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  1. NOW SOLD! Thanks for looking :-)


    For sale on eBay: set of 27 Backstreets magazine issues, complete from issue 63 (Summer 1999) to the most recent issue 91 (Fall/Winter 2013), selling as a single lot.
    Total 27 magazines, including two double issues.
    Includes the tribute issues to Danny Federici and Clarence Clemons.
    Mint condition, with light wear and tear on two issues (#75 and #78).
    Total for set: £70 including postage anywhere. Best offers for the set also considered via the eBay link below :-)
    Selling on behalf of an anonymous friend who's struggling financially...

    BONUS INCLUDED: Rare vintage 1983 UK fanzine POINT BLANK #6, mint condition (rusty '80s staples!)


    MS Backstreets sale 27 issues.jpg


    Backstreets sale 27 issues.jpg


  2. 1 hour ago, EFC Refugee said:

    Did the video have a band in it and if so, who was there?? The still photo looks intriguing. If there is a band there, I am more inclined to think he is rehearsing for a tour.

    Yes, big band/orchestra playing 'live' in the video, in what looked like a large bar. Patti and Charlie the only members I recognised. I believe it was all filmed for an album documentary rather than for any tour rehearsal (apparently no tour planned for this album).

  3. Please share! Stevie fans in the Bristol area! Great news: due to a timing clash with the concert on the evening of 22 May, the 'Asbury Park' film is now being screened at the earlier time of 5pm at the Everyman Cinema in Bristol, to enable fans both to see the film and go to the O2 concert afterwards. Big thanks to James Merchant for his efforts in helping arrange this. Please spread the word!  



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  4. Backstreets.com has just published on its news page a brief preview of a major, exclusive 18,000-word interview with Stevie Van Zandt by Mike Saunders, which will appear in a long-awaited print version of Backstreets magazine later this season. The interview covered two hours and has already been described as 'definitive'; it's 'career-spanning' in a way no other interview has achieved, and will be indispensable in full. Congratulations, Mike! Check out the short preview online: http://www.backstreets.com/SVZ.html

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