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  1. I got my St. Louis. Will get KC soon!

  2. Did you buy your tickets?

  3. So much crap. But on a happy note I'm buying MO tix this week most likely! Will let you know when I do. And I've made friends with this guy at who is going. He lives in Cape Girardeau! Couldn't believe it because we've talked on for months now without knowing each other's location.

  4. I need to text you someday, but for now comment box!

  5. hahhaha!!! that's funny! i am up to 26 posts! woo-hoo for suzannah!

  6. Playing with the little guy right now! haha We should take a pic and post our story. Oh man.

  7. How much did you play with your Miami Steve/American Idol Happy Meal toy today in honor of Steve's bday?

  8. Hey, I post in more than just that thread. :P

  9. in order for me to post more, you must post something so i can reply! and the hot pics thread doesn't count!

  10. I think more posting is in order. ;)

  11. yea, i thought you would be!