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  1. I got the book as a birthday present. I’m enjoying the photos but even on just an initial skim through it is littered with errors in the dates of the Bruce photo captions. Several BITUSA tour photos dated 1986, a well known one from Wembley stadium dated “circa 1984”, ToL tour photos dated 1992, Nebraska era photo dated 1973, Bruce and Southside at the Stone Pony in mid-70s dated 1970, etc etc. Worst of all is one of Bruce and Clarence onstage during what looks like the original River tour which is captioned the Devils and Dust tour 2005! Given the number of people credited in the acknowledgements you’d like to think someone might have spotted them or could have done some proper research! Heck, I could do it in a couple of hours (for a modest fee ).
  2. Although the BTR vinyl and CD lyric sheets consistently say “waves”, I’ve just discovered that the Live 75-85 lyric booklet says “sways”. Never noticed that before! I learned it as “waves” and that’s what I shall probably continue to hear and sing it as. Even if I’m wrong …
  3. It was a great show, although I remember it being very cold in the queue to go in. That picture of Bruce and Steve with the Xmas headgear always makes me smile. Didn’t a young girl down the front give Steve the ear muffs? The pair of them never turn down the opportunity to wear silly hats. We found ourselves standing next to and chatting with Sarfraz Manzoor. He pointed out his friend up in the seats who I now realise was Gurinder Chadha. When they played Racing I got over excited (my first time hearing it live with the band) and started slapping the guy in front of me on the back, ‘cos we’d been discussing songs we were hoping to hear before the show and that was mine. If that was you, sorry about that!
  4. Yeah they chopped about half a dozen songs out. Don’t know how much of his chat was cut? I managed to hear a couple of episodes on Sirius (while I could get it to work) and they had a real thematic flow to them, which could get lost in the editing, especially as nearly half of it will have to be cut to fit into an hour. shame, but it’s good to have the opportunity to hear him on UK Radio, in some fashion.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000l77s/episodes/guide midnight broadcasts on Saturdays
  6. Just announced on BBC Radio 2 - Bruce’s DJ radio show starting a week on Saturday (I think).
  7. Ah that was you, was it? Thank you....I think it was certainly a memorable song! back to the woolly hat....I think it looks dreadful, and hot and itchy. Quite distracts from the show itself. Ditto the baggy trousers don’t suit him, look like they're the wrong size. Guess I’m just used to seeing him in jeans.
  8. It was a very good month to be a Bruce fan and a Man United fan I saw 3 concerts, 2 in Manchester (2nd night from the 3rd row in front of Clarence) and Earls Court on the 19th, and 3 trophies (though sadly unlike doesthisbusstop not in person). I didn’t think much of Earls Court as a venue, preferred the Manchester shows myself.
  9. Weirdly I don’t remember The River from that night at all! Must find a copy. But Youngstown was wonderful and the local dedication much appreciated. I think his cousin Frank sang on it too. The show opened with Blinded which I just love in that arrangement. Likewise the rearrangements of Further on up the road and Atlantic City. When the album was announced I wasn’t sure about it at all. But I bought it, went to the first show in Dublin and just loved it. Such a joyous and uplifting concert, even by Bruce’s standards. You could see he was enjoying being Bruce the Bandleader, egging the musicians on and at one point literally pushing the banjo player to the front of the stage for his solo. The band seemed to grow in confidence as the tour progressed. I wish John Henry had been included on the live album though, for me it was one of the highlights of the shows and a strange omission. I ended up seeing 5 shows on the tour, including 2 of the 3 filmed for Live in Dublin. In Manchester I miraculously picked up 2nd row tickets in the drop on the day of the show - for some reason there were seats on the floor for that one - which turned out to be right in front of Bruce! Everyone stood up anyway of course and after a couple of songs Bruce beckoned us forward and we just hurdled the seats to stand next to the stage. I don’t recall much about the band that night, I only had eyes for one man... and the amazing energy he puts into his performance from up close. Happy days!
  10. I was at the Limerick and Cork shows where he started and ended with This Little Light of Mine. It’s a great song that showcased the band, but no idea why he did it twice. what about Twist and Shout? He started with (part of) it in Dublin in 2012, the show after the infamous Hyde Park plug-pulling incident, and think he played it again in the encores.
  11. Nearly a full house in Sheffield Odeon. Not a big screen, maybe 30ish.
  12. It’s £15 in Sheffield at both the Odeon and Vue. I paid about £8 at the same Odeon for Blinded by the Light. But prices seem to be higher for the one-off “event” showings. A friend paid £13 to watch the screening of Metallica with orchestra recently. And a quick look at the Odeon website shows, for example, £20 for Andre Rieu concert. So prices perhaps par for the course for these type of films, although apparently quite variable around the UK!
