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  1. Teacher : ''Morning class your first lesson today is history nope sorry I do apologise class its '' changing & destroying history '' now have you all brought your matches that I asked you to bring ? that good. right then this morning it will be books that we burn and we will dance around the fire then this afternoon its evil L.P's to melt and written lyric music books to tear up and tomorrow we talk about the devil folk who wrote the evil stuff.
  2. likewise just cant think of it any other way- wish I could! Good to see and hear Belgians took advice from Bruce and not let Stevie start the song on his own and muck it up like he was doing in the early days of it. Bruce soon rearranged that.
  3. he points all the time on stage pointed to me once in Live in Hyde Park I was way way back and he shouted ''your looking good'' being near his age pissed over weight and unshaven with a fag on I grinned as much as the lady in the photo did . well I'm sure it was me he was pointing at so don't spoil it for me.
  4. ''Without getting political, I find his appearance and performance offensive to the tragedy of 9-11. Why does he feel the need to bookend the 20 year anniversary of this event? Yes, The Rising was interesting for what it was, maybe even healing for many people, and I get that. I loved it. But this appearance is unnecessary and self-serving in my opinion'-----quote ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Above words must go down as the most cheap misunderstanding posting ever on greasy lake about Bruce since the site was born. I leave you to read it once again and then no doubt fully agree with me .
  5. so now his having a bath walking to loose some weight then having 3 lots of Dundee cake.
  6. Think his just knackered and looks it ! standing on the stage night after night delivering his heart out -must be so draining. all be O.K by time the full tour comes around so you lucky folk save them pennies or what you have in the states for pennies !
  7. ''There was a situation with an attendee standing up at their seat near the stage with their phone at the beginning of the show on Saturday, and “Thunder Road” started playing on another attendee's phone ringtone in the middle of the show'' some disrespectful people about .
  8. So Steve is having a bath then walking to loose some weight ?
  9. If your under 100 plus you should be kicked off this site fined and asked to explained why not then only allowed back when your a real fan. note: stating family ,being out of work ,poor , being ill ,having two broken legs ,time in hospital,dying etc for not going will not be a case for staying.
  10. You just cant leave us hanging like that mate ! (unless you have posted back in 08 about the meeting if so apology sent) any details /stories about when you visited him would be welcome. thanks in advance if so .
  11. MOJO staff meeting notes: OK boys sales are down we need a good month so cover job it is . hands up for a Springsteen one then hands up for the McCartney one please-Springsteen it is then . Tell that new staff member to rehash, copy and paste that Springsteen special we did on him last year. as for the photo itself -anyone will do as we don't really care.
  12. Go on do us all a favour play ''Sunny day'' out loud on a loop and give us as all a rest from your words. .
  13. Being very jealous from the late 80's til now over one subject is not good for the soul . let it go .
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