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    c1979 - Heard Born To Run on the radio one Saturday morning. That was it!
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  1. Dublin in April will feel like the Caribbean to someone born in Halifax
  2. It seems a tape of the London show in 1982 has recently surfaced. I've waited 39 years to hear this again.
  3. Didn't Bruce say that the reason he was initially reluctant to make videos was that he wanted listeners to be free to interpret songs as they wished (or words to that effect)?
  4. @rachelharms Do you need to apply for a new ESTA? If so, can you please check if Eligibility question 9 still refers to Sudan? The US removed from Sudan from the list of nations that sponsor terror in December 2020, but I don't know if that also meant dropping it from the ESTA eligibility. Thanks
  5. Leap Up And Down Wave Your Knickers In The Air
  6. Nope! Last week's Met Gala in NY
  7. In a Mojo article Steve talks of missing acting and looking at scripts. He adds, "..we'll the see what Bruce wants to do next year, virus permitting. We made a wonderful new album (LTY) just before the pandemic, and we'd dearly love to play that thing live".
  8. Bruce is named in the 'Coming next month' box in the new Mojo magazine. Presumably that will relate to the new film.
  9. Not me, but the girl with blue hair, top right of the photo was the original mascot Shippo. She was replaced by Yorkie, who is famous for turning up late one match and riding a bike down the touchline while the match was in progress: Sadly I can't find the video on YouTube
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