- well, the whole first set! Absolute emotional highlight of the series to me (full disclosure, my first Bruce show was to happen less than 2 weeks later in Basel, so...). Altought, my DW cant stand the guitar "noise" on Adam while I often turn up the sound right then.