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  1. It is clear Bruce is singing - it is obvious specifically in some of the "shouting". But I will still argue that his voice is not as recognizable as usual, so to my ears there could be a 3rd vocalist mixed with Bruce's vocals. And by the way - it really makes a difference if you see the video. When I posted I had only heard the album version and was really struggling to recognize Bruce. But when watching the video it is much clearer. Guess the mix is not different so watching him really makes a difference for the perception.
  2. I am exploring Bruce's collaborations with other artists and I have grown very fond of Nils Lofgren's 'Valentine' where Bruce provides backing vocals. Nice track. But it doesn't really sound like Bruce! So is there someone else besides Bruce providing backing vocals - or was our boss trying out a new vocal register? Does anyone else consider his vocal performance on this track odd?
  3. Done! And thanks for the effort you put into running this joint, Karsten.
  4. No particular order... Bruce Springsteen: The River Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band: Against the Wind Dire Straits: Tunnel of Love Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody Jeff Buckley: Hallelujah Eddie Vedder: Society Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: (Are You) The One That I've Been Waiting For? Chris Isaak: Wicked Game a-ha: Scoundrel Days Paul Simon: Graceland
  5. 1) I’m on Fire 2) Tougher Than the Rest [Chimes of Freedom EP-version] 3) 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) [Live/1975-85-version] 4) Long Walk Home 5) One Step Up 6) Gypsy Biker 7) Brilliant Disguise 8) Streets of Philadelphia 9) Land of Hope and Dreams [Wrecking Ball-version] 10) Valentine’s Day My Top 10 changes like the wind, so I chose another approach: Top 10 play count in my iTunes library
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