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  1. theseshadows

    Because the Night at 40: "A Whole Life in a Song"

    Reading and all the time this song in my head..both versions, the many times I heard it from Bruce, happy for the one in a time by Patty 1 or 2 years ago...
  2. theseshadows

    Thank You Springsteen Fans from Abbey's Dad

    Wow! I got shivers down the spine reading this account! Believe, this is the very word. All the best to this brave family!
  3. theseshadows

    Broadway extended... again

    His voice seen quite hoarse, but seems fitting, thanks for the record!
  4. theseshadows

    1978 & all that.

    Very thoughtful post Bosstralian, thanks! I'm.also a latecomer with TOL and it's tour. Many times I feel just grateful to have seen the classic Bruce and EST before the break up. The 5 years until HTLT were hard and the quite negative press that time not easy to swallow, but gave me time to examine the (official) output.Boots were for me in the pre Internet times less of an issue. Did I regret not having seen earlier tours? Not really, because it's just pointless. Did I enjoy the ride that followed ? Oh yeah! The treasure has just become greater and greater with great boots, greater Nugs shows, mostly fantastic shows and an all-day check on this and the dark side forums. Yeah, since "my" MSG show in 2016 I feel, that everything that will come is just an extra.
  5. theseshadows

    Where Does Bruce Go From Here?

    This kind of tour is really long a wish of many fans, including me ( like the Fire live video from 1986 or so). Even so, I would like to see the SOB (or SOW in that case) show first, not having missed one tour since 1988.
  6. theseshadows

    Where Does Bruce Go From Here?

    Come on, a little side trip to Europe, pleeeaase?
  7. theseshadows

    Finally joined this crazy place

    That's kind of crazy introduction, but a very knowledgeable one ;-). Welcome here!
  8. theseshadows

    Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    Men don't cry, don't they? Sitting on a normal workday in a normal bus to normal work, well this is not normal. Seeing this photo, read the great news should let nobody untouched. I had to put away a tear of joy. Abbey, I do not "know" you, but that means even so a happy congrats to your recovery! The road taken, the road ahead of you go and all the best!
  9. Of course family and friends know...two of them, 2 of them join me for one concert a tour, I have a picture of a show in den PC background, but not more at work. A River MSG poster next to the living room, second to third floor many many pictures I made at Bruce's concerts. I know them by heart but almost every day I stop by them and observe a detail....then in the upper level a lot of concert posters from almost all tours I went to. So this part of course know only the people we invite at home. And Wout, great how you would work BRUCE in a mathematics topic!
  10. Wow, this one I'll download asap. THANKS!
  11. theseshadows

    New Archive: MSG 2009

    And I remember the tx sale - man, a sign from above - the computer crashed, I pressed countless times the refresh button. Then the site built up and I was inside the process. What a moment. I was then a fan for 15 years, but have never been in another country for a Bruce concert (that changed substantially after that). And J, Lampi and others are right, a outstanding concert it was. There I have hope this show will once in a time released, until then my memories are supported by the great boot.
  12. theseshadows

    Which song has the best start?

    Drive alll night - you know immediately that you got that song, finally!
  13. theseshadows

    New Archive: Freehold '96

    Wow, great review, Paolo! Now I'm ready to purchase this one, too :-). Thanks a lot!
  14. theseshadows

    Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    Heard it there also the first and last time and also chased the full band version for long. That and Backstreets were on the top of my wish list. But then 2 things happened: on a boot of a show I assisted (M√ľnchen in 2003) I discovered that I actually heard Backstreets already! An awful sound it was in the seating area surrounded by the - in this case- infamous glass roof. Maybe that's why I forgot all about it. Then, second, I got to assist a complete River show (2016 MSG) that I got to the conclusion, that I am such a lucky person to have heard all those songs and all those wonderful 29 shows in a good 32 years - it's for me not Important anymore to hear this sucker Incident in the full band version... just grateful what I have and had.
  15. theseshadows


    Watched this movie about 2 month ago in a cinema. What a great character both of them were and wonderful movie to observe these special people.