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  1. Well I won't bother anymore that's for sure.
  2. And this is exactly why I locked my Twitter account and don't post any information on forums. See ya
  3. A lot of the characters from the BITUSA album came from the songs that were written and recorded at the same time as Nebraska. Some of them are based on real stories and movies of real stories eg the Badlands movie etc and not Bruce's personal flaws. Not that it will matter to some people.
  4. You really need to stop this crap now. Both you and Welby are acting like idiots. I am putting both of you on ignore for the duration because frankly this stuff is just beyond now.
  5. interesting - thanks for posting - is that from Goldsmith's new book or an older piece? Ames Carlin's Book also throws up some early interesting tidbits around Bruce's behaviour, but I guess it's no different from anyone really in the greater scheme of things This is her take on it in 1985.
  6. And Goldsmith herself says: He seems to be attracted to feisty women who are ambitious and capable of getting what they want. Hilburn describes Heiser as ``a Hollywood type who can take care of herself.`` Phillips herself displayed more than a little initiative when she reportedly had her manager arrange a backstage meeting. In the case of Lynn Goldsmith, the liaison developed into a battle of two strong wills and culminated in the one uncharacteristically ugly incident of his career. Apparently loving Bruce has its pitfalls if he is crossed. Goldsmith is reluctant to discuss the relationship but was prepared to talk about this incident that occured just after they broke up. As one of the organizers of the charity event, Musicians United for Safe Energy, she was in charge of photo coverage and her agency was to process all the film for publicity releases. Bruce agreed to appear but balked at the idea of Goldsmith taking pictures. ``I called him and said, `We`ve got to sit down and talk about this.` ``He came to my house and asked me to stay away. I told him no, I had a job to do, but promised to keep out of his way. And I did. I was about 10 rows back.`` The evening coincided with an unwelcome landmark for Springsteen -- his 30th birthday, and he seemed unusually tense. ``Tom Petty and Jackson Browne joined him on stage and I stood on my seat to get a classic shot,`` recalls Goldsmith. ``I couldn`t believe it. Through my lens I saw he was staring right at me. He wagged his finger as though to say, `Come here.` ``The kids around me were yelling `He wants you.` But I knew that look. He jumped down and chased me up the aisle, caught my arm and dragged me onstage shouting `This is my ex-girlfriend.` Then he threw me across the stage and I was hustled out. It was humiliating.`` The two have met since, but Goldsmith insists she still doesn`t know why he behaved so violently, while admitting their affair was ``the minibattle of the bosses. To give you a clue, look at how he works; he is in total control.`` She says she bears him no grudge. ``I still have great respect and love for him. He`s a very fair man, like Solomon. He`ll listen to both sides of a dispute.``
  7. Nobody just accepted it. It is a long time ago and he got a bunch of therapy. We are not accepting it but what we are accepting is the fact that he doesn't do it now and hasn't done it since. You are taking a situation and reading a lot into it.
  8. That is really a crap comment and not funny. You go too far sometimes and this is one of them.Clearly a joke. Bad taste, but a joke. On the other thread you seemed to be saying that Bruce had some sort of let off for violence against women, now you're saying W, has gone too far for making a joke.Really this is nonsense. Utter nonsense. My comments to Welby are because he likes to wind up people. You seem to looking at the darkest possible interpretation of everything Bruce is or does. This says much more about you than it does about Bruce. You are portraying him as some kind of serial abuser and that is nonsense. As a kid he slapped a girlfriend. He had the incident included in the book and it was discussed by her. There is no evidence that he serially abused anyone. He forcibly ejected Lynn Goldsmith from the arena in a public display of anger and an ugly scene where she was trying to wind him up and he lost it. It was poor behaviour but Lynn has NEVER said he hit her or abused her in anyway. I don't understand why you persist in looking at Bruce in this way.
  9. That is really a crap comment and not funny. You go too far sometimes and this is one of them.
  10. Bruce beat his wife??? Do you not read the threads?
  11. Dear lawd are we back on creepy bruce watch again. Please god let him announce the friggin album before we get back to hairplugs and alcoholism because so far we have him down as a paedophile wife beater...and this is a fan forum. Imagine what they say about him on forums where they don't like him.
  12. Which 'dark places' - I think Bruce writes very much from the sidelines. That I think is the trick of the artist to take the dark places you have inside yourself but to set yourself up as the observer or narrator.
  13. It has been a brilliant tour from my start of it in Berlin to the end of it for me in Kilkenny I've enjoyed every minute (other than than full album BITUSA minutes obviously ) Loved it and hope to be wearing my new tshirt and doing it all again next summer.
  14. Yes it wasn't sold out but according to people there it was very decent crowd in the end so a big walk up crowd I guess.
  15. How many times do we need to say THE SETLIST IS NOT THE SHOW in the same way that the menu is not the meal.
  16. Sounds like a fun show and that encore would have been rocking. Looks like I was right about Victor Jara being on his mind with Manifesto turning up.
  17. Well some Yankee is going to have to do it. It's too late for us poor Euro peeps.
  18. Love Bruce' version! Would probably need a rehearsal or two though...? He's been there 3 days rehearsing so there was time.
  19. I'm taking a punt on Chimes of Freedom as Bruce spoke at length during his interview about the anniversary in Chile and how important Victor Jara was to him as a political songwriter so I think he might be in an Amnesty frame of mind.
  20. Like this one? My favourite....... Might get a chilly reception though..... Sorry I can't help myself.
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