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  1. No complaints, two happy Belgian customers, enjoying the afterglow of what was by far the best show of the three we saw here. This wraps up our Bruce nights down under....we are heading into the rainforest for three more days, if you never here from me again it means I have succumbed to the leeches, ticks, giant spiders, salt water crocodiles, snakes and other specimens of the local fauna.
  2. I have only seen two shows, so I would not presume to generalise. But I miss the ballads from The River, these were such an exceptional treat last year. Having said this, any show that gets NYCS is lucky: how quickly we forget that we waited decades to hear this.....
  3. I have been amiss in my reporting duties to GL, sorry! Thruthfully, I was a bit disappointed in the two shows I have seen so far. The unbelievable quality of the shows last year are probably setting an unfair standard for Bruce..... But I love Austalia and I'm having the best holiday in ages!
  4. So as we drive up to Brisbane tomorrow morning from Byron Bay, we will gain an hour? We have not done any queueing here so far: iin Melbourne the pit was so large we could just walk in at 4.30 - by chance we ended up next to Gartloney Rat - nice meeting you in person Gareth! in Sydney we had seats - not a good decision - the crowd was too quiet. Tomorrow we may get a number in the morning, if it is worth it, I understand the GA is very small anyway.
  5. I have been to many hot places in my life, including Death Valley, but yesterday was ri-di-cu-lous! At some point during the afternoon we actually hit 49 degrees near Dorrigo National Park.
  6. Well, I'm still alive after two weeks in Oz, despite meeting some fierce creatures along the way!
  7. Hello everyone, 14.45 here in sunny but cold Belgium. Six more days and we will be on the plane.... Oh, if this is predictable......bring it on!
  8. Happy New Year and a fantastic series of concerts for our friends down under! Mrs. CB and I are showing incredible self restraint as we are limiting our number of shows to a mere three....Melbourne 1, Sydney 2 and Brisbane 1. (Not a huge sacrifice for us of course, since we have been fortunate enough to see Bruce 10 times in 2016...). So we hope to spend an incredible three weeks visiting your amazing country for the first time. Four more weeks!!!!!!
  9. Just bought 2 GAs for Brisbane night one.
  10. Sydney GA and Premium showed 'allocation exhausted' immediately on my screen. Got the next category of seats.... These tickets are expensive!!!!!