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  1. Hi Alan. Firstly thanks for your posts and the additional info. Secondly just like to say sorry for the delay in replying. I locked my self out of my account and after a couple of tries to sort it out forgot about it until a got a msg of someone else. Andy
  2. Found another copy of this single in my collection, as part of a limited Irish 4 pack. This 4 pack is listed on discogs. This is a quote from their notes section. "The packaging of the four 7" contained absurd errors and misspellings ("Meeting Across The Water", "Head Up Without A Gun", "V. Landay", "Steve Van Landt") and had overall inferior vinyl quality, so it was withdrawn" Although it was withdrawn don't think its as rare as I had hoped as its been sold for £4 in the past.
  3. Hi. Been a long time member but not a contributer, sorry. Just usually come here to find out info when something is happening, eg tour/ album release/ tv appearance etc. I started to catalogue my vinyl collection with a view to sell as its just been in storage for years and need to make space. Anyway I came across this 7 inch copy of Born To Run from Ireland and had never noticed the mistake on the b side title . The cover has it listed correctly. Just wondering if anyone has seen it before and how common it is. Thanks
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