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  1. Noticed there are more UK showings. My local has it on 14 Nov and Showcase Cardiff has it EVERY NIGHT 8 - 14 Nov!! Might go and watch it again or shall I just wait for the bluray. Hmm...decisions... https://www.westernstarstickets.co.uk/
  2. Springsteen fans are like family..no? Most welcome.
  3. Haha...all welcome. When i get my hands on the bluray anyone welcome to watch it if they can make it to Swansea.
  4. I am looking forward to seeing this at my home 'cinema' (120inch screen projection) and experience this again. I was actually not that impressed with the sound in the Cineworld cinema...yes a big sound but felt unbalanced. The music seemed fine but vocals sounded quite separate from the music and raw...like the sound setting might be ok for regular movies but not for a concert...like it needed some tweak..unlike the sound of the audio release which sounds great. May have just been the particular cinema i went to. Anyone else felt sound in cinema hall was not quite top notch?
  5. And it went on for what seemed like an age lol
  6. Did he think to himself I've had enough of this shit as he walked off or did he disappear to go off to get a pan or bag for the waste? Guess we'll never know lol
  7. Over 50 in the end. Really enjoyed that and the Q & A was great. Highlight...the guy sweeping the floor lol...did he give up in the end or was he going to get a pan or brush hahaha
  8. Cineworld Rochester. 18 so far...10 mins to start. More i think to come as per seating plan when i got my ticket earlier today.
  9. Love how there's bootlegs on there too...anyone know which show this one is..just says Max's Kansas City 1973...btw sounds perfect
  10. Same goes for Working on a Dream..not everyone's fave but I love it and Ultra HD is a whole new experience. Awesome clarity.
  11. Concur with the previous posts...sounds fantastic...Magic sounds awesome..nothing like before...and that is without hi-def equipment..listening via Amazon HD app on S9 connected to wireless JBL450 headphones.
  12. fantastic thanks for heads up. Our Vue is a better cinema but I'm not complaining unless it plays there too. Probably unlikely if they've sown up an exclusive deal with Odeon
  13. good ole Percy has added Streets of Fire on his YouTube Channel. Upload quality not the best but the vid with that new sound is a delight to watch. Looking forward to the first dubbed video of complete show
  14. For those that haven't seen the 20/9 dubbed video just came across this. Will help those considering which Prove It All Night is better lol... https://youtu.be/2rWSgvU7hPk
  15. Is this a trick? Sounds like the old version to me...new audio is better than this
  16. someone with the tech knowhow and ability pretty please dub the video with this audio....it is magnificent. The video of 20/9 Sep show with the BC mix nugs release is mind blowing. The audio of this new release of 19/9 is outstanding.
  17. Saw your post on Backstreets first and replied there...i could have written your words...i felt too emotionally involved to be able to be objective about it as a film as so much of it mirrors my own growing up (Indian family) and discovering the greatness of Springsteen's music aged 15 in 1988. So I probably also need to view it again.
  18. First day, first show for me means 3.30pm at the Vue on Friday. Really looking forward to it. Alot of similarities to my growing up in this story. I'm curious how many will be there at that showing. As far as I know I'm the only superfan here lol.
  19. Still waiting for Vue and Odeon to publish showing times for Friday...
  20. Listings not out yet at my local cinema for Friday. Will be interesting to see how many people are at the first showing. Might just be me lol. Anyone else who turns up have got to be a Spring-nut like me.
  21. Anyone else planning to see this first day first show? I am
  22. I hadn't seen such a long clip of the BTR bit so was pleasantly surprised. Lots of clips showing the filming and great interviews.
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