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  1. If his still got some values guts and balls he should but it will all depends what the small print on his contract with Sony is as they are now his paymasters ! I can picture it now our working class hero Bruce asking permission sheepishly on his knees if he can do it to a load of suits around a table. don't forget say ''Thank you Thank you '' if you get a result Bruce.
  2. I agree with Stevie on Blood Brothers ..... ''never on a Sunday'' anyway what does that saying really mean is it rude?
  3. Sunderland wasn't cool it was dark cold and wet . as for the cheering none of us really wanted to get a gun find the bastards and shoot 'em on sight as this was England and we just don't do things like that over here ! As for other places I couldn't possibly comment.
  4. Sony will back the film no doubt but will have written in the contract that them two years when he was fighting in the court to kept his music rights must be brushed out and never shown. Can see it now feet up pop corn in hand with face of a smiling Bruce on the packet stating it was Made in the USA and the new pressing of The River for sale at the doors on the way out all polished up and sounding like it was made at the same time as TGOTJ R.I.P The River. Sony get your grabby dirty greedy slimy unwashed dirty hands of it !
  5. Anyone who cry's over DITD needs to have a good look at themselves in the mirror then raise the right hand slap them selves across the face and man up or even woman up o.k lets keep the peace lets call it gender up . Whats next? crying over Old Dan Tucker. Of course if you haven't cried over Racing ever you should do the same.
  6. ” Chidekel says. “Like, ‘Yeah, I’ll sell you my stuff, but you can’t use it for political ads without asking my permission. You can’t use it for religious stuff without my permission.’ Stuff like that. From what I understand, he got a bunch of that, those type of marketing restrictions. Without those, maybe he wouldn’t have done it.” from what I understand - means what ? you looked over the shoulders when the contract was signed or a bloke told you down the pub? guess work and cheap words
  7. No doubt every book has a line or two maybe a page even a chapter about the battle he had in the courts over owning his songs outright just pass over it as it not worth reading.
  8. hell linin Turned up at 3 a.m -its raining hard the line wasn't organised making it World War 3 getting in -still raining hard and heavy. Bruce gave his mouth organ to a young pretty girl next to me, just and still cant understand why he didn't give it to me despite being a ugly unshaven 60 year old male. its still raining by the way hard heavy and fast. Plan was to drive straight to Manchester but the car broke down outside of Sunderland had to wait 4 hours to get it sorted. and yep its still raining.
  9. or ... Sony has shares in transport and since they own every word his written they are in charge of his signature as well. Give it time folks the Bruce signature will be coming to a toy shop / garage near you soon. One thinks I need to lighten up on this subject
  10. It was a shirt from the time Bruce was making a stand to own his own music and have full control over it . it was all part of the myth at the time around him. yes yes I hear you I need to let it go but I just cant help myself at times- A myth is a classic or legendary story that usually focuses on a particular hero or event, and explains mysteries of nature, existence, or the universe with no true basis in fact.
  11. Glad to read your all happy and even be more happier when a advert comes up advertising some cheap shit from Walmart or likewise built on cheap labour anti union rights and maybe links to sweat shops aboard employing children playing ''Promise land'' or ''The River'' all over it all - wont happen ? it will in time . He didn't need the money and no one can make a case that he does. So all that grand standing to own his music back in 77/78 we will have to just put it all down to bullshit then again to give him credit he did tell us its was all just a magic trick ...and so it was . Bruce has left the stage in some fashion . '
  12. You might or even maybe must take it into consideration that the camera at the time stayed on Clarence so that the footage is available to use at the time anyway 99.9% folk watching it are not bothered and are just loving it! -as good as it gets for a show at that time . Hopefully Bruce keeps Zimmy on board due to him being a much younger guy so has all the up to date skills and also has so much respect of his work put before him to work on. it does appears at times seeing him back in 79 brings a little bit of Bruce fan snobbery to many opinions.
  13. Win win for me love then both as now I can enjoy Bruce in concert and if I need to use the toilet when sunny day is on and the male's loo's are full I can use the ladies without anyone blinking a eye lid. I thank them both !
  14. So you are saying hopefully with a wink ''if only '' Zimny's had big fixed cameras with all the high tech of today's equipment filming to work with the editing would have been so much better . JEMS, mjk, or hrubesh who's interested in them anymore ? no one needs them -dead in the water. No nukes box set and double vinyl Nov 19th 2021 release-AS GOOD AS IT GETS folks! so just enjoy every second of the music and the film.
  15. Not knowing the chat show I will have to guess its for the under tens and on a children's channel .
  16. Just hang on for a while as the best is yet to come... Bruce in a suit sitting at a desk with a ton of business folk standing behind him with money all over the floor as he sign's all his rights to his songs and written word over to them. In a thick black dirty frame.
  17. Really surprising we didn't car adverts jumping up at us between each song. I have no doubt Bruce pushed for it.
  18. Excellent post Frank ! Plus all that talk and pages over the last 40 years about fighting for the rights to his own songs might as well go in the bin mind you think it would need to be some hell of bin to take such bullshit from one person. its a passing shot -up yours for taking it all in having faith in something real and believing in it folks, its only music anyway plus I need the money and times have change. Don't let it get to personal will be the cry to the likes of myself and Frank - yep very easy to do when you have the song Thunder Road running in your soul since the day it came out and then see it in a advert between some cheap programme on t.v advertising a car driving down a dusty road. ''Its fill your boots time you car advertising suits '' I'm off to vomit in a bucket.
  19. oh dear yet another Asbury Park event covering the pass. Just cant wait to click on to backstreets and read all about it .
  20. Bruce's chuckle - well its not really but its dam close lets be honest .
  21. Just give it time folks and that uninformed idiot Dave Marsh will be shouting from the roof tops up and repeating what he said in 92 about you lot .
  22. You usually think and rightly so it all come's back home when you hear '' Thunder Road '' and nothing can follow it or top it then at times your mind gets muddled and you question yourself on hearing The River.
  23. yes but then let down by the gents 70's bracelet on his left hand !
  24. You need pointing in the right direction its about - A teenager dancing in his bedroom the dark is down to a light bulb just blowing .
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