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  1. The whole point of the series is to give us access to what they have, not to polish up bootlegs for us.
  2. If they release a show that's already available on DVD, then we know the rest of the recordings are irretrievably buggered. Such a release would also need the consent of Sony, as the show is licenced to them for the DVD. However, as they get 12.5% from the downloads, it would probably be worth their while to consent.
  3. From 2013 I'd happily take: Any show in Wales Any show including 'TV Movie' Any show with Eric Burdon as guest
  4. Unless anyone can come up with anything better, I'm nailing my colours to the 2000 mast.
  5. Any show with Back In Your Arms was fair game as a prediction back then. What appeared to be a clue turned out to seemingly not be a clue. However it could be possible that the released show was switched late on, buggering up the clue.
  6. Too many for it be used as part of the clue.
  7. Careful, @Daisey Jeep will blame me if it's a 2006 Seeger show Based on all the evidence, it's hard to look beyond the 2000 show.
  8. 'Acrobat' only appears in MQOA and 'diplomat' only appears in BBTL. 'Prisoner' appears in Adam, Raised A Cain, Back In Your Arms, Drive All Night and Night, the first two of which were played 27/06/2000
  9. Ten days notice so that we have enough time to get in sufficient supplies to see us through another 10th Avenue
  10. The guys was clearly well respected, I've seen other tributes from the likes of Billy Joel, Neil Finn and The Seekers.
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