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  1. Yes I agree, I loved watching them just sit and chill and tell their thoughts. Being Jewish myself I found their family histories quite interesting. Speaking of the Outlaw Pete Crossover ( I had a chuckle), I read an article where Paul said he does not believe Bruce was trying to steal their song. He said “there are only so many notes and you can only arrange them so many ways” or something to that effect. Gene said something like“we sue a lot of people. How do we decide who to sue and who to not sue? We like Bruce. We don’t sue”.
  2. Just watched this documentary and found it really interesting. Anyone see it? Also since they came up in about the same era, I’m wondering if there is any relationship or camaraderie between Bruce and Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons… would love to hear your thoughts!
  3. Did anyone hear Michael Rapaport’s rant about arresting the Boss in Jersey? It’s on Twitter, I don’t know how to post it, but if anyone else can, it’s pretty good IMO
  4. Thank you Daisy. I really appreciate your kind words and reaching out. It means a lot. Looking forward to watching SNL tomorrow
  5. Thank you so much Eileen. I don’t post here often, but when I do there are always kind people like yourself to lend support.
  6. Thank you for reaching out BD. This is such a good place with good people.
  7. A Comment: I just wanted to share that I had been listening to Letter to You album for about a week when I received news that my older brother had suddenly passed away. My brother Ron introduced me to Springsteen when I visited him at college and he continuously played Born to Run in his little record player. I remember it like it was yesterday. Letter to You has brought me great comfort during this difficult time, particularly I’ll See You In My Dreams. By the way, I now have by brothers guitar sitting by my bed. I’m not sure where I am going with this, but I am just so sad and wanted to share. If by slim chance this message ever gets to you Bruce, all I would like to say is “thank you”. And thank you To all you Lakers for reading this. If anyone would understand I know you will. Ellen
  8. Hi Lakers, It's been a while since I have been on here. So nice to come back and see all the familiar people. I hope you all have been well. I saw Western Stars yesterday and was hoping to discuss. Is there a separate "spoiler" thread for those who have seen it, but do not wish to spoil for those who have not yet seen? Also, not Bruce related, but music related. I am working on getting tickets for Elton John and registered for Verified Fan. We find out tomorrow night if we get a code and are invited to shop. Tickets go on sale the following day. If I do receive a code, but am not able to shop when they go on sale, Can I give my code to a friend to shop for me (us)? I believe the similar process was used for SOB, so that is why I am asking. I hope everyone is having a beautiful Sunday. Ellen
  9. Daisey you are the best. How dare he even repeat that nonsense right?!
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