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  1. 10 minutes ago, berlintramp said:

    I started laughing real hard when the sweep got underway, but no one else seemed to get the joke. (reminds me of Mr. B trying to vacuum. Is it genetic, I wonder?)

    Did he think to himself I've had enough of this shit as he walked off or did he disappear to go off to get a pan or bag for the waste? Guess we'll never know lol

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  2. 9 hours ago, lilbud said:

    Well shit, my internet didn't crap out and actually worked as advertised. I thought it would take longer.

    I synced the new audio up to the pro shot video we have from the Capitol Theatre's video system.

    Are you ready to prove it all night?


    Is this a trick? Sounds like the old version to me...new audio is better than this

  3. 1 hour ago, albiedog said:

    Just survived my emotional ordeal watching Blinded by the Light at the Showcase in Liverpool.

    The movie should carry a health warning to any Springsteen fan who has ever been emotionally absorbed by the uniquely inspiring poetry of Bruce's early song canon. Watching it projected after all these years onto the big summer blockbuster screen with its backdrop of this alienated and closeted Pakistani youth finding instance connection, solace and inspiration in lyrics that have been ingrained within the hearts and souls of the likes of us Bruce diehards for all those years becomes an hour long struggle to hold back the blubbing - and I have to say on more than a few occasions not a hugely successful struggle at that.

    Clearly then, highly recommended for any true Bruce fan for the emotional rollercoater ride, albeit a second less emotionally racked watch will be required in order to make any considered judgement as to whether the film itself is actually any good. I suspect it is but I'll let you know after I watch it again in a more composed state with my daughter next week.


    Saw your post on Backstreets first and replied there...i could have written your words...i felt too emotionally involved to be able to be objective about it as a film as so much of it mirrors my own growing up (Indian family) and discovering the greatness of Springsteen's music aged 15 in 1988. So I probably also need to view it again. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, rachelharms said:

    FINALLY Corby is ready for Blinded By The Light! After weeks of checking the cinema screening schedules, and being genuinely convinced I might not get to see the film, it finally appeared on the website last night for the cinema in my town! Bought myself tickets for the opening night on Friday. Only one showing at 8:55pm... when I booked there was a whole chunk of seats already booked next to each other, maybe 20 or so. Is there a secret Northamptonshire Springsteen club I don’t know about?

    First day, first show for me means 3.30pm at the Vue on Friday. Really looking forward to it. Alot of similarities to my growing up in this story.  I'm curious how many will be there at that showing. As far as I know I'm the only superfan here lol.

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