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  1. Yeah, they're called prostitutes, lol!
  2. So it was sold as a benefit for Equality North Carolina, and someone is selling it on ebay for 10x the original price? And this does ruffle anyone's feathers??
  3. Well you likely won't believe this, but I was a huge fan of Tom Waits for years and when I first heard Jersey Girl, I thought, "Man, Bruce could have written this! He should do a cover of it!"
  4. I finally watched Springsteen on Broadway and while I thoroughly enjoyed it, I was curious about one thing. Bruce obviously plays piano pretty well so why doesn't he play Thunder Road on the piano? I've heard him do it before? Seems to me, since it's more of a piano song, that he would choose piano. Any ideas why he doesn't??
  5. Wow. So much here and so many feelings. First off, Oskari, I am very sorry you had to go through that. No one should have to deal with being bullied. It sickens me that you had to endure it. I am truly sorry. I teach high school and I was bullied when I was in middle school. I didn't report it, I didn't tell anyone because I thought it would get worse and I thought there was nothing that anyone could do to help me, I didn't want to be known as a "snitch", etc. In other words, all the wrong things. As a teacher, I take bullying seriously and I follow up on what is being done to make sure it stops. But as a teacher, if I don't know about it, I can't do a thing to help. We teachers have been through many seminars concerning bullying and how to deal with it. It still goes on, but there are way better methods that are being put in place and people are taking it much more seriously, at least where I teach. That being said, I caution you to be careful equating bullying to school shootings. On the surface it seems to make sense, but here is what we know: The most bullied group of students are people of color and LGBT kids...and not one of them have ever committed a school shooting. Girls are often bullied, and they, too, are not committing school shootings? They are overwhelmingly committed by white males. Lastly, I don't know what the circumstances were surrounding SVZ's tweet, but it likely would have been in response to people talking about how it wasn't the guns to blame, but the mental illness. You yourself admitted that these guns should be banned, but here in the states, there are loads of people who think it has nothing whatsoever to do with the ease of which they can obtain an assault rifle and these shooting. It is a constant battle with pro-gun advocates who refuse to accept any blame. And the sad truth is that both sides want the same thing: a society full of responsible gun owners who don't harm others. My pro-gun friends believe in sensible gun laws, but are often fed the misinformation that the other side wants to take away all your guns. I have often tried to argue logically and rationally only to told that it's their "god-given right" to own whatever kind of weapon they want. Um, no, it was never a "god-given" right. I was asked the other day: "Which side are you on, the side that wants to take all the guns away...or..." which is funny, because I know no one in the states who wants to take all the guns away (though I'm sure there is a small faction). No, I replied, "I"m on the side that wants to stop school shootings once and for all". So I can understand SVZ's rant, misguided though it might have been.
  6. Quite the interesting thread. I have had similar discussions with family and friends as of late that relate to this very thing and my question keeps coming back to this: Where do you draw the line when it comes to continuing to enjoy something once you know about who they "really are"? I loved Louie CK as a comedian, but I feel odd listening to him now. James Brown, the "hardest working man in showbiz" and the "Godfather of Soul" was accused of beating his wife. Do i still get to enjoy his music? I thought Kevin Spacey a damn fine actor, but after all these accusations, he is all but gone. Keith Richards? Al Franken? Garrison Keillor? Is rock and roll different from actors/actresses? What about sports figures? And, of course, knowing Nugent and Kid Rock's politics, I no longer listen to any of their tunes, but Bruce and Pearl Jam (and a whole host of others) have politics I agree with, so I listen to them? Where does one draw the line? I'm still not sure? I did find this helpful: My best friend is Jewish and won't watch Mel Gibson movies (directed, produced, acted in, etc.) and I mentioned I saw Hacksaw Ridge and he told me that while he won't watch it, he doesn't begrudge me for watching it as we all should make our own decisions, draw our own lines and honor others.
  7. I've seen over 1,000 concerts (only about 20 Bruce shows) and my friends and I have a saying: "If you don't go to the show, you probably won't get in" Take the shot, it's worth it! In my experience, the farther you travel to get to the show, the higher your odds of actually getting in. Use that to your advantage!
  8. As a teacher of 15 year olds, I shall offer a different perspective. I would concentrate on one song (Jungleland, Racing in the Streets, Saint in the City, Lost in the Flood...) as you don't have time for more than that. Then I would show a small montage from him in concerts over the years, but only about a 2 minute one. I would hit some highlights that might turn some heads: He plays show 3+ hours, he did a book tour with a meet/greet where he could have charged $300 and people would have paid, but he charged only $30 and that included a signed copy of the book, he never forgot where he came from and who he is, he has not had a scandal like every other rock star, he wrote songs that became hits for The Pointer Sisters, Patti Smith, etc., he routinely crowd surfs and invites people up on stage (imagine Jagger doing that!), he shows up in bars and plays with unknown bands, he routinely plays requests and full albums, he covers other people's songs when they pass or when he is in different countries, he married a movie star and then realized he needed to marry the woman in the band, etc. In other words, all the things that make him so incredible and all the things that put him head and shoulders above the rest of the performers. My students have all attended some sort of concert and always claim it was "the best ever!" Without disparaging them, point out the things that put Bruce ahead of the field. Just my 2 cents...
