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  1. I can confirm this was better experience watching at home than the cinema
  2. Agree 1000%. Especially moving to me as an Indian Springsteen fan who got into his music around the same time around the same age. Watched the bluray yesterday too and loved it. Though was more like the 4th or 5th time since the cinema because of the magic of streaming lol.
  3. Blu-ray arrived today and put it straight on. Enjoyed it even more at home than in the cinema. Sadly no bonus features though.
  4. Yep that's the one..but for folks not familiar easier to call it Cardiff. Really surprised to see it's on every night for the week.
  5. I would agree...i thought it was a one night only special when I saw on 28 Oct and therefore understood and accepted it being a expensive ticket than a regular movie. As far as I can see it is billed as an EVENT hence unique pricing. Our local cinema chains are only £4.99 for movies usually but not this film.
  6. Noticed there are more UK showings. My local has it on 14 Nov and Showcase Cardiff has it EVERY NIGHT 8 - 14 Nov!! Might go and watch it again or shall I just wait for the bluray. Hmm...decisions...
  7. Springsteen fans are like Most welcome.
  8. Haha...all welcome. When i get my hands on the bluray anyone welcome to watch it if they can make it to Swansea.
  9. I am looking forward to seeing this at my home 'cinema' (120inch screen projection) and experience this again. I was actually not that impressed with the sound in the Cineworld cinema...yes a big sound but felt unbalanced. The music seemed fine but vocals sounded quite separate from the music and the sound setting might be ok for regular movies but not for a it needed some tweak..unlike the sound of the audio release which sounds great. May have just been the particular cinema i went to. Anyone else felt sound in cinema hall was not quite top notch?
  10. And it went on for what seemed like an age lol
  11. Did he think to himself I've had enough of this shit as he walked off or did he disappear to go off to get a pan or bag for the waste? Guess we'll never know lol
  12. Over 50 in the end. Really enjoyed that and the Q & A was great. Highlight...the guy sweeping the floor lol...did he give up in the end or was he going to get a pan or brush hahaha