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  1. That was my first audience bootlegged love. What a truly remarkable show.
  2. Awesome! What I would give to have been around for shows like that...
  3. The concept of empathy is pretty basic. People who have it can connect with the experiences and feelings of others. It's a useful quality. It lets artists step into the shoes of people without a voice and write about what's going on. While most of his contemporaries are continuing their charade singing about banging chicks and binging coke, or not doing anything at all, or dead, it is pretty significant that he still cares about what nobodies like me are dealing with, which he always has.
  4. There has always been and will always be something for everyone in Bruce Land. Don't you go forgetting it again! Even in this crazy time of despair it is still somehow such a good time to be a Springsteen fan.
  5. One of my best Bruce memories for sure. I was telling my wife about it last week actually because we had been listening to those shows. She thinks we're all crazy but in a good way (I think). Sometimes it's like I simply closed my eyes one night and then woke up the next morning with a wife, a little girl, a home, a job, responsibilities. It has been over 11 years since you and I first met (with Linda!) outside the Civic Center. ELEVEN YEARS! I remember napping as my dad drove us home. How could it be that long ago?
  6. Here is some limited Bruce content to keep this Circuit-relevant: video of the criminally underappreciated version of Thunder Road from Unplugged. Hello again friends! I haven't been on for a while because life has been busy lately but I wanted to try and come back to celebrate the new album and how generally great it is to be a Bruce fan in this time of madness and pandemic. But my heart broke as soon as I hit the the Circuit. I was going to post earlier today but I had to walk away when I saw the news - and I feel awful that I didn't know until now - about my pal Tim. The legend bb
  7. Interesting to see Radio Nowhere as the modern day choice, skipping various songs from The Rising, Long Walk Home, and Wrecking Ball. I like it a lot and it is thematically appropriate, I just think other songs are more obvious.
  8. Stepping away from the spirit of inclusion for a moment, the only strings I really need are on the piano.
  9. Come on Dan, excluding instruments isn't very rock and roll!
  10. Needs tracks from The Rising. Into the Fire, The Rising (with real strings instead of the dull keyboard sounds!), Countin' on a Miracle, You're Missing.
  11. You gotta shake hands with your feelings in the wicked sensitive crew.
  12. I'll take any band show featuring Danny as more than just a phantom. If that isn't possible just give me Devils & Dust or SSB! I predict something from 1985. Maybe a Giants Stadium show that was already sampled on Live/1975-85.
  13. Oh my word, we need earlier notice of these things! I missed the last one entirely because I found out too late.
  14. I signed up. On first glance it is very cool! This is the sort of thing I've always wanted to do for myself but the amount of data entry would be so tedious. This is very user friendly and spits out many interesting stats. EDIT: Example of a cool stat - I have been to 21 shows and I have had 14 different opening songs. Only 4 repeat openers. I never would have realized my experience featured that level of diversity.
  15. https://www.boston.com/culture/entertainment/2020/05/18/dropkick-murphys-fenway-bruce-springsteen "The band will also be joined remotely by rock legend Bruce Springsteen for a special “double play” of one Dropkick song and one Springsteen song."
  16. I'm looking forward to watching this again. I haven't seen it since it hit theaters because I love it but on principal I refuse to shell out $30 for one Blu-ray in 2020, that's absurd. I just got like 20 discs of Lord of the Rings goodness for $50. Keep up Bruce.
  17. Oh man. I am in that video a few times. First in the door, baby. You'd have thought the lottery I won was for a million bucks. I got drenched in the champagne he sprayed. That was a killer weekend.
  18. You are not. Guitars where keys are supposed to be have been something of a problem in the modern era, in my opinion.
  19. It needs more from The River in general. That is my favorite summer album.
  20. "When the party's over and the cheering is all gone Will you know me, will I know you, will I know you?" Beautifully sad lyrics.
  21. As much as I love The Ghost of Tom Joad and strongly support the political message Bruce was sending, I really wish he had chosen a rendition of Long Walk Home instead, as it is one of my very favorite songs.
  22. If Bruce had rerecorded Racing in the Street the way that he has been doing it this last decade, and stuck it on Western Stars, it would have fit right in. It's not a young man song anymore - BobbyJames hit the nail on the head, it's an old man reminiscing. It's almost a different song, and that should be celebrated. The song has lived a lifetime.
  23. Three way tie. Hyde Park 2009 is one of them. Live/1975-85 is another. And Tempe '84 as taped by our dear JimCT is the third. Each has a different vibe and is wonderful in its own special way.
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