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  1. Enjoyed that alot. Seen her previously as a contributor to various unofficial video biographies. Did anyone else notice for some reason they used an alternate studio take of Sandy..was only a few seconds of the song but I did
  2. I wanna know the story behind this video...Steel Mill era Bruce?
  3. Enjoyed that...thanks for all those letters (songs) boss.....they've meant a lot over the years!
  4. Danny (lifelong Springsteen fan) only took him to the final so he could have chance to sing it. Otherwise not sure that kid deserved to be in the finale. Not sure about the lyric changes / mistakes though!
  5. Story says no recording of the reggae BITUSA exists but it's right there - click link to One Love audio and it's played straight after One Love! Never heard this!
  6. 100% correct. The Blood Brothers film included a few snippets from the dressing room ahead of that performance....but had never seen this raw footage.
  7. Never seen this before. Yes there were snippets in the Blood Brothers video release but 15 mins of rehearsal here. Fascinating fly on the wall stuff if you've also not seen...particularly as this period and coming together of the band again is commonly described as being awkward.
  8. I can confirm this was better experience watching at home than the cinema
  9. Agree 1000%. Especially moving to me as an Indian Springsteen fan who got into his music around the same time around the same age. Watched the bluray yesterday too and loved it. Though was more like the 4th or 5th time since the cinema because of the magic of streaming lol.
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