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  1. Well done, as usual! Wide footage from the back in b/w is a good contrast to the close ups and "in crowd feeling" (check around 08:00). Wonderful sequece at start when the band enters the stage and observes the love is real choreography.. Brings back great memories.
  2. All the best, Karsten - seems, we are getting the presents all the way back: this great site!
  3. Agree to disagree.. I 'usually' skip 2 of the 3 "old" songs...
  4. Eternity behind her - and now in front of her. Memories for us. And Bruce's words at the end of the river album shows: " trying to do something good". I'm sure, she did. RIP.
  5. I don't know... in the same nbtb podcast, they reasoned about the "must" release of historically significant shows (as soundboard, enhanced radio tapes...). For the Rising tour, I think, we could name quickly 2 or 3 shows as historically significant to justify a greater effort: the likes of Shea 2, AC. Maybe one of the European shows in the autumn 2002 as an extra... Besides: btx/dark side (on my device) seems to be down since march first. Anybody else has the same problem?
  6. When in 1988 was my first Bruce show - well, I still feel so thankful for those memories from the St.Jakobsstadion (and the "first fabric pressed DVD" Boot from Basel / Copenhagen to cherish them)! Now, the Detroit Nugs release gets listened so often just to tell myself: wow, those shows were sooo good!
  7. Just finished the first episode , man, they talk so slowly - force you to sit down and LISTEN. Quite a different experience, imagine, a former POTUS and a performer in a forced work-stop make friend and talk! I like it and will go on listening to this surprise.
  8. And another working day begins (at least here in Europe) - the night is broken and I can watch Bruces performance. A fitting and beautiful LOHAD. Thanks for this SLV, thanks Bruce!
  9. Yeah, amazing for me as a tourist then, but I paid hard with the cancelled snow show. But faith got rewarded!
  10. Veeery touching, this interview, thank you. Often I m a bit sceptial about the (anerican) way of phrasing everything as wonderful, amazing, thankful... but here it comes over so natural. Like when she described W Houstons struggle on the 2010 tour. Just the positive of human spirit. While reading "house of 1000 guitars" sounded off the device. So, very coherent. A good person, Cindy. A good moment to spotlight her talents and character.
  11. Me and my dw are humming / singing this song on a daily basis. A favourite from this wonderful album.
  12. WHAT A SoNG! This one touched me immediately in my soul. I just keep it on repeat. And again it spins... The lines above make me think about certain politicans in a many countries. But how jubilant the wrinting and the melody rises above actual circumstances. Such a joy to listen! Funny enough, many reviewers seem to like this song less...
  13. Wonderful, wonderful piece, also nicely filmed with different angles and decent lightening. As pointet out before: chilling moment with the Nebraska guitar (and 'breaking' (?) voice as on the record). Difficult to wait until friday..
  14. Just today my daugher asked me, what I will do, when one day Bruce will be gone... obviously, I said, I'm so happy what I (we) had already, the shows, the common feeling, the soundtrack of our lifes... So, also having lost my mum 24 years ago by cancer, my father almost 2 years ago of age, I feel very much your loss. We are mortal, all of us. To quote Bruce on the '16 River tour, (we just have) "to try to do something good", whenever we have the possibility. Wish you both all strenght and faith in these hard times.
  15. Which ones from Live 75-85 are missing? I lost control...
  16. Neil Young has 'a letter home', in which I just love so much the first (cover) song, called 'changes'. Now, 'letter to you' makes me so, so excited! I hope, it will change a lot of peoples mind to happyness - at least to us, the quite loyal Bruce fans!
  17. I signed the banner at the Munich 2003 show. It was for Daniel. I rarely do remember the full story behind it but... It was handed over to family members after the tour... very touching... Was there only one banner making its round?
  18. Exactly, what I think about this song - just epic sentiments, not a too deep scatching in the surface. I enyoyed it live and do it from time to time on the London Calling DVD (you still can skip it and move directly to the great performace of No Surrender, if so...)
  19. Welcome - not bad , 2x Bruce, 1978, acquaintance of Steve...
  20. ...and to witness this music 4 times in the SanSiro in Milano for a Bruce Show - what can I ask for more... I just feel a lot of happyness - and a little bit of sadness about time is passing by...
  21. My very first LP I bought some 45 years ago was the soundtrack to "C'era una volta il west". Thank you Ennio Morricone for all the joy and sentiment you brought in my musical and - together with Segio Leone - movie life. Rest in peace.
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