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  1. Strange how the mail from Bruce Inc mentions Incident as the opening track??
  2. In that case, WT is the beautyfull, smart and talented twin.
  3. My best friend, side-kick and business partner is leaving me to move back down and live with his family in Perth. He was only supposed to stay here in cold Denmark for 6 months - this is now 12 years, a wife, 3 kids and two businesses ago. He flyes out on the 10th of january and will be back in Perth just in time for Bruce. He has seen him live twice with me; Roskilde '12 and Ullevi this summer. I had to buy him tickets for opening night in Perth as a going away present. We fought hard together for the last decade building two strong companies from scratch and now just before we make it big - he leaves. His name is Steve... I hope Bruce plays Bobby Jean for him! Kinda strange buying Bruce tickets when I'm not attending the show myself...
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