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  1. If... and only if Springsteen is emotionally ravaged as I have been this year, and I have to believe he is, with his talent, I think we are in for something different than this tone... if he has written anything beyond March 2020. I ain't looking to be soothed. But... this is a damn fine song. I'm not too sure about this video, it was filmed pre COVID19, and really I doubt it was ever meant to be a (proper) video. But it is footage of the E Street band, therefore I welcome it. Also it signals one of my favorite things about the Boss, he's ready to get going regardless. So am I!
  2. Seattle 12-20-1978.. at the Seattle Arena (he played the Paramount NW earlier in June '78) but I digress, it's the 12-20-78 performance that never leaves me, ever. Promises made, Promises exceeded, then everything just got blown out of arena with a house lights up and a few hundred stragglers dancing to Twist & Shout in the wee hours of the night. As I headed to my car I turned backed at the arena to watch Bruce slide across the loading dock fall onto the hood of a beater car, start it up and drive through us (most of the converted oblivious that this madman honking was the Boss), tapping

    Hey JF, 

    Just checking if you re'cvd my chapter 70.



  4. Yes! As a longtime Springsteen nut I am estatic for you. Great news.
  5. Hi Captain

    Here's a link to a video I took at Hampden Park Show. Hope you enjoy it.


  6. really glad you enjoyed th poem! thanks! :-) more at peace18.com

  7. thank you! Glad you like my poem :-)

  8. Great story! And I think we may have crossed paths briefly before that Seattle show at McMenamins. If that was the show that opened with Trapped. You just missed another snowy, rainy sunny day up here in Seattle today! Cheers
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