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  1. Neil Young has 'a letter home', in which I just love so much the first (cover) song, called 'changes'. Now, 'letter to you' makes me so, so excited! I hope, it will change a lot of peoples mind to happyness - at least to us, the quite loyal Bruce fans!
  2. I signed the banner at the Munich 2003 show. It was for Daniel. I rarely do remember the full story behind it but... It was handed over to family members after the tour... very touching... Was there only one banner making its round?
  3. Exactly, what I think about this song - just epic sentiments, not a too deep scatching in the surface. I enyoyed it live and do it from time to time on the London Calling DVD (you still can skip it and move directly to the great performace of No Surrender, if so...)
  4. Welcome - not bad , 2x Bruce, 1978, acquaintance of Steve...
  5. ...and to witness this music 4 times in the SanSiro in Milano for a Bruce Show - what can I ask for more... I just feel a lot of happyness - and a little bit of sadness about time is passing by...
  6. My very first LP I bought some 45 years ago was the soundtrack to "C'era una volta il west". Thank you Ennio Morricone for all the joy and sentiment you brought in my musical and - together with Segio Leone - movie life. Rest in peace.
  7. Marnix opened another thread, which links Nugs to Philadelphia, 25.09.1999 - if it is this one, it is really about epic songs!
  8. ...and to add, that I saw this film 10 (ten!) Times in the cinema - over the years.. Never did that with another movie... I have the DVD at home, rarely watch it, too small screen... Just to balance the opinions: once as a young man I took a friend with me to see the movie: how boooring he thought it was. Paolo: I will read your review later, thank you. I gotta have to work here in Europe!
  9. That scene Cardinale leaving the train: ...There is no music or noise at all for some moments. Jill's theme just starts with the glockenspiel as she moves forward to the rail station. . A loneliess foreshadows her, as only later she learns about the killing of her future family... then the camera rises over the stations roof... Uff, I got carried away, wrong forum for this anyway, we have the next installment from the Bruce Archives series tomorrow :-)!
  10. If you can't stand this, I would point to the 10 minutes introduction scene from the same directors (Sergio Leone) own 'Once upon a time in the west' - a timeless classic in my opinion - however not the massacred / shortened US version ...
  11. Then I recommend to pick up the Nugs TOL-show from Stockholm 1988, THIS Adam smokes in my opinion! Ever since listening to the original Radio broadcast I was hooked forever.. Welcome to the lake, then!
  12. You nailed it! Too many fans, I guess, and the Boss who want to have it handled his way ;-)
  13. I saw all the reactions to the new membername - heck, why I do not get it? English as a foreigner? But bingo, google it! Now a little ashamed not realizing the Bruce connection!!! Anyway, welcome to the lake, allsetcobrajet!