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  1. Good article on the BBC by former F1 driver Jolyon Palmer. In summary, blame the rules, not the stewards. There's another piece on BBC by Alexander Wurz which basically says the drivers and teams have created this by demanading a rule (and consistency) for every eventuality. According to the rules, the stwards were correct. The rules suck. F1 has become far too sanitised. Safety, yes, but they need to be able to race. And if they are racing hard, there will be crashes. If you penalise every incident that may result in a crash, you end up with what we have now - a very expensive Scalextic.
  2. We've seen him loads of times - about 30 now (the first one was in York) and haven't been disappointed once, be that full band or small acoustic shows. Off to Leeds in a couple of weeks time, Sheffield in November and Liverpool for the annual Christmas gig.
  3. Bruce is a big fan of Prowsie. I know for a fact that he has a copy of his ‘Very Best Of’ album.
  4. Prowsey (seen swimming in this Lake from time to time) has just released his new solo album, which is excellent. Available to stream free (for a limited period). If you get the chance to see him live, do it - you will not be disappointed
  5. I love lots of his music and hate lots of it, especially the later poppy stuff. I think he was a great drummer and having just read his autobiography, he appears to be a decent bloke. I think the problem was that, for a time, you just couldn't move without either seeing him on TV or hearing him on the radio/movie tracks. He just became uncool due to over saturation. And Live Aid. As for the Gabriel v Collins thing, I think Gabriel had the better voice but 'A Trick of the Tail' is my favourite Genesis album. The 'competition' between them is clearly in the fans' minds, not theirs - they still appear to be good mates.
  6. A real toss up between side 2 of WIESS and side 2 of BTR. In the end I went with BTR because there is one more track.
  7. I remember being very disappointed with these albums when they came out, although I enjoyed the shows I saw. I lost interest in Bruce for a long time afterwards (tbh, I lost interest in most music). Thankfully The Rising fixed that. And I'm really enjoying the new archive release.
  8. Taking Gin Kid #4 and his GF to the London gig later this month. They loved Southside a few weeks ago (although they were the youngest there 'by about 100 years' - sorry Cabby) and I'm sure they'll love this too.
  9. I collect the archive releases but to be honest, hardly ever listen to them. Studio albums all the way and (nearly) every day.
  10. Between me and Mrs Gin, we have 36 of them Spice Girls, Lady Gaga, Leona Lewis and James Blunt are all we need to complete the collection in our house (although I do suspect Mrs Gin did buy Leona's CD when it came out, but I can't find it. And I'm very surprised that I can't find Spice in her collection).
  11. I've seen all of this album live apart form I'm Going Down. I was convinced he would play it at 5under1and, but I missed out again.
  12. Just back from seeing Curse of Lono in Sheffield.tonight. New band for me - they were fantastic. If anyone is looking for a gig in Manchester on Friday 1 June, you could do worse than checking these guys out.
  13. He’s ripping it up touring at the moment - and excellent shows they are too. If the OP is in Liverpool on a Monday night, you could do worse than visit the Cavern Pub and meet Prowsey and his famous Monday Club.
  14. I've just booked a top West End (London) show to take my Mam for her Birthday. There is a cast of 55 and god knows how many others working on set to deliver the (hopefully) spectacular show, all of whom need to be paid. The theatre owners will take a slice, the rights owners of the show will take a slice. The main stars will earn a nice wage out of this, the ensemble cast will be able to live. The most expensive / best seats in in the house were £125 each. I paid £75 and to be honest, think that's a lot of money for a bit of singing and dancing. Maybe Broadway is a bit more expensive than London (if it is, it won't be by much) but no matter which way you look at it, Bruce is filling his big fat capatalistic bank balance out of these shows. Maybe this is why he isn't releasing any new music anymore. His best stuff is about the dowtrodden and battling against the system. He's won that battle and is enjoying the spoils of victory, but probably hasn't got a clue about how to write a decent song anymore.