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  1. You get to NYC and get your fill, then I'll take you to Boston and show you around the REAL greatest American city! Fun fact: those seats are way bigger than the actual seats, and that child looks smaller than I was when I was 3. It's weird now when Bruce talks about his fans and their children. I used to be the kid, now I'm the dad. My little Mary started dancing (which at thus stage is just rocking her bum back and forth) when For You came on the other day, so things are looking good for the future of our fan community. My review of the show: holy crap. More to come after I process a bit.
  2. This city is wacky, the people are wacky, and I feel wacky just breathing the air.
  3. Waiting on a train right now! Broadway bound!
  4. Yup, and a couple other good ones for OP to check out would be 1981-12-29 Nassau Coliseum and 1978-09-20 Passaic.
  5. So I chose your middle option in the poll, because what I expect is the same incredibly high level of performance with lengthy shows approaching the three hour mark and wild setlists, but I expect the band to cool it a little. Find the guitarists some chairs and let them get a little break here and there, like how Clarence had his throne in 2009. We don't need to crowd surf, we don't need to run the stage from end to end, we don't need to hop up on the piano. Those theatrics are fun but they're never what made these guys GREAT. What made them great was the musical performance. The rest is just a cherry on top.
  6. The way they transitioned from Cover Me into Dancing in the Dark from the BITUSA tour is excellent, as is Cover Me into Brilliant Disguise on the TOL tour. My favorite live one other than the Once Upon a Time in the West bridge that you mentioned is how he used Star Spangled Banner to bridge between Souls of the Departed and BITUSA in 1993. It's simple and happened in the studio but my absolute favorite might just be the way that Chasing Wild Horses ends and leads into Sundown. Incident into Rosalita is an obvious studio classic.
  7. New York City Serenade is a remarkable opener and is probably my favorite thing ever. Meet Me In the City Tonight was amazing. Roll of the Dice, Mohegan 2014 - absolutely perfect. Wrecking Ball for a handful of 2009 shows. Thundercrack to open the WIESS show at MSG! My Love Will Not Let You Down is as explosive as LINYC told me it would be. We Take Care of Our Own "American Badass!" My favorite openers that I didn't get to experience in person are piano and violin Incident from the end of the WIESS tour, and Take Em As They Come (into The Ties That Bind!) from the Reunion tour.
  8. Not effectively, not in 2000. Like I said it's why Blood Brothers wasn't included in LINYC - too much noise and bad clapping from the audience. More modern technology has been able to mitigate it but you can still clearly see the issue on the archive series release.
  9. Thinking about UK and Euro footie culture makes me feel that global thermonuclear war might not be so bad after all.
  10. Honestly just going off stories people tell, plus listening to live stuff, Sweden might be number 1.
  11. Well that's your problem right there, who in their right mind lives outside of a drive/train to NYC? I'm not convinced there really are states outside of the northeast. Pretty sure it's just us and then the great abyss. Sorry Euros and others. I'm still not sure you guys really exist.
  12. Quick, somebody call up Joe Grushecky, have him settle this for us.
  13. How can something feel like a lifetime ago and just last week at the same time?
  14. Wait...how so? Code of Silence was written a couple years before Bruce was prompted to write American Skin. It's a song about nothing, which is perfectly fine because those songs are good once in a while, but nothing nonetheless. Another Thin Line, which he tried out around the same time...now there's a statement song.
  15. Wow, Jim. Finally got to listen to a bit of your recordings and what can I say? Amazing and thanks for sharing, that's all I can come up with. I'll end up sharing this with some offline friends and family and I get to pull out my special brag "I know the guy who made this recording, pretty cool right?"
  16. He also played SPAC in 2006 and 2009, and Red Rocks in 1981! But I don't know of any additional performances at Alpine Valley.
  17. I always enjoy whatever they're calling Great Woods in Mansfield, MA these days. Cool place and close to home.
  18. It will happen eventually, I believe it. When they run out of the multi-track tapes they'll do it. Honestly I wish they would do it now and stop obsessing over the multi-track stuff - the soundboards are what the concerts actually sounded like! Give me that over a questionably-polished multi-track any day.
  19. "Don't believe every quote you read on the internet just because you see a picture with some text on it." -Abraham Lincoln
  20. Wow, not sure I've ever seen anyone state that before. I have to admit it was one of the last ones to click for me but when it did, it really did.
  21. Yes, police officers, but to clarify I don't mean to insult all of them...only the ones who are perpetually aggrieved!
  22. It means "shut up and sing" is disgusting, and what you're saying is close to that. So not disgusting but still rather smelly, in my opinion. The most objective response I can give you is that he knew they were recording the show for release and they were clapping off beat and yelling during the intro. It's why we didn't get Blood Brothers as part of LINYC, which was a shame.
  23. Getting disgustingly close to "shut up and sing", Jertucky. If an artist wants arhythmic clappers and substance abusing blabbers to shut it, by all means they ought to stop them, that crap is annoying no matter what is going on onstage. I wish he would do it MORE so that the people actually there for the music could have a better time. As for the "controversy" surrounding American Skin, it's only "controversial" because of a group of uncriticizables that cries out that they're the Hebrews being chased out of Egypt at every opportunity. It's the least controversial song I've ever heard in my life. I sing London Bridge is falling down and rock a bye baby to my daughter and those things are waaaaaaay more controversial than whatever is supposed to be controversial about American Skin.
  24. You may be missing that Paradise has two different points of view. The first is an apparent suicide bomber, the second and the actual primary POV for the song is a victim who lost a loved one (on 9/11 being the intent I assume). I think seeing mass murderers as humans making a horrible choice instead of animals or monsters is important. Beasts can be hunted and monsters slain, but what do we do with humans? The bomber in the song is apparently a loving mother or father, making the choice to sacrifice their life to do mass murder...what drives that choice? I think it is a question worth asking. Also quick correction on Nebraska: Starkweather is a spree killer, not a serial killer. Different things. And you aren't supposed to feel much sympathy for him, you're just supposed to stare into the abyss of "the meanness in this world."
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