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  1. Over 50 in the end. Really enjoyed that and the Q & A was great. Highlight...the guy sweeping the floor lol...did he give up in the end or was he going to get a pan or brush hahaha
  2. Cineworld Rochester. 18 so far...10 mins to start. More i think to come as per seating plan when i got my ticket earlier today.
  3. Love how there's bootlegs on there too...anyone know which show this one is..just says Max's Kansas City 1973...btw sounds perfect
  4. Same goes for Working on a Dream..not everyone's fave but I love it and Ultra HD is a whole new experience. Awesome clarity.
  5. Concur with the previous posts...sounds fantastic...Magic sounds awesome..nothing like before...and that is without hi-def equipment..listening via Amazon HD app on S9 connected to wireless JBL450 headphones.
  6. fantastic thanks for heads up. Our Vue is a better cinema but I'm not complaining unless it plays there too. Probably unlikely if they've sown up an exclusive deal with Odeon
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