  9. I'm a huge Lou fan. Almost all his albums, books, etc. and am in the middle of the current biography by DeCurtis (Bockris was not a fan nor was his book particularly good) which talks a lot about how Lou learned early on (likely from Dylan) that interviews were the biggest pain associated with the business and never to be taken seriously. Lou took it to an art form--spent the rest of his life making their jobs miserable--no one ever looked forward to interviewing him. He was notorious, and there are some unbelievable examples on youtube That being said, Lou did like Bruce and respected him, even if he wasn't a big fan of the music Bruce was doing. Patti Smith was also friends with both of them. And on Take No Prisoners, Lou goes on to talk about how the critics turned on Bruce after they were on him...and then he rails about Christgau and Rockwell and, well, you should listen to it. It's on the song Walk on the Wild Side on that album and it's a classic monologue.
  10. I second this! Whenever I bring people to NY, we always take a nice walk along the promenade in Brooklyn (many movie scenes filmed there) and walk across the bridge and up through Manhattan. It's fun. Many people have given advice on what to do, but I have to add one thing: Eat pizza, bagels, italian ices and knishes because no where, and I mean NO WHERE else in the world will you be able to get comparable items and they are all cheap and readily available. Ask around for the best bagels and pizza, make sure you eat the soft italian ices (usually found at a pizzaria) and if Yonah Shimel's is still open, go there for a knish. If not, just ask around. Enjoy!!
  11. Anyone else thinking these Broadway shows will start out with lots of reading and solo guitar/piano and end up being full blown E street shows by the end of the first month??
  12. So ticket prices are high and there is a huge thread about it. For the book tour, he charged $30 for a signed hardcover copy of a book, a photo taken with your idol and a second to say something to him. Hmm. He could have easily charged $300 and people still would have jumped at that chance...but he didn't. It was unbelievable for him to charge only $30, but I don't really remember a thread about how INCREDIBLE it was that he charged so little? Ironic, huh.
  13. Quite the interesting discussion. Here's my take (not that you asked for it, mind you!): I got woken up at 4am (live on West coast, usa) to the two text message codes. Was pleasantly surprised and stoked until I realized that I would have to be available at 7am (which is 10am est) and I am on my commute to work from 6:30 to 7:15. So, I tried to get tickets at that time and only thing left were in the $750+. The only time I could get away would be my winter break, when the airlines also jack up their prices because that is when so many people travel. (Don't get me started on how THAT pisses me off!) I had to say no. It was too expensive for this divorced dad of 2 teenagers who is a public school teacher. Now, I've seen Bruce 20-30 times, and I've seen over 1,000 concerts (everyone from classic rock to jazz to country to bluegrass to folk to punk to metal, etc.) I am a live music junkie and even saw the Dead over 300 times. And in all my experiences, I have never EVER paid over cost for a concert. I refuse. And I've only been shut out of one show ever. I also have never sold a ticket above face value, either. But others have. Oten. And they are the cause of a lot of woes when it comes to ticket prices and pricing. Blame the scalpers, one of the lowest forms of life on the planet. Broadway shows are expensive. I've seen many. They are intimate settings and it costs a lot to rent the theatre and pay everyone. I don't know what motivated Bruce to play these shows, but ticket sales were all over the map and at least someone is getting in for under $100. Bruce always tries his best to keep ticket cost down and give his fans their money's worth. I hope that everyone who goes has a great time and feels they got just what they wanted. I don't think this is a harbinger of what is to come for prices for his shows. It's just Broadway. I saw Jerry Garcia play there. It was fun but I wasn't allowed to dance, which made it hard for me, lol. Congratulations to everyone who gets to go. Personally, I think I would have preferred to get picked for the book signing/photo op. Got shut out on that one. Oh, well. Just my ten cents...
  14. I was just thinking that the Boss seems to have nicknames for everyone (professor, little steven, funky, etc.)...but Jake? Don't you think Jake needs a nickname? I mean, he could go with the obvious like "little big man" but I would have thought he'd have something by now? Anyone have an other ideas for a nickname? Thoughts?
  15. Also, it's in Bruce Springsteen Complete Do either of those work?? There's also youtube vid of people doing covers of it. Lastly, there is a great guy on youtube named Shawn Cheek that will take requests and gives the best lessons I've seen on the web.