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  1. I think we're long past the point of having to worry about spoilers on this one. Feel free to discuss away on the Western Stars Movie Thread.
  2. After 32 failed qualifying campaigns in a row, Finland finally make it to the party.
  3. The voice that graced Taxi and Mr Tanner, the real showstopper from the show where Bruce sang Remember When The Music.
  4. Used to love the country now I'm selling it. I'm doing well at it, That's the hell of it! Country Dreams - Harry Chapin
  5. Let’s talk about it in the morning I don’t really want to fight ‘Cos I’ve only just got home And I’m weary to my bones And I need to sleep tonight Talk About It In the Morning - Martyn Joseph
  6. Orville's Song - Keith Harris & Orville Sorry!
  7. I'm sure they did confirm at the time that they used all the footage they had. Mind you, it's hard enough finding time to watch 2hr 40m, another hour would be just about impossible.