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  1. If England can overcome the small obstacle of Germany, it would be Sweden or Ukraine in the Quarter Final, then Wales, Denmark, Netherlands or Czech Republic in the Semi Final. Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Spain & France are all in the other half of the draw.
  2. Wales v Denmark Italy v Austria Netherlands v Czech Rep Belgium v Portugal Croatia v Spain France v Switzerland England v Germany Sweden v Ukraine
  3. After all that, we end up with England v Germany, just like we all knew we would.
  4. The Group F Table is changing by the minute as all four teams try to avoid having to play mighty England.
  5. Bugger, we're winning. Oh well, it wouldn't be a proper tournament if we didn't go out to Germany.
  6. Grealish starts and Foden not even on the bench. Catch 22 game of badly needing a confidence boosting performance whilst actually thinking a draw might be better.
  7. I don't understand why non of his teammates are deemed to have been close enough to him to need to isolate. Surely they are in a bubble doing (almost) everything together.
  8. ...and very probably further than either England or Scotland.
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