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  1. Nice one! that's the spirit of this place and... my post. Warm funny and friendly Xxx
  2. I should have put a "wink wink" along side my post to assist readers. No- no one is really worrying about his interview just a small light topical chat between tours as this site does 24/7 between set lists to lighten up the place. But I still hopes he doesn't sound like muttley.
  3. Norton's a decent person hopfully Bruce speaks up and doesn't sound like muttley from the wacky races as in the pass. Dont let me down Bruce! as I just texed 20 people to tell them your on and as usual the replies are what I expected as in.. get a life mate - Bruce who? - the bloke with the big nose? - who gives a fuck etc etc People can be so hurtful.
  4. A unashamed bump given.. If your at a loose end come and join the birthday bash. If he lives til his 90 and still has all his marbles the best is yet to come! Can see the old clever bastard writing a classic on his death bed. Right I'm off to find a white t. shirt & jeans for Saturday to make the miss's think again that she's second best in our relationship and embarrass her yet again.
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