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  1. GOOD EYE: 40 years ago today, on 7 April 1981, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band started the European leg of their 'River' tour in Hamburg, Germany - their first major overseas tour (they played just 4 European shows in 1975). It was a journey into the unknown for them, and for Jim Marchese, who had been asked - with one day's notice! - to fly from the US to Germany and join them as the official tour photographer for the next few weeks. I met Jim then briefly while I was in Frankfurt a few days later for my first Bruce show on 14 April back then, and we've been in touch in recent years about his work. I'm delighted to share this special, rare interview, which Jim kindly agreed to do with me as part of the 40th anniversary celebrations for my '80s Springsteen fanzine 'Point Blank'. He was in a unique position back then, travelling everywhere with Bruce and the band and crew, both experiencing for himself and documenting their groundbreaking E Street journey. As Jim writes: 'Exploring each city with Bruce made it all the more incredible.' Please enjoy Jim's story, and for more photos, information, and links to his fine art prints, see https://jimmarchese.com https://www.facebook.com/groups/290908270798/permalink/10159563505350799/ Cheers, Dan JIM MARCHESE Point Blank PB40 interview Spring 2021.pdf
  2. NOW SOLD! Thanks for looking :-) =========================== For sale on eBay: set of 27 Backstreets magazine issues, complete from issue 63 (Summer 1999) to the most recent issue 91 (Fall/Winter 2013), selling as a single lot. Total 27 magazines, including two double issues. Includes the tribute issues to Danny Federici and Clarence Clemons. Mint condition, with light wear and tear on two issues (#75 and #78). Total for set: £70 including postage anywhere. Best offers for the set also considered via the eBay link below :-) Selling on behalf of an anonymous friend who's struggling financially... BONUS INCLUDED: Rare vintage 1983 UK fanzine POINT BLANK #6, mint condition (rusty '80s staples!) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/383529580235
  3. Yes, big band/orchestra playing 'live' in the video, in what looked like a large bar. Patti and Charlie the only members I recognised. I believe it was all filmed for an album documentary rather than for any tour rehearsal (apparently no tour planned for this album).
  4. Friday 31st, according to Columbia yesterday, I believe...
  5. ... and here's the (positive) review from the Irish Independent, following the Dublin event yesterday: https://www.independent.ie/entertainment/music/still-born-to-run-preview-of-new-bruce-springsteen-album-western-stars-38158016.html Dan
  6. Glad people have been enjoying my photos of the promotional lyric booklet! This was distributed at a Columbia listening event in London at which I was a very lucky guest yesterday (they also had one in Dublin the same day). As well as playing the entire album in sequence, we were treated to the global premiere of the new video for 'Tucson Train' (apparently being released this Friday 31st). I made notes of my first impressions of the album on a track-by-track basis for Badlands, now up on their site: http://www.badlands.co.uk/news/bruce-springsteen-western-stars-album-review/ Personally, I loved the album on first listen - I also really liked the two tracks released so far, although I know it's divided much opinion among fans. Not long now till everyone can decide for themselves! Dan
  7. He's gradually making progress after suffering from extreme anxiety recently - messages of support are a big help! Hopefully he'll resurface by the time of the Jukes tour. I'll tell him you know Dave W and it should click for him - cheers!

  8. Hi! I saw Mike Saunders today and he said he'd heard from you, but didn't recognise 'Vegas Johnny'... please let him know, cheers!

  9. Hey Paul, great to find you on here - and belated congratulations on the 25th anniversary of your Newcastle dedication! I'm sure our yelling can be heard on the tape ;-)

  10. wild and innocent

  11. This is THE man!! Thanx Dan!

  12. Too true. Without Dan, my early years as a Springsteen fan would have been much more isolated! Dan IS the man and I'm proud to be a friend :)

  13. If anybody's reading this - this is the man who enabled tramps like us in Blighty and elsewhere to forge everlasting friendships.

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