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  1. Had an inbox at 2am this mornin from a friend who was disappointed with the setlist and album show. He is there tonight and has fingers crossed for a non album show
  2. What is there to understand bout ticketing? You either got one or you didnt. I think that Tony from FD Arena has had a rough ride for attempting to answer peoples questions re the arena. I for one have enjoyed his responces and habe looked forward to it even more. Im sure he didnt expect greasy lakes very own truth and recognition committee interogtion. Some f the McCarthyesque questioning is out of order. Give the man a break FFS
  3. Looking forward to Leeds so much. Walked away from the stadium on thurs night happy in the fact ive only got to wait 4 weeks till my next show.
  5. Liverpool to Leeds return the day after £31 with no restrictions as to what train you get. Not bad i suppose.
  6. Loookin n BTX at confirmed dates and there is a 3 week gap between june 3rd and june 28th. UK shows will slot in there im guessing.
  7. What a difference!! Unimportant reason to worry about! Have you missed some medication?
  8. Just rang Badlands Cheltenham and the ysaid there will be an announcement but untill Live nation announce it we got to wait. Live nation part of the ticketbastard group.
  9. Why does everything have to be such a fucking drama? Will there be a new album for the tour or still Wrecking ball part 2?
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