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  1. Hey Nicole... I'm not too sure of anything nowadays, but if we never crossed paths here virtually, we most definitely crossed paths within a real live Springsteen stage at some point! ... it's the Ties that Bind.
  2. If... and only if Springsteen is emotionally ravaged as I have been this year, and I have to believe he is, with his talent, I think we are in for something different than this tone... if he has written anything beyond March 2020. I ain't looking to be soothed. But... this is a damn fine song. I'm not too sure about this video, it was filmed pre COVID19, and really I doubt it was ever meant to be a (proper) video. But it is footage of the E Street band, therefore I welcome it. Also it signals one of my favorite things about the Boss, he's ready to get going regardless. So am I!
  3. Seattle 12-20-1978.. at the Seattle Arena (he played the Paramount NW earlier in June '78) but I digress, it's the 12-20-78 performance that never leaves me, ever. Promises made, Promises exceeded, then everything just got blown out of arena with a house lights up and a few hundred stragglers dancing to Twist & Shout in the wee hours of the night. As I headed to my car I turned backed at the arena to watch Bruce slide across the loading dock fall onto the hood of a beater car, start it up and drive through us (most of the converted oblivious that this madman honking was the Boss), tapping his horn, on his way to the airport for a Chrismas break. The best rock and roll show anyone there has ever attended. Ask them. Unfortunately the boots all sound poor. But this Winterland gift is very close! Awesomeness. Here's a pic from Seattle 12-20-78.
  4. 1 song led to another. In it for the long haul. What a tour, what a night. Prove it all night is @ the 38 minute mark. Words are useless... the only description that describes this is memories of midnight, walking outside the theater in the night air, hearing random shouts of Bruuuuuce as we search for our rides, with a whole different perspective on our lives.
  5. I like the song in the context he is delivering it, which if I am comprehending this correctly, a Southern California Country style. But... with that being said, there were only a few Greats from the era he is trying to capture. And those guys were born to play in this style, which they did in their prime. He nailed it on the first single... which I still honestly consider one of the finest songs released the past few decades. It's perfect. All of the above being said, I am overall still psyched that he is taking this risk. Still, I think he best captured this sound inadvertently on the River with The Price You Pay. Now if I hear a song come on that strong off this new album I'll be really stoked. That's what I'll be listening to driving through Barstow. Guess I'm on the fence about this particular song.
  6. Love this song... first listen was in my car at 5:30 AM (sunrise) driving through Skagit Valley farm Country, just me, sleeping cows, open fields flying by at 60 mph. Instantly my favorite song in at least a decade by anybody. Great performance, great tone, excellent subject. This album is going to be much better than I originally thought, and I already thought it would be his finest solo work since Nebraska.
  7. Am I that old? I still have that album. Damn! And I just visited the person who gave it to me as a present on Easter too.... Mom. 1970!
  8. Been following Beato the past year, his enthusiasm for breaking down one of my all time favorite songs here is great!
  9. I know this is cheating, yet... such a beautiful rendition... I'll risk it.
  10. Been on a 2016 bender as of late, What a Blast! Which means Meet Me in the City... I like this version more than the SNL performance and the studio recording. Just the right restraint and a very lean machine bringing it home.
  11. Must listen to the 3.minure mark, because, I'll tell you because, it's the dog motif.... what do you have against DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then it just gets better, my #1 song of 2018, so far.... Part I Last night I drove to Harper's Ferry and I thought about you There were signs on the road that warned me of stop signs The speed limit kept decreasing by ten As we entered a town about halfway there It was almost raining at the train station We put our hoods on our heads at the train station We threw rocks into the river The river underneath the train tracks And when the train came it was so big and powerful When it came into the little station I wanted to put my arms around it But the conductor looked at me funny So we had to say goodbye and leave The monopoly board still in the backseat Took that nightmare left turn to get out of town Ran into the decreasing speed limits again What should I do? (Eat breakfast) What should I do? (Eat lunch) What should I do? (Eat dinner) What should I do? (Go to bed) Where can I go? (Go to the store) Where can I go? (Apply for jobs) Where can I go? (Go to a friend's) Where can I go? (Go to bed) I wrote "Beach Death" when I thought you were taken I wrote "Beach Funeral" when I knew you were taken I wrote "Beach Fagz"—well it wasn't about you But it could've been- well, no, it couldn't have I spent a week in Ocean City And came back to find you were gone I spent a week in Illinois And came back to find you were still gone I pretended I was drunk when I came out to my friends I never came out to my friends We were all on Skype And I laughed and I changed the subject She said, "what's with this dog motif?" I said "do you have something against dogs" I am almost completely soulless I am incapable of being human I am incapable of being inhuman I am living uncontrollably It should be called anti-depression As a friend of mine suggested Because it's not the sadness that hurts you It's the brain's reaction against it It's not enough to love the unreal I am inseparable from the impossible I want gravity to stop for me My soul yearns for a fugitive from the laws of nature I want a cut scene I want a cut from your face to my face I want a cut I want The next related video I don't want to go insane I don't want to have schizophrenia The ocean washed over your grave The ocean washed over your grave Part II Oh oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Last night I dreamed he was trying to kill you I woke up and I was trying to kill you It's been a year since we first met I don't know if we're boyfriends yet Do you have any crimes that We can use to pass the time I am Running out of drugs to try We said we hated humans We wanted to be humans We said we hated humans We wanted to be humans Get more groceries, get eaten Get more groceries, get eaten Get more groceries, get eaten Oh oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh In the mall in the nighttime You came back alone with a flashlight It was the start of nothing (backwards) And it was my favorite scene I couldn’t tell you what it means But it meant something to me And pretty soon you'll find some nice young Satanist with braces and one Capital "O", significant Other And you can take him home to your mother and Say "ma, this is my brother" We said we hated humans We wanted to be humans We said we hated humans We wanted to be humans Get more groceries, get eaten Get more groceries, get eaten Get more groceries, get eaten By the one you love When they put their lips around you You can feel their smile from the inside Part III Last night I dreamed he was trying to kill you I woke up and I was trying to kill you Your ears perked up I perked up when your ears perked up You were all looking around And I hoped it was for me I hoped you were using your sonar systems for me The ancients saw it coming You can see that they tried to warn them In the tales that they told their children But they fell out of their heads in the morning They said sex can be frightening But the children were not listening And the children cut out everything Except for the kissing and the singing When they finally found their home At Walt Disney studios And then everyone grew up With their fundamental schemes fucked But there are lots of fish left in the sea There are lots of fish in business suits That talk and walk on human feet And visit doctors, have weak knees Oh please let me join your cult I'll paint my face in your colors You have a real nice face I had an early death The ocean washed over your grave The ocean washed open your grave The ocean washed over your grave The ocean washed open your grave The ocean washed over your grave The ocean washed open your grave The ocean washed over your grave (We're too scared to do shit) The ocean washed open your grave
  12. And the quintessential 60's Paul with his ragtag friends who changed the World.
  13. Love Tambor, love Maura, and I am hard pressed not to think of any of his performances that I haven't love. He does mean Springsteen, right? Not Jenner?
  14. Both great songs, Thanks for posting... Holding On edges out Thinking of a Place just slightly for me, I have a harpsichord weakness I guess. They sound fantastic, must see live list for sure.
  15. Went to see the Zombies last Saturday night here in Seattle, they played this album in full, with the 4 remaining members of five, along with the Kinks bassist and Brian Wilson's guitarist. Incredible, just amazing. The standing ovation went on and on and on, until finally they made us hush, an amazing evening. Closing out with a free form extended psychedelic She's Not There! 2 hours plus of excellence from four dudes over 70/years old.
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