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  1. That last spoken word, Pilgrim...was he talking to me, I wonder? Just 2 weeks ago I finished my 2400 km of pilgrimate to Santiago de Compostella in Spain, spread out over 4 years. I know well, it's not to be taken literally! More of a metaphor, for searching, searching of sense in life, trying to something good, whatever you might call it.... Bruce as fabulous as so many times speaking to our soul, resonating universally in our spirits. Like for so a many for us, it was not easy to find a screeing. At least it wasn't as impossible like BOB...I smiled more and more today, sitting in the cinema, first time for this movie. Watching the concentrated and also joyful faces of the musicians, their art, the visual effects, the landscapes, the wonderful cut and in the same time calm flow of the movie. This is rolling again now in my inner view, as I sit in my living room, with headphones on, listening again to the film version of WS. Patty had some paparazzi pictures this summer from Italy not so much to her advantage.... but how she shined here. Bruce really wrote a visual love letter in form of this movie, too. Chasing wild horses, sundown, there goes my miracle, hello sunshine, Rhinestone Cowboy were my personal highlights, this very much just for the sentiment and emotional strenght. Oh, another personal highlight: Bruce Springsteen, seemingly betraying his age again. He's creating art in its pure form, again. What a different experience.
  2. "Means certain things are set in stone"... I 'm very well aware about history, how this can change in a moment in time...
  3. Found a screening on sunday 17h30 just across the border in Germany, as I did not find at all such in my own small country . Now, finally, I'm really excited!
  4. A very entertaining piece in tipically low burning Bruce manner " let's see what happens..." I have the impression, but very open. Thank you for posting it.
  5. Finally a definition I was looking for but did not have in mind. I agree completely, thanks!
  6. Actually in "all that heaven will allow" of the same show. An early birthday celebration of my all time guy who provided the soundtrack of my life. 1988 finally I got to see my first Bruce show (Basel, 11 days later). Thanks, Bruce!
  7. Oh dear, sorry to read that on the other side of this earth...I wish you strenght on these moments and faith in whatever kind - and yes, a belated haappy birthday. D.
  8. Wonder- and meaningful post, thank you. I was very touched.
  9. ..I listened to this song once jesterday (and yes, because it's from our hero..) It did not touch me at all. In contrary, the exerpt from the Bridge benefit (Follow...) is already on heavy rotation. Gotta have to download that concert asap.
  10. Yeah, curiosity gets more and more up - also, as Bruce was in AP last night (and therefore at the moment not on vacation in Italy...) I guess approval shouldn't take that long anymore..
  11. Come on folks, take a deep breath aaand back on topic... I'm so much on J s line for the 2002 London Rising show. Every first friday hoping quietly for this one.
  12. I also would go with the Dublin version of IISFB. Wonderful version! Wish you sucess with choosing your song and of course a unforgettable day!
  13. Waking up at 4h45, brewing a coffee, newspaper on the tabe and not much attention to it, headphones on (DW is still sleeping, ssst), listening to Bruce. Smiling on my face. Now standing at the railway station, early sun getting some beams on me, smiling on my face...!
  14. TOL at the tour with the same name, 1988 in Basel. I knew what to expect, the radio broadcast from Stockhol was about 2 weeks before. Man, I listened to my homemade tape almost every day until, finally, the evening came. An early start at 6.10 pm, lots of peeps still stuck in the rush hour, me and many others were lucky having used a special train that would stop right outside the "Joggeli" (St.Jakobs Stadion). Sun was setting behind the stage when the River started.. Memories...Cover me..with a good help from the "first fabric pressed DVD" - boot from Copenhagen and this very show I owned some years later. I need to stop now, I get carried away by these memories .