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  1. It gets overlooked because of the legendary full performance of WIESS, but they played a ROCKING rendition of Prove It All Night, with Nils taking a rare Morello-inspired solo at the end. First time EVER that NYCS was played with a real string section, including even the studio recording (which had "three guys with violins" overdubbed to sound like a full string section).
  2. Needs more Magic. Half of the album would be thematically and musically appropriate. Your Own Worst Enemy, Devil's Arcade, Girls in Their Summer Clothes, Last to Die, Long Walk Home. EDIT: Oh, and Magic itself too. EDIT 2: OH AND HOLY CRAP LET'S GET EVACUATION OF THE WEST IN THIS.
  3. Wait, Eileen, are you saying he wasn't literally going back to the Moonlight Motel? Just checking because I'm totally onboard with whatever deeper interpretation people want to take away from this magical and perhaps illusive song, but it's surface level fact that he is actually going there.
  4. In short, the song is about love in a time of fear and death. These lines sum up the song: Devil's on the horizon line Your kiss and I'm alive
  5. There are few things more magnificent and splendid than the pairing of talented guitar/violin playing or guitar/accordion playing. This is a PERFECT release, though I will say that both the second and third shows are better (For You with Bruce and Danny is one of my favorite things he has ever done live). Shut Out the Light and Racing in the Street are worth the money by themselves. Everything else is just icing.
  6. County Fair from 2003-09-20 Darien Lake PAC, Darien, NY. I think I'm going to start a bootleg review series called "Why Don't You Bozos Ever Talk About This Bootleg?" focused on underrated performances. This is an AMAZING show, with a lovely once-ever performance of this beautiful song. And I've never. Heard. ANYONE. Mention it!
  7. "I'm older, but you'll know me.......you'll know me in a glance" That was one of the moments that got me. For me it was more My Father's House. Folks on here who know me in the real world know how ultra close my dad and I are. So even though Bruce's relationship was strained and mine isn't, I really feel a lot of things when Bruce sings about his father. I think about not having what I have, and how lost and weak I'd be because of it. "Look dad...that guy on stage, that's how I see you."
  8. Broadway was a great thing, and made me cry like five times. But I cry every time I listen to Western Stars so I probably have to go with a hypothetical WS tour.
  9. FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC. That's all that needs to be said on the matter.
  10. Hot take: Reunion tour's is the best version.
  11. Honestly not pumped about this release because I have the boot and it's damn good as is, but I'm thrilled to see so many people psyched about it! I'll definitely get it eventually but I'm saving up all my nickels and dimes for the real deal live and in person. Enjoy, everyone!!! Give my favorite version of Streets of Fire a few listens.
  12. Haven't seen them do it live (yet) but I have heard it...thought I had fallen asleep and woken up in 1978.