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  1. 1 song led to another. In it for the long haul. What a tour, what a night. Prove it all night is @ the 38 minute mark. Words are useless... the only description that describes this is memories of midnight, walking outside the theater in the night air, hearing random shouts of Bruuuuuce as we search for our rides, with a whole different perspective on our lives.
  2. I like the song in the context he is delivering it, which if I am comprehending this correctly, a Southern California Country style. But... with that being said, there were only a few Greats from the era he is trying to capture. And those guys were born to play in this style, which they did in their prime. He nailed it on the first single... which I still honestly consider one of the finest songs released the past few decades. It's perfect. All of the above being said, I am overall still psyched that he is taking this risk. Still, I think he best captured this sound inadvertently on the River with The Price You Pay. Now if I hear a song come on that strong off this new album I'll be really stoked. That's what I'll be listening to driving through Barstow. Guess I'm on the fence about this particular song.
  3. Love this song... first listen was in my car at 5:30 AM (sunrise) driving through Skagit Valley farm Country, just me, sleeping cows, open fields flying by at 60 mph. Instantly my favorite song in at least a decade by anybody. Great performance, great tone, excellent subject. This album is going to be much better than I originally thought, and I already thought it would be his finest solo work since Nebraska.
  4. Saw him on the Heat Treatment tour... wow! Intense, raw, and just outstanding musicianship from the Rumour. Hidden Classic. Not really related to this release but Sometimes I just feel like Pouring it All Out.
  5. Am I that old? I still have that album. Damn! And I just visited the person who gave it to me as a present on Easter too.... Mom. 1970!
  6. Been following Beato the past year, his enthusiasm for breaking down one of my all time favorite songs here is great!
  7. Maybe? Good pic overall for the California Sound that he's been working on. Here's hoping a Spring release is about to happen.
  8. I know this is cheating, yet... such a beautiful rendition... I'll risk it.
  9. Bruce just posted a slew of vids from Barcelona, October 16, 2002... if ya want to be in the first 500 or so to see them, here ya go! Wheels Up my friends! Search springsteen barcelona 2002.... youtube disclaimer; same as vid... but so cool he is letting it loose!
  10. Been on a 2016 bender as of late, What a Blast! Which means Meet Me in the City... I like this version more than the SNL performance and the studio recording. Just the right restraint and a very lean machine bringing it home.
  11. Trivia, Backstreets is repeated 35 times in the song Backstreets. So it may influence the voting process.
  12. Between my 1st Springsteen show (1975) and my 2nd Springsteen show (1978) I hit a bottom in life, alcoholism, drugs... I was a mess. I frequented Seattle's Goodwill industries shelter/giant second hand store in those days. Towards the back there was a big open cafeteria, with an open piano. Somedays there would be great music, overwhelmingly classical from fellow travelers, you could hear it echoing throughout the giant store. One particularly down on my luck day I wandered in and could hear the piano playing faintly, some ragtime, then some classical, then as I walked closer to the cafeteria, I saw a unkempt looking fellow playing (dressed down in rags), and was really impressed... then he slowed down to a stop, paused a good 30 seconds or so, and pounded out, note for note, backstreets! Bruce Springsteen has channeled in and out of me from the moment I first read his name October 26th, 1975. And coincidentally seeing him live that exact same night. There is an opera out there on that turnpike, but for this tramp, it is the Backstreets, forever.
  13. Amazing. Just as good, perhaps even better than the early 80's. I saw them last December too... they are (still) fantastic live, which is why I skedaddled down to Portlandia.
  14. Well that was Fun! Thanks for the memories, I concur, via the set list vision attendance right here.
  15. You never know, I'm up in the San Juan Islands right now, and on July 26th, I was docked on the same pier as the yacht they got married on the very next day... Damn, prolly walked right by them and being oblivious as I am, I never even noticed. Love them both, great artists, great people. Mitigating factor: I had a great day on the day they married, I drove down and saw X and the Psychedelic Furs in Portland.
  16. Fantastic version of You Can Look, But You Better Not Touch! He was on Fire that night, Thanks Bruce! And the Cosmic Kid too.
  17. I think a lot of you are like me, you factor in the start time of the show, along with the deadline time of the pit lottery que. I also add in my Springsteen induced OCD time. In the old days, it was showing up early at venues to begin my vigorous attempts to get the very best seats possible. Then into the 90's, scanning the internet, looking for drops and swaps . I think Bruce instilled that work ethic in me back in '75. I'm always on time in my personal life, and for Springsteen I usually am at the venue 3-4 hours before the show. I'm that Tramp you see hanging around those dusty arenas, just thriving on the energy.
  18. Giants Stadium... 7/31/2008, 7:30 start delayed till 9:45. A tanker truck flipped on the Jersey Turnpkie. Art, Imitation, Life, 6, 1/2, Dozen, the other!!! Great Nite, love how menacing Clarence is on the opening number.
  19. I wonder if Robert Deniro will be there, and just maybe, he'll yap out something.
  20. 1978, I was 3 years into Springsteen, I was 23, my life was pretty much a mess, but I had this one thing, this belief, that at any second I could explode and tear this town apart... all I needed to do was reach for that one moment with my hand. I remember working swing shift, about a dozen miles out of town, I had a 1966 New Yorker, the Red Sled, with a cassette player and a reverb. Nothing else was played in that car, I would be driving home from work at midnight and when it came time for my exit, the odds were, I was going to keep driving that freeway until the next town. June 25, 1978... Paramount NW, Seattle, USA, row 2 aisle seat. OMFG! Love that album.