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  1. Well, I had to re-register once because of some mishap. So by then I had been around a while.
  2. Hey there! I remember you KNE and I do recognize a few other names scrolling through some threads. Haven't been here in quite a while. My obsession has diminished greatly the last 10 years (kids, own band and original songs, other artists etc, etc...). This was the first place I registered outside of e-mail accounts I think. It could have been as early as 1998. Am I mistaken or was the first place called Open All Night? Karsten would know I guess. I had some great years on here around 2000 with some really fun people. And weird people too. Some funny weird and some just weird. Remember the ETC secret forum? Now THAT was a weird place... Anyway, nice to see the place is still alive and kicking. Keep it up guys! /Anders