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  1. Monkey sanctuaries
  2. When your commission cheque comes through from the writers of Pretty Flamingo, you'll be able to invest in this
  3. As the five Phoenix songs that were filmed have been mixed with surround sound I'd guess the whole show was recorded on multitrack. If so I'd think it will be released at some point of the Archive series.
  4. Thats just one of the DVDs. There's lots more.including restored Phoenix footage with surround sound, and this stunner.
  5. Quite a few of Paul McCartney's other shows
  6. This took place just 4 or 5 miles from where I live, I don't know how much he left to Leeds City Varieties, but they named the newly refurbished auditorium after him.
  7. Where do you put all your junk if you don't have a shed?
  8. Is it?
  9. Just to slightly twist the obvious one Welcome To The Cabaret