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  1. Just back from the show....and I only cried twice....real proud of myself! Our seats were unbelievable...first two seats in the box, literally where Obama sat....I guess.....
  2. Just back from a highly succesful (and equally expensive) trip to the theatre. Was first in the cancellation line....first two tickets became available for Thursday night..... Then ten minutes later I got two tickets for tonight in Bruce’s guestbox.....for which we had to revert to Mrs CB’s creditcard since mine maxed out.... Finally an autograph from Bruce as he drove up.... I’m so happy I could scream!
  3. Absolutely.....62 shows in 36 years.....together!
  4. Well, Mrs CB and I have arrived in NYC....without tickets ofcourse.... Been on Ticketmaster all afternoon and to the theatre a few joy so far! Here’s hoping for a bit of luck.....
  5. Oh, and to answer the question burning on everyone’s lips, we were all the previous times. It will be the same next time, when SOB is prolonged till the end of 2020. I’m listening to the recordings of the 2016 shows, remembering the time you didn’t have to verified to see Bruce.
  6. Mrs CB and I are debating whether to risk going without tickets. I refuse to buy from stubhub but more than happy to stand in line at the theatre. Reading Wout’s comment above it seems there is a good chance you’ll get tickets that way. Anyone else have experience with Q’ing at the theatre? Should we risk it?....It is a lot of money but if there’s a good chance.’... Have been absent from the Lake for along time, but life and work got in the way....
  7. Well that was another invigorating experience...third time loser here, as is Mrs CB. Bruce could entend this run for another 15 years and I still would not be able to get tickets. Have the same problem with entering my phone number, no possibility to enter an international number. Looking forward to see this show in London, presumably it will be in the intimate setting of Wembley Stadium.
  8. Wonderful initiative this lottery and I'm delighted for those of you who are getting a second chance. This is not for us Europeans though....unless you simply plan a NYC holiday on the off-chance you may get lucky. I simply don't have enough holidays left to take that risk....chances of being selected are too slim to justify this. Don't really understand why they cannot do the lottery for all shows immediately....would allow for decent planning for many of us. I guess it's simply not to be this time! Good luck to those participating.
  9. Stand-by last time, stand-by this time.....I can't even pretend to be surprised or disappointed.....
  10. Since I never had any hope I cannot pretend to be disappointed....but my heart bleeds for these of you who were selected and did not get codes....
  11. More than 40 minutes into the sale and no sellouts not even limited availabilities for any of the shows?