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  1. ...and its not about "experienced": how many topics Bruce has covered without being experienced - like regular work - but just showed empathy and, most important for me, emotions! Welcome to the lake, too!
  2. Somehow I always restrained to enter in the subforums, maybe because I'm not English ? But anyway, welcome to the lake AP, good choices your top 5, whom 4 are also all time favourites if mine.
  3. I just happened to watch the video of Basel and Copenhagen this past saturday again, once again after so many times. It's soo much fun, the acting, the goofing, the girls on stage HOT look. And so many times I wished the first hour of a TOL show would have escaped the vault, too, to make a full concert experience. But well, happy I am to have this as a document to my first Bruce show, at the "Joggeli" (nickname for the St.Jakobsstadium here) in Basel on july 14th, 1988.
  4. Ooh my...good thing, GL is working as usual these times, thanks to Karsten and all contributors!
  5. ...late to the game, too...too much Corona news... and yes, may be the crap behind us next year. Happy birthday, also the day after, big M!
  6. Missed the forums (kind of addicted, I guess, as how many times I click into them...). Thanks so much Karsten!
  7. I was occupied this last weekend to buy the last 12 releases, download them and have burned half of them onto CD. Exited. This last year was difficult for me, so so have them now is great.
  8. That last spoken word, Pilgrim...was he talking to me, I wonder? Just 2 weeks ago I finished my 2400 km of pilgrimate to Santiago de Compostella in Spain, spread out over 4 years. I know well, it's not to be taken literally! More of a metaphor, for searching, searching of sense in life, trying to something good, whatever you might call it.... Bruce as fabulous as so many times speaking to our soul, resonating universally in our spirits. Like for so a many for us, it was not easy to find a screeing. At least it wasn't as impossible like BOB...I smiled more and more today, sitting in the cinema, first time for this movie. Watching the concentrated and also joyful faces of the musicians, their art, the visual effects, the landscapes, the wonderful cut and in the same time calm flow of the movie. This is rolling again now in my inner view, as I sit in my living room, with headphones on, listening again to the film version of WS. Patty had some paparazzi pictures this summer from Italy not so much to her advantage.... but how she shined here. Bruce really wrote a visual love letter in form of this movie, too. Chasing wild horses, sundown, there goes my miracle, hello sunshine, Rhinestone Cowboy were my personal highlights, this very much just for the sentiment and emotional strenght. Oh, another personal highlight: Bruce Springsteen, seemingly betraying his age again. He's creating art in its pure form, again. What a different experience.
  9. "Means certain things are set in stone"... I 'm very well aware about history, how this can change in a moment in time...
  10. Found a screening on sunday 17h30 just across the border in Germany, as I did not find at all such in my own small country . Now, finally, I'm really excited!
  11. A very entertaining piece in tipically low burning Bruce manner " let's see what happens..." I have the impression, but very open. Thank you for posting it.
  12. Finally a definition I was looking for but did not have in mind. I agree completely, thanks!
  13. Actually in "all that heaven will allow" of the same show. An early birthday celebration of my all time guy who provided the soundtrack of my life. 1988 finally I got to see my first Bruce show (Basel, 11 days later). Thanks, Bruce!
  14. I also have a ridicolously amount of Bruce-CDs I hardly listen to. But not this one: I remember to this day I got from JimCT the happy the Rest of your life CDs. We were forming with this a so called CD tree. Rember those, after making up the list of interested member in GL, we used to burn the CDs onto someore copies And send them to the "branches". So within a few weeks everyone was served. Much faster than just send one original CD forward. Good times... But I do not complaint about todays possibilities (Download Files).... ;-)
  15. Thanks for this heart felt Post, great read. On one hand I feel a bit envious about this last run of Shows, on the other I'm so happy for everybody who feels the magic to still witness the great moments of a Bruce concert. He's 67, running for 4 hrs, he doesn't have to... Yes to be shnowed out in January was Bad, but the people of GL (and Nils!) saved it. To be able to make it to the make up date in March and then to another 5 Shows, is like another Dream come true. So this all, even "only" on SLV leaves a big smile on my face.