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  1. Happy New Year and a fantastic series of concerts for our friends down under! Mrs. CB and I are showing incredible self restraint as we are limiting our number of shows to a mere three....Melbourne 1, Sydney 2 and Brisbane 1. (Not a huge sacrifice for us of course, since we have been fortunate enough to see Bruce 10 times in 2016...). So we hope to spend an incredible three weeks visiting your amazing country for the first time. Four more weeks!!!!!!
  2. Sydney GA and Premium showed 'allocation exhausted' immediately on my screen. Got the next category of seats.... These tickets are expensive!!!!!
  3. Actually we are firmly decided not to spend our entire holidays in a pit queue....I mean it....seriously....no kidding!
  4. Well, that was easy, just purchased 2 front standing for Melbourne. Still showing limited availability if anyone is still looking for tickets.
  5. BREAKING NEWS : YES WE ARE GOING TO AUSTRALIA! We thought about it for a long time, counted our money and our remaining holidays....thought about it some more....and finally decided you only live once. So yes, Mrs. CB and I are flying down under in February: arriving in Adelaide on 29 January and leaving from Brisbane on 19 February. Obviously we don't have any tickets yet, so any help from Lakers in respect of spare tickets, warnings of ticket drops or extra shows being announced would be highly appreciated. But we are also incredibly looking forward to visiting your fantastic country for the first time! I'm so excited I think I will burst!
  6. I hope JLM inc is taking good note of all the helpful suggestions where Bruce should definitely not play.....
  7. Don't get off the train Sue!

    We will miss you and you know you will regret it.

    Sleepy eyed greetings from Berlin!


  8. Thank you for liking so many of my modest posts Marilla!

    greetings from a belgian in Key West,



  9. Thanks so much for liking my post Elaine!!


    Hope to run into you at some point!

    Next week Florida....I'm sooooooooooo looking forward to it!


    1. kingstowngirl


      Hi Johan

      I bet you are looking forward to Florida! I haven't any plans yet because as teachers we can only travel at weekends or school holidays. Fingers crossed we get some convenient dates.



  10. Atlanta GAs for sale now

  11. Me neither. this dinosaur is not on facebook either, but I have a wife who lives in the 21st century so she has joined.
  12. you ask the people around you to safeguard your spot, which being the nice international Bruce crowd that they are, they invariably do. I was on the barrier yesterday and went out twice without any problems relatively early on (the second time just before Imelda May came on). Of course, in the later stages, just before or during the show, when everyone is standing really close together, it's best not to chance it unless nature calls really loudly.
  13. thanks for the nice post Gerard. As a visitor from abroad I can wholeheartedly agree that Belfast gave us an extremely warm welcome everywhere: taxi drivers, hotel receptionists, waiters, bus drivers, ticket vendors, supermarket staff, police. Venue security personnel in particular. We enjoyed our visit tremendously and will definitely come back for a return visit,
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