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  1. When you have your picture taken you usually pose for it. I find it incredible why it would bother anyone to be honest but each to their own
  2. Why are people getting their knickers in a twist over a few photos? I don’t get why it’s even worth discussing over three pages
  3. Another fantastic album to add to their impressive body of work. The best band around, no question
  4. It’s a nice tune. I like the orchestration to be fair. His voice sounds incredible. Lyrically it is wonderful too. I also love the lyrics to ‘Hello Sunshine’ too
  5. Went to see Dropkick Murphys last night in Birmingham, England. Fantastic show as always and they dedicated ‘Rose Tattoo’ to my late father, who passed away in January IMG_5318.MOV
  6. Really pleased this thread has been resurrected! Simon & Garfunkel- At The Zoo New Order- Blue Monday Carter USM- Rent (Live) Neil Diamond- Slow It Down Manic Street Preachers- Judge Yr'self
  7. The Beatles Live In Hamburg 62 (I think). The sound is very low-fi but George's lead guitar throughout is amazing. Also the best version of 'I Saw Her Standing There' is on here in my opinion
  8. Bob Dylan At Boudkhan. Vastly underrated live album. The arrangements of Blowin In The Wind, Oh Sister and Maggie's Farm are fantastic
  9. Currently sat work listening to Wilco- Being There. Great stuff!
  10. The Verve- A Northern Soul In my opinion better than the more acclaimed Urban Hymns. Tracks like History, So It Goes and On Your Own are breathtakingly brilliant
  11. Condolences to Mark's family and friends at this sad time. Although I disagreed with some of his opinions on here I did enjoy reading his posts, loved his stories about watching Bruce in '78 and enjoyed reading his views on other bands as well. RIP Mark
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