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  1. SD card slot in car audio

    I've had this in my last two cars (both Audi's). The latest car plays files that the previous one wouldn't. No idea if they downsample, but although the latest one plays more types of files, the earlier one had a better system (Bose) and sounded better. As for gapless - bad news. They both have gaps between tracks. There may be a way of overcoming this, but I haven't bothered. I just play directly from my iPhone.Latest car also offers Apple Carplay. It's OK, but I could live without it.
  2. The Official Newcastle United Thread

    If anyone ever asks which is the biggest, best supported club in the North East, here is the answer.
  3. Moyes has had enough at Sunderland

    I’d forgotten that the Championship started last night. Judging by the crowd at the stadium of shite, so did most mackems.
  4. Ping: Leo Getz

    Thank you. These sausage fingers often lead to typos.
  5. Ping: Leo Getz

    He's good, but he's not Peter Beardsley
  6. 28 when I placed. That'll do.
  7. Lofgren came in 5th - Sky paid out on the first 5 places
  8. Money, it's a gas!

    Two of my sons are setting off in the world of looking after themselves. One is a computer geek. He worked reasonably hard at school, but was never really driven. He probably could have done better, but never had passion for what he was doing. He’s got an apprenticeship working for a big company Hopefully he'll make enough money to have a decent life and probably will not starve. The other son is hoping to be a professional entertainer. He’s spent every spare hour since he was 11 either on stage or practicing to be on stage. He's currently at musical theatre school in London, living in a box room costing a fortune and maximising student loans (which only cover a third of the course fees) as well as emptying the bank of Mam and Dad. His friends a 'normal' University have 8 hours of lectures a week - he’s in 10 hours every day. He might get a job at the end of it but there is a good chance that he won’t be able to afford to do many of the things his big brother will take for granted. But if he does make it big, he could earn a fortune. If he does, then he deserves every penny. His passion and drive are staggering to see - I bet Bruce was like that.
  9. Andy Murray

    He's very good, but he's not even Scotland's greatest ever sportsperson (Chris Hoy).
  10. Gigs 2017

    I saw ELO in Sheffield last night. They were the first band that was 'mine' back in 1976 (everything else I had listened to up until then was influenced by my big brother) but I've never seen them live. Very expensive for seats and an incredibly hot and sweaty night - Sheffield is not used to sunshine and the air-con was struggling. Jeff Lynne may lack a bit of stage charisma, but the show was brilliant. I don't usually like 'polished' - I like a rock show. But this was spot on.
  11. You must have been at a diffent show to me. The one I saw in Manchester was brilliant.
  12. The Official Newcastle United Thread

    Never seen this ^ - cheers Roy.
  13. Waiting on sunny day question

    I thought I'd give it a listen to add my opinion. Played 20 seconds and it crashed my PC. Please do not ask any questions about Queen of the Supermarket otherwise the street will probably have no electricity for a week
  14. Cheick Tiote Dead at 30

    A brilliant player when he first arrived at Newcastle. 100% effort and hard as nails. And if you're only going to score one goal for a club, it's good to make it a memorable one. Very, very sad news.