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  1. I see the friend that I went to Fenway has 'liked' my post. So it's no secret that it was JoanFontaine I went with. We had a great time. Marva's a good friend who helped me through some pretty tough times several years ago. I owe her a lot
  2. Same here. My MiL has had some issues this fall. Heart attack and then a brain bleed from a fall. Brain surgery and then months or rehab hospitals. She's 81 and we just moved her to an assisted living facility. Has quite a bit of dementia. We've been talking with our friends that we are 20 years from that mark.. Some vacation planning has begun. Talk of Ireland, Italy, European river cruise. etc I'd like to get out west more. More Cali and Grand Canyon and other national parks
  3. The amazing thing was I remembered my password and didn't have to reach out to admins to get in
  4. Oh most definitely still a fan. I've managed to see Bruce several times over the last dozen years or so. Once at Fenway with a very good friend and member in long standing here. Life does get in the way of posting at a number of boards so I've pretty much narrowed down to hanging out on a splinter board a bunch of us went to many years ago. Many of those there I've known for 20 years now, since my early days at Lucky Town Digest and NJO. Life has been good. My three kids are all out of the house and we are empty nesters. Career wise I've had bumps along the road during which I've taken on work as a school custodian, airport service van driver among other things. I now am contracting with Amazon Robotics and have to say that I've found a great job late in my career, Good to see some of the name here still and some new ones.
  5. I remember your name. I think I've been registered here close on 18 years.
  6. Posted in here for the first time in ages last week.. Heard it blew up after. Glad that's not the case. Heard some from the old days reached out and said hi.
  7. I came here many times, but there was noone here, so I left
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