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  1. He's gradually making progress after suffering from extreme anxiety recently - messages of support are a big help! Hopefully he'll resurface by the time of the Jukes tour. I'll tell him you know Dave W and it should click for him - cheers!

  2. Hi! I saw Mike Saunders today and he said he'd heard from you, but didn't recognise 'Vegas Johnny'... please let him know, cheers!

  3. Hey Paul, great to find you on here - and belated congratulations on the 25th anniversary of your Newcastle dedication! I'm sure our yelling can be heard on the tape ;-)

  4. wild and innocent

  5. This is THE man!! Thanx Dan!

  6. Too true. Without Dan, my early years as a Springsteen fan would have been much more isolated! Dan IS the man and I'm proud to be a friend :)

  7. If anybody's reading this - this is the man who enabled tramps like us in Blighty and elsewhere to forge everlasting friendships.