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  1. I can't see these guys previously listed. Hunter and The Bear, a recent find for me. I have since bought tickets to see them in Glasgow in March, and that was before I heard the following song Won't You Ever Come Home headlights on the water you were your mother's daughter we used to dance to Springsteen in the dark sat outside the station always kept me waiting you told me that you loved me from the start Great tune
  2. Well you got a little more interest then the thread I started back in October :-) I am looking forward to Sunday's gig very much, but I didn't realise a second night had been added as well.
  3. I cant see this listed elsewhere - at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall - tickets go on sale tomorrow (3rd October) Celtic Connections 2020 Roaming Roots Revue presents Born To Run: 70th Birthday Tribute to Bruce If ever a birthday called for extended celebrations, it’s surely Bruce Springsteen’s 70th, in September 2019. During his nearly 50-year recording career, The Boss has scored 11 US No.1 albums, winning 20 Grammy awards, two Golden Globes, an Oscar, a Tony and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Roaming Roots Revue 2020 sees an international cast of Springsteen-lo
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