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  1. I went on the Saturday, id heard Bruce was coming many months before and I think the original announcement didnt have the Friday and Saturday shows. In those days most recordshop/ticket outlets didnt have the Bruce tickets, when they were announced. So I wrote to Harvey Goldmsith Entertainments in London sending a cheque (assume the price must have been announced or a I just guessed ) and a stamped address envelope, how times have changed ! Some weeks went by and I had heard nothing. Then one day my envelope arrived with my writing on the front and inside two tickets to the Saturday show. I hadn't even realised they had added extra shows, I stayed over in London on the Friday watching the rain at Wimbledon on TV..worst rain ever apparently. On Saturday arrived at Wembley early and when the gates opened charged as fast as I could to get near as possible to the front. I then spent the next 6 hours or so either with my hands up in the air or down by my side. It was rammed on the pitch and I never moved from my spot. Leaving London late in the evening i was so exhilarated by the gig If id had a ticket id have cheerfully drove to Roundhay park the next day and done it all over again. Sadly I went home and slept !! thanks for the audio im going to sit and listen and bring back some more memories
  2. Not heard I dreamed I saw St Augustine before...couldn't help thinking/singing Racing in the Street for parts of it
  3. you are right I saw some of those jumpsuits a few years back at the Elvis exhibition at the O2 in London I couldn't believe how tiny they were in size admittedly they were from the early 70's but still Elvis in jumpsuits was always seen as fat and he wasn't always
  4. many thanks for the recommendations I had no idea about Brucebase
  5. brilliant thanks for the replies and for the information I sort of knew about from my home to yours as the beeb broadcast a shortened version of it but I didn't think I could get it in the UK
  6. Hi anybody have any Bruce related Podcast recommendations, there are some great Dylan and Beatle related ones out there but I wondered if anybody could recommend any Bruce ones I know about None but the Brave, but what others are worth listening to thanks
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