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  1. 19 days between posts on this thread, surely a record? Not many gaps left to fill now post 1975. Maybe a 2002 show? Were there any good ones?
  2. Can't you see my Corey's coming. No more sad stories, coming. Corey's Coming - Harry Chapin
  3. BBC "The team behind Rocketman have pulled off the most astonishing feat. Against all the odds, they have managed to produce a two-hour greatest hits musical that turns one of the most flamboyant, gifted and charismatic performing artists of the modern era into a bit of a bore." "It doesn't help that he looks more like Phil Collins than Elton John when off stage, and not unlike 1980s children's TV personality Timmy Mallet when on it."
  4. To me, that works slightly better than his mother. Neither theory may be right, but looking at it either way does add meaning to the lyrics.
  5. I've only just had the chance to listen properly after one listen yesterday at low volume with background music playing. I wasn't at all sure at first, but with a few listens it has certainly grown on me.
  7. I assume he'll be supporting City against Watford as they try to complete an unprecedented domestic treble. He wouldn't want to appear fickle or hypocritical by switching allegiance would he?
  8. I still haven't figured out what it is about Rachel and Roy that we haven't been told!
  9. Bought Agora 78 which I'd never bothered with because of the good quality unofficial releases. Pointlessly, I have to convert the mp3 to Flac just to make the files play in the correct order on the player I keep these shows on.
  10. By no means an original idea
  11. That's My Desire - Buddy Holly