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  1. slightly of topic but somehow relevant I watched the end of Sweden Netherlands semi final, the commentator at the end said the scorer was a springsteen fan, he then went on to say she was on her thunder road, born to run and next to face the team born in the usa (or words to that effect) all from the 70' and 80's I don't know if hes a bruce fan, (if he is he put it together well) or if they are the only songs he knows. most of the non bruce fans I know have never heard of WB and did not know about WS
  2. personally I always thought it was jealousy
  3. I went born to run, its got to win, if it doesn't then I want another peoples vote till the result I want wins, I don't care what the majority voted for. oh wait sorry that's another poll
  4. Paolo you say you'll be happy when you don't have to do this anymore, well so will I, its getting painful, I am casting aside some very good friends and I don't like it.
  5. morning just a question on my part, I recall him signing a new contract that stipulated what he would release over the next few years (its been a few years now I suspect) for quite a big advance if he does not deliver what happens? thanks
  6. I know I waited patiently for it got it on day of release put it in my case to read on holiday a week later, and there it was in the airport half price
  7. I have been following this all day, its gripping, cant wait for tomorrow to find out what happens next, happy you finally got there, who needs a Bruce tour, we should crowd fund a Calvary world tour
  8. Cant believe its twelve months since my last post on here saying I did not post but lurked a lot, where has that gone? Donation made. Thanks to Karsten and the mods for all your hard work, to all posters good and bad for some entertaining reads, have a great Christmas and new year. Here's to some new music in 2018 edit:- just read the bit about Bon B till June, oh well, never mind
  9. thanks this is thew only social media I do and there are enough politically driven slagging matches around at the moment shame really, you guys introduced me to his music a while ago
  10. done and dusted, I am not a big poster but I am an avid follower, thanks for all you do
  11. I don't know if this counts but I once held the door of our hotel open for him (Roy not Bruce) I think it was for the msg shows for wiess and the river, I had spent the afternoon standing outside shoe shops on 5th ave, got back to the hotel to get ready for concert and a guy in a Newcastle no9 shirt was coming out, I said to my wife I think that's Newcastle Roy, she didn't appear to be impressed, I bet she will be when I show her the photos tonight
  12. wow that brings back memories, the phone preview, many wasted hours