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  1. Would of been a bit weird if both songs played were to mention whores!
  2. Our last show was Paris 13th July 2016 when he finally pulled out The River in Europe. The following afternoon my sister and I were having a final drink or two in the hotel lobby before heading for the airport when Bruce and Patti came and sat on the sofa next to us, they were waiting before heading to Rome. Of course we had to just go over and thank Bruce for The River the previous night and for all the years we had enjoyed his music. Did not really wish to intrude so made it brief and they were happy enough as there was nobody else around. If that was my last show then it will also be the first and last time I got to shake hands with Bruce and Patti.
  3. Depends a lot on what the boyfriend with the "record player" owns. If it is this then stick with cds or is the turntable part of a hifi system looking more like this
  4. Prices from £24.99 to £129.99 (for the bundle) http://www.badlands.co.uk/springsteen-store/
  5. "Get flown out to New Jersey and stay in a 4 star hotel" Think I'll pass, I'm not slumming it in a 4 star hotel even for Bruce, is that the best they can do?
  6. Tickets have now been issued via email alert, waiting list only now. Any Lakers been lucky?
  7. Try over at the BTX forum, full of friendly people who will take you seriously!