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  1. Tickets have now been issued via email alert, waiting list only now. Any Lakers been lucky?
  2. Try over at the BTX forum, full of friendly people who will take you seriously!
  3. Just realised that the last song I heard him play live is the same as the first - Thunder Road solo Paris 13th July 2016 (1st solo piano, last solo guitar). Fortunate the next day to be able to have a chat with Bruce in the hotel and thank him for playing The River album in full - which he had failed to do for the previous 6 shows we went to on The River Tour.
  4. I just wish there was a decent audio of the show. The 2cd bootleg I have Shit Hot & Rockin' is very poor. Just listened to TR from it to remind myself.
  5. Thunder Road solo piano/harmonica Hammersmith Odeon November 24th 1975. Shivers down the spine moment!
  6. I am one of a few here that was at the 2nd Hammersmith Odeon show in '75 and managed to get to 6 UK shows in '81. That was a period when the sound really was at its best. Shows to remember forever.
  7. He also appeared in court to stop release of early recordings. http://www.mtv.com/news/502443/springsteen-takes-a-stand-in-british-court-for-his-music/ The article says 1998 but it was 1988
  8. Now being released on black vinyl on 6th July, showing on Amazon UK. £20.61
  9. Excellent price at this moment with Amazon Spain @ £101 https://www.amazon.es/Album-Collection-Volumen-Vinilo/dp/B07BLJDYVK/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1528499042&sr=8-1&keywords=springsteen&linkCode=ll1&tag=superdeluxe09-21&linkId=c1cad84294d535af8ece8e4f7ff679b4
  10. He received an MBE in the 2006 Honours List.
  11. Decided to check out 9/1/18 on cd and picked it up for 13 euro on Ebay, should arrive this week.
  12. Buyer beware. I waited nearly 3 months to get my money back for a purchase last year, they take your money as soon as order is placed then give endless excuses as to why it has not been dispatched. Check Trustpilot https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.spincds.com They have been running a 20% discount code several times a week for last few months, not worth risking as they do not seem to have stock.