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  1. Typically I'd agree but I would make an exception for the first airing of Long Walk Home or a rendition of Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze!
  2. Wow that is a RIDICULOUS price. I'm sure it will drop sooner or later. I've never heard of a new Blu-Ray release costing that much.
  3. While the multitude of guests and other non-Bruce people might make it tough, any of the Christmas shows or Grushecky shows would be pretty unique. . It's funny, these next few are great, but Bruce made these "special shows" redundant: the Somerville 2003 shows are an embryonic version of the Devils and Dust tour, the 2008 Count Basie BTR/Darkness full album show, well, we got a LOT of full album shows. And the "rest in peace, America" private White House show from 2017 would be interesting, but it's basically the Broadway show.
  4. The beautiful Morricone-inspired intro only used at two or three shows in Worcester to start the tour makes it crucial for me.
  5. Tough call. Horns are fantastic but honestly it's coming down to New York City Serenade right now. All the horns in the universe on any song you could name can't match up to the wonder of NYCS.
  6. For what it's worth, I thought it was funny. I remember in 2009 when I started going hard downloading/uploading a lot of stuff on Jungleland and Dimeadozen, my mom got a notice from Comcast that we had exceeded our monthly limit three months in a row and it was time to stop.
  7. All the Way Home from 1992-07-30 Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, NJ. There was a new "Tape Man Joe" recording of this show uploaded to Jungleland yesterday and it is a MUST HAVE because even though the audio quality is on the poorer side of the average, it has sublime renditions of All the Way Home (SSJ style) and 4th of July Asbury Park (just Bruce and Roy, it sounds like a carnival).
  8. I hate the official Stockholm release passionately. It is the worst mix I have ever heard. There are no keyboards. They're gone, banished, excised. Haven't listened to MSG yet but I'm looking forward to it! If we're going to get a show with Walk Like a Man, the only choice is opening night.
  9. I haven't heard them all but other than the radio broadcasts, I don't think LA '88 can ever be beat.
  10. My City of Ruins from 2002-07-26 Asbury Park (rehearsal show) This is such an overwhelmingly fantastic live song. I love the entire Rising album but this might be the only song on the record that really and truly sounds like a song meant for the E! STREET! BAND!
  11. Best of luck to you and your wife. Thank you for all you do around here.
  12. I love those Reunion tour renditions of Point Blank - the sax and organ intro was awesome. Plus I see Where the Bands Are which is always fun. Did this show have the "Meeting in the Town Tonight" opening? That was neat, too. And that country No Surrender too. I know people tend to think back to these shows as safe or whatever but he did some pretty weird stuff on the Reunion tour.
  13. "You inherit the sins, you inherit the flames." Not my single favorite line because I have hundreds but Bruce's recent openness about his struggle with mental illness - and his youthful failure to understand his father's sickness - gives these lines a painful gravity. They feel more real than just about anything I've ever heard. Jimmy James referenced Bruce's line from the Western Stars film "if I loved you, I would hurt you." Combine that with "Look dad, that guy on stage - that's how I see you" from Broadway. The picture is fully in focus now. We know what the sins are, and the flames. "My father was my hero...and my greatest foe."