  13. Great interview. I do like Radcliffe and Maconie. Proper music fans. Bruce sounded on good form. I love the fact Mark said at the end he’d given him a six pack of Juice Springsteen beer from Manchester as a present.
  14. He played the Symphony Hall in 1996 on the Joad tour so he knows where it is. Acoustics were very good, funnily enough
  15. It’s now appeared on the Sheffield Odeon Luxe listings. Just booked the first two tickets i contacted Odeon last week and was told they update their listings on a Tuesday.
  16. Indeed. I’m in that age group (skipped an afternoon of school to go to the ToL gig at Villa Park) and Bruce definitely wasn’t cool. I only had one friend who liked him. The other fan I knew was another friends Dad! What were kids listening to? Rick Astley, Pet Shop Boys, Madonna, Wet Wet Wet, U2, Whitney Houston,...
  17. We saw it in Sheffield this afternoon. Small screen and not completely full. I was concerned it would be a bit cheesy and cliched, and it was in places. The Born to Run-meets-Kids from Fame bit especially. But it was so joyous and big-hearted that it just made me smile. I’m the same age as Javed in the film (and presumably Sarfraz?) so I enjoyed the 1980s nostalgia and fashions. And I had difficulty convincing my friends back then of the magic of Bruce too. Quoting lyrics at them really didn’t work for me though. Funny to hear Bruce’s lyrics quoted in a Luton accent! I thought the songs fitted well with the story (or is it vice versa?). Hearing lyrics that are so familiar afresh in a different context actually made me listen to them “properly” again, if that makes any sense, and re-appreciate their universality. And as others have said, the use of Jungleland in one key scene worked really well. (With a nice dig at Thatcher in the background too). I was a bit ambivalent about going to see it, but glad I did.
  18. I had this poster too, on the wall above my bed as a teenager think I bought it in Athena or HMV. Brings back happy memories!
  19. Yes it was a mess, had to listen to the pre show outside in the queue. The other part of our party were on the blue route and got in for it, there were very few wristbands given out on the red route but luckily one of my mates on the blue route picked up a spare one and with a little ingenuity we got the three of us into the pit, 3 does indeed go into one Super show again, Frankie was fantistic. Thought the pit was actually a little livelier than Limerick, at least where we were, which was exactly the same place as Limerick 4/5 back at the 'Nils' mini stage. Belatedly catching up on the thread after a fantastic week in sunny Ireland. We were also on the red route, arrived around 2:45. Queue was quite civilised, thankfully lined up under the shade of the trees by the river. Also had to listen to the pre-show from outside, people were shouting out at security to let us through the gates to no avail. A few people made it in in time to catch the end. There were wristbands handed out although not a huge number and it wasn't the best organised. The initial group of people in line were let forward to the gates and stewards handed them out to those clustered around them. However, because people were then bunched up not everyone got a band before they ran out. Some people held in the queue behind under the trees did get them because one of the stewards went down the line handing them out without checking whether all those further forward had one. So there were people nearer the front of the queue who didn't get one and then couldn't get in the pit. (Limerick was similarly disorganised in that respect, with bands being handed out inside the gates). The show itself was great. I also thought the pit was a bit livelier than Limerick. Possibly there were a greater proportion of locals/casual fans rather than travelling diehard fans (who know all the "moves") in Limerick c.f. Cork? Or maybe it was just where we were standing. I thought Bruce was more energetic in Limerick (still dancing like he didn't want to leave the stage during the reprise of This Little Light) and possibly seemed a little tired towards the end in Cork. Wild Thing was a lot of fun, especially Bruce trying to find a band member to take the solo. The Price you Pay was the highlight for me -- one of my favourites but I never, ever expected to hear it -- thank you Derek for having the sign (and for organising the pit queues too, recognised him from Wembley). The pit started spontaneously chanting "Der-ek! Der-ek!!" and Bruce applauded him too. The segue into the '78 intro to Prove It straight after was an awesome combination. Real World at the piano brought back happy memories of him playing it at the Point on the D&D tour. Seven Nights to Rock was a total party -- so good to hear this again and the place was rocking. Shout makes a great encore song and a refreshing change from Twist and Shout, which has become a bit stale, imho. Funny watching the pit trying to crouch down while Bruce does the "A little bit softer now" bit Exiting the stadium after the show was a bit chaotic. No signs indicating the way out, no stewards and a big queue. Eventually, a local guy next to us who must have overhead us wondering which way to go kindly directed us across a field where other people were heading to find another exit towards the city. Loved all the signs around town in shops and pubs welcoming The Boss to Cork. One of the things I love about seeing Bruce in Ireland is how much everyone seems to be thrilled that he is in town, everyone is talking about the gig. Also got a glimpse of Bruce after the show as his car with motorcycle outriders had to negotiate the sea of fans walking back to the city centre. Everyone cheered and applauded as he was driven past. Thanks Rehspeck for the great videos.
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