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  1. Just wait until they turn up on ebay a day later!
  2. https://www.nugs.net/10-22-2021-springsteen-indianapolis-2008.html The blog
  3. We already have his last full show and the first show following in his death. This one goes in the middle.
  4. It goes without saying that there may will be a knock on effect on the November release. The 19th is out because of No Nukes, so my guess would the the 12th, although personally I don't mind if its first Friday, last Friday or second Tuesday.
  5. https://live.brucespringsteen.net/live-music/0,27552/Bruce-Springsteen---The-E-Street-Band-mp3-flac-download-3-20-2008-Conseco-Fieldhouse-Indianapolis-IN.html
  6. Abba fans have reacted as the Swedish pop hitmakers released a new single, entitled “Just a Notion”. The track is the third song released from their forthcoming album Voyage, the band’s first in four decades. “Just a Notion” was originally recorded in September 1978, but was left off Abba’s sixth studio album, Voulez-Vous. The new release features newly recorded instrumentals, as well as the original Seventies vocal recording. Björn Ulvaeus has described the new single as “a ridiculously happy song”, adding: “Hopefully it will cheer you up in these dark times!” Fans shared their thoughts about the new release on social media. “On repeat!!! Tears streaming down my face! Thank you ABBA!” wrote one fan. “I love it!!! Sounds GREAT!!!!!” wrote another. “Ahhhh just heard it and I absolutely love it!!!! So beautiful and fun, in every way!! Just sublime,” someone else wrote. Others, however, were less enthralled by the track. “Loved the first two singles but this is a bit Chas n’ Dave if you ask me,” wrote one person.
  7. A full house last night of around 12,000, but hardly a mask in sight!. I was in the front row of the second tier and the two seats to my left remained empty, so I didn't feel confined at all, and of course it is a very spacious building. I don't like being in crowds at the best of times, so this really felt no worse. I didn't see ant evidence of anybody being asked to prove their Covid status. On the way back to the car I passed a large queue of young people waiting to go into a nightclub, I'm sure that would have been a much greater risk. Great show though https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/paul-heaton-jacqui-abbott/2021/first-direct-arena-leeds-england-738d72a5.html
  8. I've been to a few at that venue and I feel OK there. Most people wear masks when not seated and I always book an aisle seat which limits the number of people near me. Tonight is an arena show with however many thousand people. I think that may be a little uncomfortable, although I'm in the front row of a block so won't feel totally hemmed in. Everybody attending is supposed to be able to produce evidence of full vaccination or a negative test, but I doubt there will be many checks.
  9. Ahead of tomorrow's return to an Arena, tonight I was in an altogether more comfortably sized 200 seat venue. I have to admit when I booked the ticket (several rearrangements ago) I mistakenly thought Ireland's Mary Coughlan was a folk singer and wasn't so keen when I later realised she was a blues / jazz singer. So, off I trot tonight with little in the way of expectations, and guess what? She was bloody fantastic!
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