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  1. Ah that was you, was it? Thank you....I think it was certainly a memorable song! back to the woolly hat....I think it looks dreadful, and hot and itchy. Quite distracts from the show itself. Ditto the baggy trousers don’t suit him, look like they're the wrong size. Guess I’m just used to seeing him in jeans.
  2. It was a very good month to be a Bruce fan and a Man United fan I saw 3 concerts, 2 in Manchester (2nd night from the 3rd row in front of Clarence) and Earls Court on the 19th, and 3 trophies (though sadly unlike doesthisbusstop not in person). I didn’t think much of Earls Court as a venue, preferred the Manchester shows myself.
  3. Weirdly I don’t remember The River from that night at all! Must find a copy. But Youngstown was wonderful and the local dedication much appreciated. I think his cousin Frank sang on it too. The show opened with Blinded which I just love in that arrangement. Likewise the rearrangements of Further on up the road and Atlantic City. When the album was announced I wasn’t sure about it at all. But I bought it, went to the first show in Dublin and just loved it. Such a joyous and uplifting concert, even by Bruce’s standards. You could see he was enjoying being Bruce the Bandleader, egging the musicians on and at one point literally pushing the banjo player to the front of the stage for his solo. The band seemed to grow in confidence as the tour progressed. I wish John Henry had been included on the live album though, for me it was one of the highlights of the shows and a strange omission. I ended up seeing 5 shows on the tour, including 2 of the 3 filmed for Live in Dublin. In Manchester I miraculously picked up 2nd row tickets in the drop on the day of the show - for some reason there were seats on the floor for that one - which turned out to be right in front of Bruce! Everyone stood up anyway of course and after a couple of songs Bruce beckoned us forward and we just hurdled the seats to stand next to the stage. I don’t recall much about the band that night, I only had eyes for one man... and the amazing energy he puts into his performance from up close. Happy days!
  4. I was at the Limerick and Cork shows where he started and ended with This Little Light of Mine. It’s a great song that showcased the band, but no idea why he did it twice. what about Twist and Shout? He started with (part of) it in Dublin in 2012, the show after the infamous Hyde Park plug-pulling incident, and think he played it again in the encores.
  5. Nearly a full house in Sheffield Odeon. Not a big screen, maybe 30ish.
  6. It’s £15 in Sheffield at both the Odeon and Vue. I paid about £8 at the same Odeon for Blinded by the Light. But prices seem to be higher for the one-off “event” showings. A friend paid £13 to watch the screening of Metallica with orchestra recently. And a quick look at the Odeon website shows, for example, £20 for Andre Rieu concert. So prices perhaps par for the course for these type of films, although apparently quite variable around the UK!
  7. Great interview. I do like Radcliffe and Maconie. Proper music fans. Bruce sounded on good form. I love the fact Mark said at the end he’d given him a six pack of Juice Springsteen beer from Manchester as a present.
  8. He played the Symphony Hall in 1996 on the Joad tour so he knows where it is. Acoustics were very good, funnily enough
  9. It’s now appeared on the Sheffield Odeon Luxe listings. Just booked the first two tickets i contacted Odeon last week and was told they update their listings on a Tuesday.